24 Live Another Day RECAP 5/26/14: Episode 5 “Day 9: 3:00 PM-4:00 PM”

24 Live Another Day RECAP 5/26/14: Episode 5 “Day 9: 3:00 PM-4:00 PM”

24: Live Another Day airs tonight with a new episode called, “Day 9: 3:00 PM-4:00 PM.” On tonight’s episode an impending attack brings two unlikely people together to stop it; Margot makes her demands known; and President Heller’s order for a military lockdown may be too late.

On last week’s episode , Jack Bauer headed to the U.S. Embassy as the CIA closed in on him. Elsewhere, Margot (guest star Michelle Fairly) asserted her authority with unthinkable force, President Heller faced members of Parliament and Kate Morgan took matters into her own hands.  Did you watch last week’s episode?  If you missed it we have you covered with a full and detailed recap, right here for your enjoyment.

On tonight’s episode with the threat escalating, As Jack deals with unforeseen circumstances, an unlikely duo joins forces to prevent an impending attack in London. Meanwhile, homegrown terrorist Margot Al-Harazi (guest star Michelle Fairley) reveals her demands – revenge for her husband’s death in a U.S. airstrike. Also, President Heller (William Devane) orders a lockdown of military airspace, but it may be too late.

Tonight’s episode is going to be exciting; you’re not going to want to miss even a minute of it. We’ll be blogging it right here for you. In the meantime hit up the comments section and tell us your thoughts on the return of Jack Bauer.

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Kate is told by the Marine in charge at the Embassy and says she’s going to be fired. She’s not impressed. They check him and don’t find the flight key. Jack refuses to tell the guy where the flight key is. Kate says she doens’t know where it is and must have been lost in the raid. She walks out while they struggle with Jack. She has Jack’s earpiece and contacts Chloe.

She asks what she needs to do to get her the data. She says she’ll get to a computer and call her. Ritter asks Kate what happened and she says she managed to get them not to kill Jack. She’s convinced that Jack is right about Margot Al-Harazi and Kate says they have to find proof that Tanner’s drone was hijacked.

Ritter is upset that she took the key and Kate says they have to stop the attacks or things will get crazier. They hop in their SUV and take off. Ritter drives while Kate pops open a laptop and contacts Chloe. She puts the flight key into the laptop and Chloe starts the upload. She says they have two minutes to get the data and Chloe says they aren’t sure how long it will take to prove that it was hijacked. Kate says to get the proof and she’ll do the rest.

Simone gets medical attention for her severed finger and she shivers in pain. Her mom comes to sit beside her and rubs her shoulder. She tells Simone she knows she’s in pain and confused but can’t blame herself. She says it’s her own fault and if she had known what Naveed was planning sooner she could have avoided all this. She kisses her daughter and Simone conks out as Margot leaves the room.

Naveed is downstairs at the computer. He asks Margot how Simone is and she says she will recover no thanks to him. He begs her not to hurt his wife again and says he’ll do what she wants. He has data links to four drones and will have all 10 online within five minutes. She tells him that his shot at redemption begins now.

Adrian and Chloe look at the flight key data and she tells him to look harder because he sent Jack back to jail. He sees something and tells her to stop. He points out the override code has been split into segments and put into the transponder signal. He isolates them and shows her the override code. Chloe says they have the proof that Tanner’s drone was hijacked. She sends the code to Kate’s phone. Kate calls Jordan at CIA and asks for Navarro.

Navarro comes over and Kate sends them the screen grabs from the flight key. She asks Jordan what he sees and he says it’s an override code. Kate says this is proof that Margot Al-Harazi used Tanner’s drone to kill as a test. Navarro tells Jordan that he can’t have any doubts or it will be his ass and Jordan says he’s 100% certain. Navarro calls the president.

Heller gets a call that Jack is safe and the embassy is secure. Navarro calls and Mark tries to intercept the call but Navarro pushes for the president and he’s put on speaker. Navarro says Kate found the evidence that corroborates what Jack was saying. He tells Kate to explain. She does and says that Margot has a device that can override the drones and will make more attacks with drones soon.

Kate tells him they need to take immediate action or a lot of people will die. Heller tells the General to ground all drones worldwide. He goes to the phone and executes a stage 4 recall on all of them. We see them all go offline. Margot also sees this and says to transmit the overrides now so they can get as many drones as possible. Ian glares at him and Margot tells Naveed to do it now. He does.

The general shows Heller that the drones are responding. Then they see that several aren’t grounding. The general calls for an update. They see that several aren’t offline. Mark begins to panic. The general says they are doing everything they can. There are six drones that have been overtaken and they have lost control of them. It’s 3:13 pm.

It’s 3:17 pm and general says the missing drones are first strike weapons and each have six laser guided missiles that can take out half a city block. He says tens of thousands could be killed and if they hit a nuclear facility, it could be catastrophic. He says the drones are headed to London and could be in air space within an hour. Other bad news is that they are stealth so they can’t be detected.

Heller isn’t happy but they’ve scrambled jets and ships to try and find them. Heller curses and says he needs to talk to Jack. Mark says he already has him on the way and should be there momentarily. Mark says he feels responsible but Heller tells him not to be. He says they have to warn the British and Audrey says she’ll call the PM.

Mark follows her out and says she was right. He says he wasn’t arguing the facts and let his personal feelings about Jack cloud his judgment and he let her father down. Audrey says she knows he’s still trying to protect her but he also can’t blame himself for this. She tells him her dad needs him now more than ever and says she’s got to go. She walks away.

Kate and Ritter arrive back at the CIA. Navarro is giving a briefing on Margot and her kids. He tells them all that she’s likely in the country and to use all assets to try and find her. Kate comes in and Navarro drags her off for a chat. She asks what’s going on and Navarro says that she can’t work this. She says Captain Cordero from the embassy filed an official complaint.

He says he argued on her behalf but says it’s already gone too high. He says she needs to go file an after-action report and then go. Navarro says she’s trying to make up for what her husband did against the US and should feel good about what she accomplished today. Navarro tells her that she will get through this. Jordan calls Navarro out and says he found a posting on Jihadist websites from Margot.

We see Margot discussing a drone strike that targeted her husband, a legitimate activist that had been dubbed a terrorist by the US government. She says the strike killed 23 people including six children. She blames Heller for the tragedy. She says Heller has three hours to surrender himself to her or thousands in London will die in his stead. Heller watches this as well and tells his people to get him all the info they have on the drone attack that killed her husband. It’s 3:24 pm.

It’s 3:28 pm. Open Cell watches Margot’s announcement and Adrian says they need to go. He tells her to come along and she asks why. He says the whole operation is compromised because of the CIA and contact with Jack. He says what he did to Jack was wrong but was trying to protect them and says he won’t lose Open Cell.

They show Heller the drone strike that killed Margot’s husband. They see what they think is Margot crawling out of the wrecked building. Heller can see there were children and asks why he wasn’t told about the civilian casualties. Mark says they were in the middle of budget talks and Heller is pissed that he hid it from him.

Heller says he didn’t trust him with the truth and Mark says he was protecting him and says collateral damage is always a factor in military actions and defends the drone program. He even quotes Heller himself on the drone policy. Audrey tries to defend her husband and Heller says Margot has a moral victory on her hands because she knows he won’t give himself up to her.

Heller says that when she bombs civilians, half the world will agree with her. Jack is brought in by guards in cuffs. Heller goes to see him – Audrey looks nervous. Jack waits on Heller and then Heller kicks out the guards to be alone with him. Heller tells Jack that they have confirmed that Margot has six drones under her control likely headed for London.

He tells Jack about the video that said she would stop the attacks if he surrendered himself to her. He asks if Jack has any info that will help catch her. Jack says he knows of an arms dealer that she trusts and can likely contact her. Heller asks for his name so they can pick him up. Jack says they will not get him to talk. Jack says he needs to let him reestablish contact with him.

Heller asks if he wants back in the field and he says it’s a big ask under the circumstances. He says the Russians still want his head. Jack gives his word that he will surrender as soon as the threat is neutralized. Jack refuses to give the name and says he can’t let him blow the only lead they have because he’s worried about the Russians. He tells Heller his way or the highway and Heller asks if he hasn’t learned anything in exile and Jack says he hopes he lets him help in time. Heller is told that the PM is on the way and he steps out after telling Jack to think about it.

Margot asks Naveed if they are on schedule and he says they are. He wants to see Simone and says they have a little time and says Ian can monitor the flight path while he checks on his wife. She tells him to go. Ian takes the con and Margot watches over his shoulder. Naveed heads upstairs and into their bedchamber. He kneels by Simone and looks at her hand. He says she needs a doctor and she says she never thought her mother would go that far.

Naveed tells her that he made sure the video he sent out for Margot was traceable and he left evidence under the floorboards. He says when the authorities show up, he will says that she has been held against her will and is not to blame. He tells her he loves her and promises to get her through this.

Jordan has found the IP address that Naveed planted but isn’t sure if he’s that good or it’s lucky. He pulls it up and tells Navarro that it’s on a huge estate. Navarro takes lead which surprises Ritter and he and the team leave. It’s 3:37 pm.

the secret service guy that it’s okay and she comes in alone. He stands in shock. He tells her that she shouldn’t be there and she says she just wanted to tell him that they have a lead on Margot’s location and there’s an operation already in progress. He walks to her and she says she doesn’t even know where to begin. He says – me either.

They are both tearing up. He says he knows she’s married and asks if she’s happy and her husband is godo to her. She comes to him and says she should have defended him more. He tells her everything they said was true, but it was complicated. He says he did kill those people and tells her he’s so sorry. Their faces are pressed together. He tells her she needs to go and she finally does. Davies asks how it’s possible that they are now in terrorist hands.

Heller says they think they have a bead on her and his CIA station chief is leading a raid. He says they have a feed they can watch to monitor the operation. It’s 3:46 pm. Kate comes to stand by Jordan to watch the feed on the big screen. Jordan tells Kate that she should be the one leading the mission, not Navarro. He says he will take the credit when she’s the one that figured it out.

Kate steps aside and calls Chloe. Kate says that it seemed too easy that the IP address would be found so simply. She wants Chloe to check it out and Chloe says she can tell her how to open a socket so she can look at the original recording off their servers. Chloe talks her through it.

Margot comes in and tells Naveed that Ian figured out what he did to the video. She tells him the authorities aren’t coming. Naveed tells her that Simone had nothing to do with it. Margot says Ian has been watching him and has learned enough to take over. Her guard beats Naveed then kicks him over and over and drags him out.

Ian takes over and she tells him that the Americans should reach the alternate address he uploaded in five minutes. She tells Ian to make sure that none of them make it out alive. He says he’ll be ready for them. It’s 3:49 pm.

At 3:53 pm, Chloe tells Adrian she’s staying to help with the Al-Harazi tape. She says she’s not joining the CIA, but is helping. She argues with him and Belchek steps in and tells him to leave her alone. She asks Adrian to stay and help but he refuses and leaves. Open Cell abandons her.

The cars pull up outside the estate. Ritter and Navarro are both there. They sneak in through the woods as Jordan and Kate watch. They comes up behind the house but are still a few hundred yards away. They have clearance to proceed and they head in. Heller, Davies and the others watch. Ian tells Margot they will be in firing range in two minutes.

The CIA is at the house and they pop a door and head in. They don’t see anything in the house. They clear the downstairs and head up. Chloe finds something on the video and calls Kate. She tells her that Margot had a missing security buffer. She says the team is there now and Chloe says it’s a trap – she says she can see the code.

Kate buzzes Navarro and says they need to bail now. He takes her at her word and calls for an abort. Mark wonders why they are pulling out. Ian targets the drone and Margot tells him to fire. He does but one squad doesn’t make it out. The mansion goes up in a huge fireball and the monitoring screens go snowy. Kate tries to make contact with Navarro and  Ritter. The fireball was massive.

There are some agents alive and moving. Margot comes downstairs and tells Naveed that Ian has proved himself. She takes a gun in hand and he begs her not to do it. She tells him she treated him like a son and trusted him with her daughter and put her faith in him. He says he couldn’t murder all those people and Margot scoffs at the word murder. He tells her that what happened to her doesn’t justify all this.

Naveed begs her not to kill him. Margot tells him to ask Simone what she wants. She’s outside the door and he pleads to Simone whoe doesn’t defend him. Margot pouts him down with one to the head. It’s 3:59 pm.