American Idol Is Back and Tougher Than Ever – Will the New Season Help Save the Franchise?

American Idol Is Back and Tougher Than Ever  - Will the New Season Help Save the Franchise?

Will the new season of American idol have what it takes to bring back the viewers? It’s hard to say! American Idol has seen some better days, but so far the show is still hanging on and hopefully with this crop of judges, Jennifer Lopez, Harry Connick Jr., and Keith Urban they’ll do more than merely getting by. Now generally they always try to mix things up in order to win back the viewers. The last time they did was when they installed the fourth judge. It kept failing over and over again and just when you thought they learned their lesson they came back last year with it. On top of that they made sure at the time not to tell Mariah Carey that she wouldn’t be the only female judge thus causing drama and failing at everything else. Not even last year’s talent could have saved the show. As we reported before the winner, Candice Glover, is surely feeling screwed over when her album did so poorly because of the show’s reception. Whoever wins next will hopefully arrive and leave with a better impression.

One of the changes the show has released already is the “Hollywood or Home” round. Before the contestants only had to audition once and they were automatically sent to Hollywood. Well, many will be disappointed to hear that won’t be the case this year. In the new round, the contestant have to audition for the second time. If they fail there then they end up getting sent home no matter how well they did in the first round. Talk about tripping them up! Then again that sounds like the best way to weed out the people that will end up choking down the line.

Another new edition will be the feel good story angle. As the show will start by following around one contestant for the majority of time.  Great news for Marielle Sellers, but no so much for everyone else. Access Hollywood probably phrased it best – “If I were the other contestants, I would be supremely annoyed over her quality airtime and think it’s a little unfair advantage. She is someone you won’t forget.”  Although Marielle will be getting face time, the rest of the contestants lose out on backstories. That’s right the show has cut out the whole “struggle to make it” for everyone else. Keith Urban claimed it was so everyone could focus more on the talent. Really?

How will the audiences be able to connect to total strangers? A great voice is alright, but thousands pass people down in the subway everyday without stopping. Backstories was what sold the talent in my opinion. What do you think? Has American Idol gone too far with the changes?

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