Anne Hathaway Marriage Trouble: Wants A Real Man – Upset That Her Husband Adam Shulman Is a “House-husband”

Anne Hathaway Marriage Trouble: Wants A Real Man - Upset That Her Husband Adam Shulman Is a "House-husband"

According to a new report from Star Magazine, Anne Hathaway is upset and frustrated with the fact that she has a ‘house-husband‘ without high ambitions. Wow, poor Adam Shulman. Although, it is Star Magazine, so really, he shouldn’t be too upset.

Anyway, Star claims, “Anne is determined to jump-start her husband’s career in Hollywood, and made him an executive producer on her movie Song One.’ Anne was frustrated with Adam’s lack of career direction. She wasn’t interested in being married to a househusband.’”

You know who else this reminds me of? Amy Adams and her husband. However, I really don’t think either Anne nor Amy care that their husbands are not Oscar-winning producers, actors, or writers. I mean, the chance of that kind of success is 1 in a million, and both of them knew what they were getting into when they got together with non-celebrities. Really, in Hollywood, the best chance of your marriage working out is you getting together with someone who’s not an actor, and that’s probably one of the reasons we haven’t heard divorce rumors from Anne and Adam yet.

Anyway, Anne’s rep has already denied the rumors, explaining, “Adam is a jewelry designer as well as a producer. Anne and Adam have been nurturing Song One as a project for years.” Think about this – Anne had her rep deny this story’s validity – how pathetic is that?

Well, that denial actually doesn’t do anything to make the story go away. Song One wasn’t very well received at Sundance, and I don’t think anybody’s really heard of Adam Shulman jewelry. But with that being said, I really don’t think Anne cares. She’s happy being the Oscar winning half of the relationship.

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  • Amelie Summer

    Anne Hathaway marriage is a Shame, Anne Hathaway reaily have a Affair with Tim Burton

  • Candyfiend

    Guy is a huge wimp.