Ariana Grande Cocaine Use at Party Exposed By Perez Hilton

Ariana Grande Cocaine Use at Party Exposed By Perez Hilton

Are fans to believe the awful rumors about Ariana Grande doing cocaine at a recent party? Perez Hilton thinks so and has been tweeting the Sam & Cat star, along with her brother, ostensibly to show concern after he was reportedly informed she was seem at a party doing cocaine.

Let’s face it, she was beginning to get close to Justin Bieber not long ago, and we all know what he is about. She could also be another child star, fallen victim to the perils of Hollywood at a young age. Or, could it be what Ariana would like fans to believe…that Perez Hilton is just spreading these completely false rumors as retaliation because Ariana allegedly shot down his request to manage her? we’re not really feeling that one either. Try again, Ariana.

Ariana Grande Cocaine Use at Party Exposed By Perez Hilton

Ariana’s reps again try to shoot down rumors of cocaine use by proposing Perez only started the rumors to get back at Grande for not standing up to her fans when they wrote mean comments about Hilton’s son. It gets better. Apparently, a Grande source says the singer is so against drugs that she is too scared to take Tylenol! Not the kind with added codeine, either. Just plain old Tylenol! Really, Ariana?? You should have just had your sources stop after sharing the claims were “all lies” because the fact that they are telling the media you are scared to use Tylenol is absurd. I knew her fans were young, but didn’t realize they were all born…YESTERDAY!

It really doesn’t sound too far-fetched that the ultra-petite Ariana may have dabbled or experimented with cocaine considering the crowd she has been keeping, and the industry in which she is involved. Supposedly, she is in talks with lawyers and plans to sue Perez for slander. We’ll see how far that goes. CDLers are too smart for that! We know this supposed lawsuit will never come to fruition and Grande is just hoping she has done her part to slam drug rumors by throwing out the litigation claim. Tell us what you think! Ariana’s defense…real or as fake as her hair?

Ariana Grande Cocaine Use at Party Exposed By Perez Hilton

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5 responses to “Ariana Grande Cocaine Use at Party Exposed By Perez Hilton”

  1. BEAM says:

    She’s gorgeous. Dont care if she does coke. Obama did coke and became prez and she is just an entertainer

  2. Elizabeth says:

    To me if you really care about someone you would confront the person in private and not all over twitter.

  3. Cindy M. says:

    THE LAST Comment that Perez made, SAYS IT ALL!!! He is butt-hurt over things that Her Fans said, and now it is PAYBACK!!! Perez, YOU ARE A PATHETIC HYPOCRITICAL BULLY!!! That was UNCALLED FOR!!! I BET if she called You a HARSH NAME because of YOUR LIFESTYLE, You would be ACTING LIKE A VICTIM or IN a Corner SUCKING Your Thumb…OLD AZZ HAG, BULLYING A GIRL LIKE THAT??? So, HOW DID YOU LOSE ALL THAT WEIGHT AGAIN??? IT’S OK, I’II WAIT…

  4. Cindy M. says:

    He is NOW a FATHER??? DOING a Reality show about Gay Dads in N.Y.??? Back in November He made fun of Ashlee Simpson’s SON!!! I WONDER HOW HE WOULD FEEL ABOUT SOMEONE MAKING FUN ABOUT HIS??? He OBVIOUSLY does NOT LIKE WOMEN, maybe it’s because He don’t have a VA-JAY-JAY!!! He said Ashlee’s child DOESN’T HAVE A CHANCE!!! How is Perez gonna take it when the SAME IS SAID ABOUT HIS??? KARMA WILL REAR IT’S BEAUTIFUL FACE ON THIS P.O.S.!!!

  5. Blanca says:

    If anyone saw her Interview at the Macys Thanksgiving Day Parade it was obvious then that little chica was SHWASTED!!! Not surprised at all… I’m sure there’s some YouTube footage somewhere. Homegirl is most def on some kind of something and to consider that parade is a morning event she was probs at it all night!!!