Bachelor in Paradise Detailed Recap Spoilers: Season 1 Episode 4

Bachelor in Paradise Detailed Recap Spoilers: Season 1 Episode 4

Bachelor in Paradise airs tonight on ABC and in this evening’s episode former contenders from “The Bachelor” continue in paradise as two new bachelorettes arrive and cause romantic complications. A bachelor goes it alone on a date for a day of rappelling and swimming. Meanwhile, a bachelorette regrets her decision to go out with a newcomer; and a bachelor is in danger of going home when another moves in on his territory.

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On the last episode, we returned to find the remaining contestants still recovering from a dramatic rose ceremony. The couples were really beginning to bond, but to their surprise, there was already a new bachelorette back at the house waiting for them and she knew exactly what she wanted, Marquel. Even though Marquel and Michelle Money seemed to hit it off, this new bachelorette wasted no time getting in between the couple, and asking Marquel to accompany her to the historic and charming Hacienda Uayamon in Campeche. In the end, Chris and Elise went home. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode Cody Sattler, a hunky new bachelor, arrives in paradise with a date card and a mission. He immediately makes a hard sell for Clare, but is dejected when she reveals that she is in a relationship with Zack. In the spirit of keeping romance alive, the kind-hearted Cody gives his date card to his friend, Marcus, so he can continue to build his blossoming relationship with Lacy. Meanwhile, Michelle, who is still anxiously waiting to make a connection, is asked out by the latest bachelor to join the house, the infamous Kalon McMahon. She reluctantly agrees, but later regrets the decision and declines the offer. For the first time in “Bachelor in Paradise” history, the new bachelor decides to go on the date alone. He heads to the beautiful Cenote Maya in the Yucatan for a lonely day of rappelling and swimming. To everyone’s surprise a third bachelor, Jesse Kovacs, arrives and invites newcomer Jackie on a date to the stunning Rio Secreto where he seems to win her over, leaving her other suitor, Marquel, in jeopardy of going home.

Tonight’s episode is going to have people talking and you are not going to want to miss a minute of it. Bachelor in Paradise airs tonight at 8PM so don’t forget to come back for our live recap!

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Tonight’s episode of Bachelor In Paradise picks up where we left off last week, Chris Bukowski and Elise Mosca make a shocking exit and Michelle Money is crying tears of joy because Chris gave her a pity rose so that she can stay in paradise. While she sobs that she doesn’t think she deserves it, Graham hugs her and gives her a pep-talk.

Everyone walks back to the house and they find a date card on the table, it’s for Robert. The date card says, “Choose a woman to set sail with you tomorrow.” Without any hesitation Robert announces he is taking Sarah on the 1-on-1 date. Michelle heads to the bathroom to cry because Robert didn’t invite her on the date, and Graham follows her in to the bathroom and comforts her. She thinks there is something wrong with her because none of the guys like her, and they know she has a daughter at home and don’t want the added pressure.

The next morning Michelle swallows her pride and does Sarah’s hair for her date with Robert, but she is still bummed that she is the only woman there without a man on her arm. Robert arrives to take Sarah on their date and they head out on a sail boat together from Playa de Carmen. Sarah is ecstatic that Robert chose her over Michelle, and Robert confirms that things just “didn’t work out between him and Michelle.”

Back at the house, Michelle talks to Jackie about being dropped by Robert. Meanwhile, Cody Sattler arrives in paradise with a date card. After saying hello to everyone, he asks Clare to go on a 1-on-1 date with her. She explains that she is kind of in a relationship with Zack, and says she will get back to him. She takes Zack aside and asks him if he would go out with another girl if she arrived and asked him on a date and he makes the mistake of saying “depends on who the girl is.” Clare realizes that Zack is not putting all “his eggs in one basket” with Clare so she thinks that she shouldn’t either.

After their talk Zack heads back to the boys’ house to sulk, and Clare vents to Michelle Money about her argument with Zack. She wants him to be certain that he came here for Clare like Cody was. Graham gives Cody some support on the beach, Graham has no idea whether Clare is going to actually go out on the date with Cody.

Later Cody and Clare go for a walk together, she confesses that she loves that he stepped up and knows what he wants. But, she can’t go out on a date with him, because she wouldn’t want Zack to do that to her. Cody understands, and he respects her for turning him down. Cody heads back to the house and Marcus gives him a pep-talk and tells him he needs to go on a date and build a relationship with someone or else he won’t get a rose and will have to go home. Cody doesn’t want to ask another girl out because she will be his second choice, so he decides to give the date card to Marcus so that he can take Lacy on a date.

Marcus and Lacy head out on their date in Tulum, they arrive at a local restaurant who has a private dinner for two set up for them in the back. Marcus gushes to Lacy that he is “smitten with her.” Marcus confesses to Lacy that his feelings were too intense for Andi on The Bachelorette, but Lacy reassures him that his feelings aren’t scaring her away. Marcus slips up and says he loves Lacy for the first time, but Lacy is too scared and excited to say it back.

Clare and Zack have a talk, and he learns that she didn’t accept Cody’s date card. He admits that he felt horrible after their argument earlier, and he reassures her that he isn’t interested in any other girls, and he is putting all of his eggs in one basket.

Down on the beach everyone gathers for a bonfire, and Michelle and Cody bond about how no one in paradise wants to go on dates with them. Michelle can’t wait for another guy to arrive to see if she will connect with them. Unfortunately the last guy she wanted to see in paradise arrives, Kalon McMahon from Emily Maynard’s season of The Bachelorette. Michelle whispers to Marquel that Kalon is a total a**-hole and he said that Emily Maynard had too much baggage because she had a daughter. Then after he left the season he posted a picture of baggage claims on Twitter and said he was “just waiting for Emily.” While Michelle is telling Marquel how much she hates Kalon, he walks up to her and asks her out on a 1-on-1 date. Michelle is on the spot and says “yes.”

The next morning Kalon is pumped for his date, but Michelle shows up first thing in the morning and tells him that she can’t go on the date with him because she knows what he did to Emily was really messed up. And, she has a daughter too so technically she has baggage just like Emily does. Kalon heads to the beach determined to find a date for his date card. He asks Jackie Parr and she shuts him down so he moves on to Sarah, who tells him she can’t go either because she likes Robert. Kalon announces that he is going to “fly solo” and go on his date by himself. He jokes that after three seasons he is “finally going on a date with someone he likes.” Kalon heads out in the jungle where he meets a shaman and propels down a huge cave by himself. Back at the house the girls are all laughing hysterically at the thought of Kalon on a date by himself.

All the other guys and girls are hanging out on the beach, and another guy arrives. They are shocked to see that it is Jesse Kovaks from Jillian Harris’s season of The Bachelorette and Bachelor Pad. All of the girls have heard rumors that Jesse is a “bit of a playboy,” but that doesn’t stop Jackie from being intrigued by him. Jesse whips out his date card and invites Jackie on a 1-on-1 date with him, Marquel is concerned that now he won’t be receiving a rose from Jackie and could be going home.

That night Jesse and Jackie head out on their date, and walk through a candle lit Mayan cave. They finally arrive at a table and chairs set up for a romantic 1-on-1 dinner. Jesse gushes that he feels lucky to be out with Jackie because she “looks amazing.” Jackie asks Jesse if he asked her out on the date just because he was strategizing and trying to score a rose so he didn’t have to go home. They finish up their drinks and walk through the cave and find a private concert that was set up for them. Jackie gushes that she thinks Jesse might have the total package as she slow dances with him.

[10:03:12 PM] Amanda Austin: Back on the beach all of the couples are giving each other back massages while Michelle and Cody sit there awkwardly and watch. Michelle tells Cody that he should give her a massage, Cody climbs behind her and begins giving her a rub down while Michelle coos about how amazing it feels.

The next day AshLee talks to Clare on the hammock. AshLee begins quizzing Zack about his feelings for Clare, she advises him that he should meet other people because Clare is “cuckoo.” Then she says that Clare even F—ked a guy in the ocean, referring to Juan Pablo. Zack points out that there is a camera mounted above them and their entire conversation was on camera. AshLee runs inside and tells Lacy that she feels guilty about talking crap about Clare on camera. Lacy tells Clare that AshLee told Zack she had sex with Juan Pablo in the ocean. Everyone in the house is walking on eggshells, they know it is only a matter of time before Clare blows up on AshLee.

Graham and Robert chat in the livingroom, Graham has no idea what is going on but he is worried about how upset AshLee is. Outside Zack is trying to calm down Clare, he thinks that she is spending too much time worrying about the other girls. Clare is upset because Zack didn’t stick up to her to AshLee, and he isn’t even the one who told her that AshLee was talking crap about her. Zack informs her that he didn’t come here to get involved in girl gossip, Clare storms off and says that she is going to take care ov this herself.

Everyone heads to the bonfire on the beach and AshLee takes Clare aside to talk. She says that Clare is her friend and she wants to make sure everything is okay with them. AshLee lies and says that she didn’t mean to hurt her feelings, and she was just telling Zack what she saw on the show with Clare and Juan Pablo. Clare tells her that she is “tacky and tasteless.” AshLee apologizes profusely and asks Clare for a hug but Clare refuses and walks away.

It’s time for the next rose ceremony, tonight the girls will be handing out roses, and the two guys that don’t receive a rose will be going home tonight. The girls and guys all head to their pre-cocktail party rose ceremony. Cody sits down with Michelle Money, and tells her that he likes her. He admits that he came in and asked Clare to come and was initially attracted to her, but the more time he spends with Michelle the more he realizes that they have a way better connection than he would have had with Clare. Meanwhile Marquel and Jesse are competing with each other over Jackie, they know that she is their last chance to get a rose tonight.

Michelle watches AshLee and Graham from a distance, and she isn’t “buying what AshLee is selling.” She thinks that AshLee is fake when the cameras are rolling, and Graham deserves better. She takes Graham aside and tells him what AshLee said to Zack about Clare, and then how she tried to take it back once she realized she was on camera. Graham is disturbed by what Michelle told him about AshLee. Everyone watches form a distance trying to figure out what is going on.

Chris Harrison arrives, and it is time for the rose ceremony. Lacy gives her rose to Marcus. Clare gives her rose to Zack. AshLee takes her rose and tries to give it to Graham, when she calls out his name he walks out of the ceremony and says that he “needs a second.”

To Be Continued…