Beyonce and Jay-Z Divorce Evidence: Wedding Rings Off – Cheating Reports – Bey’s Own Words – Marriage Counseling Fails

Beyonce and Jay-Z Divorce Evidence: Wedding Rings Off - Cheating Reports - Bey's Own Words - Marriage Counseling Fails

Remember when we all thought that Beyonce and Jay-Z had a rock solid marriage? I mean, considering the fact that they are a high profile couple this relationship seemed about as air tight as a celeb romance can gate. In two short months the myth has been shattered (thanks Solange) and they have totally hit bottom as their fans have looked on in disbelief – rumors of divorce are rampant. First it seemed like the main problem was Rachel Roy, then an insult from Naomi Campbell both in the context of the Solange Knowles elevator attack but then we quickly learned of lots of little incidents within the past few years that put together a puzzle that resembled Beyonce in an unhappy marriage with lots of cheating, or an open marriage with Jay-Z doing all the sleeping around. Which is worse? In either case divorce is the best choice for this showmance business couple.

It seems that Jay-Z certainly carries the bulk of the blame and by now I think most of us are wondering if he has hooked up with every protege he has had in the last few years. He is also the only one actively trying to repair things and by that I don’t necessarily mean save the marriage.

Page Six is saying that the couple has marriage counselors with them as they cross cross the country for their On the Run Tour- not to fix them but perhaps to help them to split as gracefully as possible. They have been paid up front for this tour so they have to pull it off without too much public drama – though Beyonce is still taking shots at Jay-Z as she performs Resentment, a song about cheating. According to the source that is close to the couple, this marriage is pretty much DOA.

“There are no rings, if you haven’t noticed. For just a split moment, things got real for them and she was even talking about adding to the family. But, after a while, Jay was out doing Jay and Bey was out doing Bey. They made the classic mistake of thinking a child would change everything and help to rekindle the initial fire, and it didn’t.”

They certainly aren’t the first couple to make the mistake of thinking that a baby would breathe new life into a stale relationship. Unfortunately it rarely happens. Jay-Z wrap up their tour, do you think that they will make a confirmation announcement? Or will they just quietly lead very separate lives in an open marriage like they’ve been doing? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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  • Friday

    Lol You all type up anything for clicks. These lies are completely hilarious, but it’s kind of pathetic that you have to lie to get attention.

    • green1313

      Oh, and this just cannot be true? Um, why not? If it were not for his money no one would look twice at him. He is UGLY. Blech.

  • Friday

    Oh you have your comments on approval, so that’s why there are no comments because people smart enough to see how fake you are aren’t approved. Whatever liars

  • steven

    Let’s just say I knew a man doesn’t wanthis wife nearly naked in concerts and on magazines for all the world to see!! She is supposed to be his queen and certain things are supposed to be for his eyes only. When se takes it farther than it’s supposed to go,the man begins to look at her differently and then the downward spiral begins! I guess it’s………… “TO TE LEFT TOTHE LEFT”!

  • Belkis Cecilia Palacio-Freitte

    Perfect example of there is no such thing as a perfect marriage,the odds of a relationship or marriage,now a days to last even 10 years is very slim,I’ve seen even the strongest fall apart overnight,its sad,but is. Whether financial,or infidelity,or just differences about eachother that sometimes don’t surface till late in the relationship, oh well so life has to go on regardless,keep it moving,especially from an unfaithful one.

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  • Keith Shaun

    aint nobody going be faithful….and honestly we dont know if she the one who be out here cheating…she beautiful and tons of guys want her, she has had to had slipped up on numerous occasions idc how “good” she comes off, we all have the urge to reproduce and when that sexual needs to be fulfilled, it eventually will

  • carla

    I guess people who are calling these rumor lies actually KNOW them. Why it cant be true? They are HUMAN!!!!!!! Simple minded people money, fame, & glamour don’t excluded them from everyday life. They have not been wearing their rings either. I guess their perfect. No mistake happen to you when you’re famous & you’re bank account hit 6 to 7 digits let average people tell it. I really don’t care but its ludacris to believe that their perfect & no problems hit paradise.
    You’ll go to the end of the world to talk about your family messed up relationship but dont bring up the rich & famous!!!!!

  • frostythesunman

    Finally i get a chance at B. Holla Back shorty.frostythesunman

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