Beyonce Divorce News Update: Jay-Z Still Cheating So Bey Refuses Second Pregnancy After Solange Elevator Fight

Beyonce Divorce News Update: Jay-Z Still Cheating So Bey Refuses Second Pregnancy After Solange Elevator Fight

Beyonce and Jay-Z have been plagued with divorce rumors ever since Solange‘s attack on Jay-Z last month. We’ve been flooded with reports about the truth behind that image of the perfect marriage and the perfect family. I guarantee you, heads are rolling behind the scenes, as they always do when Beyonce is unsatisfied with her PR.

We’ve heard that Beyonce and Jay-Z are in an open marriage, we’ve heard that Jay-Z often sleeps around with his proteges and other models, and we’ve heard that Beyonce has stayed quiet all these years because of her fear of stirring up the pot. No doubt, it was Jay-Z who initiated the whole open marriage thing, since we can’t imagine Beyonce likes coming second to anyone else. But what can she do? A divorce was always out of the question, not when she had her media empire to build. She needed Jay-Z’s help with that, and with him by her side, they’ve become the richest couple in the music industry and royalty to anyone outside of it.

But by staying silent all those years, she’s allowed Jay-Z to get more and more brazen with his cheating. Eventually, it was bound to come out – and when it did come out, it came out in a spectacularly public fashion. Jay-Z flirted with Rachel Roy at the MET Gala afterparty, Beyonce’s sister Solange witnessed it, and then she attacked Jay-Z in the elevator. Several weeks went by without anyone knowing anything about it, but then footage of the elevator attack leaked. After that, we’ve heard story after story about Jay-Z’s cheating, and we’ve also heard that Beyonce might be pregnant. If she is pregnant, then you can imagine how she feels about all this negative publicity. She might finally decide that it’s time to cut her marriage ties, especially since she’s achieved the peak of her success with Jay-Z at her side.

Imagine Beyonce reinventing herself as a single mother to two young children? She would manage to win over the public all over again, and this time without anybody’s help. Right now, a divorce is the only situation in which she comes out with a win. Every other version of the story, people will always pity the women who stood by and watched her husband cheat on her with other women – even when she was pregnant with his child.

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8 responses to “Beyonce Divorce News Update: Jay-Z Still Cheating So Bey Refuses Second Pregnancy After Solange Elevator Fight”

  1. JKHarps says:

    this is trash.

  2. Tracey Scandul says:

    So sad what a beautiful and talented woman. Leave his ugly ass girl !!!

  3. Tracey Scandul says:

    Take his money too..Xoxoxo

  4. Lolo says:

    I dont like beyonce , she dumb , more so now!!

  5. Melvin Johnson says:

    I think that was kinda wrong of Jay-Z to cheat on Beyonce because who would cheat knowing that they had a great couple and plus Beyonce is pregnant with his second child, I think that was why Beyonce had kill all of her boys, probably all of the foolishness, manipulation, or maybe just cheating on, I really think that Jay-Z is wrong, who would cheat on they own wife knowing that the queen is pregnant with second child, if I was her I would’ve did the same thing, I mean c’mon, all of the things they did together and this is how Jay-Z is going to treat his own wife, that is just pitiful, if this makes you guys happy, comment me on Google.

  6. Lisa says:

    I just say to Ms. Beyonce, hold your head up and take care of yourself, your children, and do you. You don’t need him or any other jerk to define you. At the end of the day with all his BS. He will realize money can’t buy you love.

  7. Cherrish says:

    This story is garbage and flooded with lies. Bobby Fischer you are grasping at straws. Write something better.

  8. Ni'Chole SunShyne Moody says:

    Royalty to whom exactly?? Beyonce isn’t exempt from real life. And though it may be wrong, infidelity sometimes happens. Stop acting like Jay has done something no one else has. If she’s prego again and he has “been cheating” her bad for allowing herself to put up with it. Should have put her foot down from jump.