Big Brother 16 Spoilers: Does Anybody Miss Devin Shepherd?

Big Brother 16 Spoilers: Does Anybody Miss Devin Shepherd?

I never in a million years thought I would have said this a couple weeks into the Big Brother 16 season, but I miss Devin Shepherd. Devin was a fairly ignorant player, but the dude had moxy. He would at least take a chance. Granted the chance was not very well calculated, which is why he ended up watching from home so early, but he was trying man. The Big Brother 16 contestants here are just afraid to make a move.

Derrick, who many including myself is considered to be the best player, is kind of taking the safe road. He has had ample opportunities to bring the axe down on someone that matters. Instead, he is trying to string along Victoria in the game and hope for other people to do the dirty work. Thus far, the dirty work has been missing in action. Give me a backdoor that comes out of nowhere. Something!

If Devin were around, at least the show would be unpredictable. Devin would be the first guy to put up anyone that he felt threatened his game. If you were to take Devin and merge him with Derrick, you would then have the perfect Big Brother contestant for this year. We could call him….Dervin?


Big Brother this season has been largely boring and it is all because nobody wants to hurt anyone’s feelings. If a player like Dick or Rachel were in this house, they would slaughter everyone and not blink an eye. Big Brother is supposed to be interesting and it just seems there are far too many good guys. When the closest thing to a bad guy is Frankie, you know you have some serious problems on your reality show.

Perhaps they could bring Devin in for a week or so. At least everyone would wake up and play like they have a pulse. Being the scenes scheming and finding “nice” ways to evict each person is great and all, but you have to have some genuine Big Brother blow up moments to make it watchable. Fortunately, the weeks are beginning to force their hands in some way. Oddly enough, the people at the bottom of the alliance totem pole (ahem, Christine, Cody) seem perfectly content to stay there. Christine has got to know she is on the hit list. Why did she not take advantage of having Donny and Nicole and make a move? Yes, Nicole was angry but Nicole also knows she has no other options.

Now, Christine has waited too long. If she wins Head of Household or not, she won’t have voting numbers to do what she wants. She is stuck with the almighty Derrick’s choices.

Please Big Brother….drop Devin back in the mix or something. Your viewers are desperate for some big moves!