Big Brother 16 Spoilers: Why Cody Calafiore is as Good as Nominated and Eliminated

Big Brother 16 Spoilers: Why Cody Calafiore is as Good as Nominated and Eliminated

Of all the guys in the Big Brother 16 house that punk under to Caleb, the last one I thought it would be was Cody. After weeks of taking his stares, stalking and constant backstabbing comments, Cody had Caleb right where he wanted him. He only needed to nominate him and Caleb would be gone. Instead, Cody decided to play everyone else’s game. Now, Cody is as good as gone.

Why do I think Cody is out the door this week 5 of Big Brother 16? There are several reasons.

For one, Caleb is gunning for him. Caleb is not the type of guy to simply let something go. Anyone watching Big Brother 16 knows that his obsession with Amber is well beyond “normal” and it borders on being a bit spooky. Whatever the case, he is determined to eliminate the threat. Right now, he perceives the threat to be Cody. In his mind, Cody is the reason Amber is not interested in him.

Never mind how ignorant that is, it is what he believes. This is a man that literally risked his entire game for a woman that has expressly said she is not interested. This is a man that sneaks around spying on Cody and Amber like a private investigator. Stealth Mode Cowboy is really not thinking this thing through. He is not looking like the knight in shining armor that he sees himself as.

Cody basically looked at his target and decided to shoot at someone else. Now, Caleb knows what he wants and will zero in on him until he is gone.

Another reason I think Cody is gone is because he showed his weakness to the power players in this game. That move was not good for Cody in any way. It was not good for his game or his long term status in the house. In fact, it was bad in every way for him. Derrick and Frankie and the rest know this and they watched him buckle. There is no way they look at that and not see it for the weakness that it is. Cody will be dropped down the Detonators totem pole if he hasn’t been already.

It might not be fair, but it is certainly true. Cody has been labeled as a weak player for letting Caleb off the hook whether anyone admits it or not.

Finally, I think Caleb is gone because he will not have the guts to pull the trigger in the future. When a player takes the safe route at such a key moment in the game, there is a better than average chance that he or she will do the same in the latter stages of the game. Some people are just not willing to ruffle feathers. Nicole is suffering from a similar problem. I can see her truly struggling if she is able to make the later stages of Big Brother.

As much as I like Cody, I do consider him dead man walking in the game. It is just a matter of time.