Big Brother 16 Spoilers Week 5: Hayden Saves Victoria with POV – Frankie Backdoors Amber!

Big Brother 16 Spoilers Week 5: Hayden Saves Victoria with POV – Frankie Backdoors Amber!

Week 5 of Big Brother 16 is beginning to look a remarkably lot like the previous four weeks of the popular CBS reality TV show. The key players in the BB16 house, The Bomb Squad aka Detonators are in control once again, and slowly picking off the weaker players in the house, one by one. According to Big Brother spoilers, it looks like there will be another predictable eviction for Week 5. After the houseguests evicted Brittany, two new Head of Households were crowned, Zach and Frankie. Zach nominated Nicole and Christine for eviction, and Frankie nominated Jocasta and Victoria. At the Battle of the Block competition Nicole and Christine were victorious, saving themselves from eviction, and dethroning Zach.

If you have been following the Big Brother 16 spoilers on the live feeds, then you are most likely already aware that the Power of Veto competition has been held. We won’t find out until the Wednesday July 30th episode of Big Brother on CBS what the houseguests did for the competition, but the winner was Hayden. So far the Power of Veto Ceremony has not been held in the Big Brother living-room, but Hayden is discussing using the POV to save Victoria and take her off the block.

If Hayden does decide to save Victoria at the Power of Veto Ceremony, then the reigning HOH Frankie will have to nominate another player to take her place on the chopping block. Frankie and the rest of his alliance have been toying with the idea of backdooring Caleb or Amber, but the odds of that happening are pretty slim. This season the players seem to be a lot of talk, and little action. They always toy with the idea of making a bold move, and then at the last minute they chicken out and make the safest move possible. They are running out of floaters and weak players to put on the chopping block though, if Hayden takes Victoria off the block, Frankie will most likely put Donnie up in her place.

What do you think Big Brother fans? Will Hayden really use the POV to save Victoria? And, if he does who will Frankie put up on the block in her place? Share your theories in the comments below and don’t forget to check CDL for all of your Big Brother 16 spoilers and recaps.

Update: sure enough as CDL predicted Hayden saved Victoria! So now that Victoria is safe Frankie backdoored Amber – also what we predicted. Come check CDL later and we’ll give you the lowdown on what’s happening on Big Brother 16.

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