Big Brother 16 Spoilers Week 9: Donny Blows Up Team America – Outs Frankie and Derrick’s Secret to Save Himself?

Big Brother 16 Spoilers Week 9: Donny Blows Up Team America - Outs Frankie and Derrick's Secret to Save Himself?

Big Brother 16 week 9 nominations are being finalized and it appears that Donny Thompson or Nicole will almost certainly be headed out the door. After Cody came around with a HOH win out of nowhere, it was pretty much a given that Donny and Nicole would be up opposite of one another for eviction. That is exactly what happened. With the house clearly against them, the options are few to try and stir up enough trouble to save themselves.

One popular thought among Big Brother 16 spoilers strategists is to have Donny blow up Team America to the rest of the house. With Cody in power and completely oblivious to the connection, Donny could certainly make some waves and a potential monster move in the house. Donny has very few options to even try, so this one seems as good as any.

Here is how I would have it play out:

Derrick has made it clear that none of the other houseguests should be seen alone with Donny or Nicole because he is afraid of what they might reveal. This makes getting Cody alone kind of tough but Donny should still try. Perhaps stay up late, get up early or whatever. Give it a fair shot.

In fact, Donny should actually pursue conversation with Caleb. Caleb is always up and often alone and Donny would have a much better shot at getting him alone. The beauty is, Caleb is also hot headed about this sort of thing. Him finding out that Frankie and Derrick have been keeping such a huge secret all season long will instantly have him thinking to switch things up. Caleb is not going to accept disloyalty from anyone and this certainly would qualify. He almost surely would go to Cody and try to work out a backdoor. The problem is, Cody has never had backbone in the game. It is hard to imagine him actually going through with such a move.

If Donny can’t get Caleb or Cody alone, then simply bring it up in front of everyone. Directly tell Cody that he is misinformed if he thinks he is in the final alliance. Then Donny should say that he can prove it. Frankie and Derrick have been playing behind Cody and Caleb’s back as Team America and have a secret alliance. Caleb is explosive and will quickly turn. Cody surely realizes that he is not at the top of the totem pole and will have to at least consider a backdoor.

This is a desperate measure for Donny, but these are desperate times. Without some type of explosion, good old Donny is likely gone.

What do you think Donny should do? Is it finally time to blow up Team America?

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