Big Brother 16 Spoilers: Victoria Medical Emergency – Leaves Big Brother House – Cody HOH Week 9

Big Brother 16 Spoilers: Victoria Medical Emergency - Leaves Big Brother House - Cody HOH Week 9

Big Brother 16 spoilers tease that Week 9 might just be the most predictable week yet on the CBS reality TV series. Julie Chen revealed there would be a juror competition, and one of the last four evicted house guests would have a chance to re-enter the Big Brother 16 house and get another shot at the half a million dollar prize. After Zach was evicted on August 21st, he competed against Nicole, Hayden, and Jocasta for a chance to re-entre the house. In a bizarre shuffle-board game that was pretty much based on luck, Nicole won and went back in to the Big Brother house.

We were really hoping that the juror competition twist would shake up the Big Brother house, but it doesn’t look like that will be the case at all. According to Big Brother spoilers from the live feeds, the BB16 players have competed in the Week 9 Head of Household competition. For the rest of Season 16, there will only be one HOH, two nominees, and no battle of the Block competition, and the solo HOH this week is…Cody. It looks like the Bomb Squad/Detonators AKA “Derrick’s Pets” will continue to run the house, and Nicole shouldn’t even bother unpacking her bags.

Big Brother spoilers from the live feeds reveal that Cody has already declared he will put Nicole and Donny up on the chopping block during the Week 9 nominations ceremony. The only chance that Nicole or Donny have to staying in the Big Brother house is to win the Week 9 Power of Veto Ceremony. So Big Brother fans, have you been tuning in to the live feeds? Are you tired of how predictable this season of Big Brother has become? Who do you think will go home this week, Donny or Nicole? Share your predictions in the comments below and don’t forget to check CDL for all of your Big Brother 16 spoilers and recaps.

Update: Saturday Victoria was rushed to the ER and treated for jaw and wisdom teeth problems. Victoria who has suffered from intense pain and swelling made it back to the Big Brother House after a couple of hours at the hospital. Since she was allowed to return to the house in such a short period we can assume that she is out of danger and will be able to continue on fairly well. Tune in later for the POV competition results!

5 responses to “Big Brother 16 Spoilers: Victoria Medical Emergency – Leaves Big Brother House – Cody HOH Week 9”

  1. Lisa says:

    This is total BULLCRAP, its time for production to step in and shake this up some and make it more fun fora ll of us viewers. Go Donny

  2. dawn says:

    Why not end the charade and just hand the $500,000 check to Ariana Grande’s half sibling now. Such a joke.

  3. jenna says:

    I have no doubt Donny is America’s favorite player but he doesn’t have a half sister who is a celebrity that has millions of followers on Twitter who will no doubt campaign to ensure Fraggie wins fav player. Sickening. :-(

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