Big Brother 16 Spoilers: Zach and Frankie Grande Cuddly Bromance or Gay Showmance for BB16? (VIDEO)

Big Brother 16 Spoilers: Zach and Frankie Grande Cuddly Bromance or Gay Showmance for BB16? (VIDEO)

If you have been following the Big Brother 16 live feeds spoilers, then you are well aware that alliances are forming left and right and it is nearly impossible to keep track of them all. However, one Final Two alliance seems to have all the Big Brother fans buzzing. Ariana Grande’s openly gay brother Frankie Grande has been spending all of his free time with Zach. And, the obvious question on every BB16 fan’s mind is…is Zach gay?

We’re not sure what to call Frankie and Zach’s rapidly developing relationship. Is it a showmance? Is it just a super cuddly bromance? Maybe Zach is just so comfortable with his sexuality that he has no problem cuddling with another man and literally laying on top of him in bed in front of millions of viewers. And, if that is the case, then kudos to Zach!

Over the course of the last two days, live feed viewers have watched Frankie and Zach become closer and closer. What originated as just a lot of hugging and back rubbing, has escalated to lying in bed holding each other. I guess the real question is, has Frankie revealed his secret identity to Zach. After all, he is unemployed, perhaps he realized he was shacking up with a sibling of pop royalty and decided to cease the opportunity.

Regardless of whether Frankie and Zach are a bromance or a showmance, they seem to be emerging as a serious force to be reckoned with inside the Big Brother house. What do you think BB16 fans, is Zach gay or just super friendly? Do you think he is snuggling up to Frankie (literally) because he figured out that he is the brother of Ariana Grande? Let us know what you think in the comments below, and don’t forget to check CDL daily for all of your Big Brother 16 spoilers and recaps.

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  • Bootsy

    Got hate?

    Just let him be himself. Don’t like it? Don’t watch it.

  • Ky Vaugn

    Zach said he knows what people want, and where they are weak, and that he will manipulate anyone to get to the top. While I wish this was what it looks like… I feel like he’s just playing Frankie.

    • Nick

      Totally understand where you are coming from. After Zach’s intro, he basically said he despises all humans and doesn’t like making friends–so it kind of has me wondering (as it does you, too) if Zach’s just trying to get close to one of the stronger houseguests for his own benefit/gain. It’s clear that Frankie is going to be a strong player in the BB16 game . . . . but maybe Zach+Frankie really will become (or have already become) an item! Who knows? Let’s keep them on our BB16 Showmance Radars!

  • Nick

    Thanks for the catch. Fixed it!

  • Nick

    It’ll certainly be interesting to see what develops!

  • El sefferino

    Men & women have been manipulating & using each other for thousands of years to get ahead. There’s No reason why men on men won’t do the same. Sexually or not sexual, it’s all just a game! I think they are manipulating each other, the true expert manipulator will be the victor!

  • GrammarQueen

    The word is “tutu,” you uneducated fool.

  • Bill

    Your right. Better he move through life totally, totally pretending to be someone he isn’t.

    Seriously dude, what a little Princess Pretty Flower you are, tough guy.

    If you are a straight guy who is threatened by the color pink, you might take a look at what’s been programmed into that stupid little head of yours.

    Soooooooooooo basic, you.

  • Bill

    So, your issue is with FOOLS and not GAY GUYS????

    You GENIUS, you.

    Don’t even have the balls to be honest with yourself.

    • jade

      Obvious Homophob! Maybe he & fake mayor Rob Ford are BFF’s

  • alana

    I love this soooo much thank u for making it

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  • Someone who cares

    “…and decided to cease the opportunity” LMAO I think you mean “seize the opportunity” maybe? Because ceasing it would be like giving up on it, I think.

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  • Jace

    seize, not cease. :)

  • Carola M Arias Araya

    I think Zach is bi and he didn’t know it before the show. He probably never had the chance to be so close to another guy. I hope a showmance happens!!

  • Iggy

    I think Zach actually doesn’t hate people, he’s just saying that. He has a lot of friends in the house and Frankie!!! It’s so cute!!!

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  • The M Girl is bi

    Zankie forever im bi and I respect people and what they like I cant judge or say thats not normal because im not normal I just mean not a lot of people are like me so everyone who says frankie and zach shouldnt be like that or that the arent right then SHUT THE HELL UP AND DEAL WITH IT!!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry its not your choice so stop!!!!

  • jade

    Well IF Zach is using Frankie, he’s loving every minute including the dry humps & shot spots. Whether Zach is strait/gay or bi-sexual one thing is certain there is a showmance in the making! BRAVO BB16 first showmance is really cute! ? Team Zankie Pankie ?

  • jade

    Pink is a gender neutral colour! Geeze!

  • Kurt S.

    LOL! Troglodyte! Nice, almost as good as Knuckledragger!

  • my name

    zach is playing frankie sooooooo baddd hah ha ha frankie is soooo dumb

  • Drose600

    Wa type of gay shit is dat? Ill fuk tha livin hell outta Ariana grande but Who will lay up wit a dude? Ariana has a life,fame, money,beauty, ect and ha gay ass brotha got boared of ridin ariana dick “Ya im ariana brother” he jus a notha broke boa dat want fame) he jus want ppl to talk bout bb16 N shit but nobody will) Foe all da Ariana fans!? Get off dick Yal tom bout its ok no yal only sayin dat kus u like Ariana tf? U a lame bro yu jus trinna say wat ariana sayin get a life *””* no body don’t care bout bb16 bb16k fuk bb16 fuk gays go burn n hell***if u want sum action gay boa cum wea im at Chicago gay bitch””””Ariana fans need lives and get off tha bang waging kus u dont feel like wa u typin u jus wanna be a ariana fan u a lame Stp felxin foe da internet kus no one cares bout dis lame! U jus want aum fame