The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Ridge’s Helicopter Fall and Disappearence – Liam and Wyatt Brawl Over Cunning Quinn

The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Ridge's Helicopter Fall and Disappearence – Liam and Wyatt Brawl Over Cunning Quinn

The Bold and The Beautiful spoilers tease that the week of June 2-6 will be full of can’t-miss drama. Brooke and Bill are shocked when Ridge arrives in Dubai, and shares the selfie Quinn took when she was in bed with Bill. Before Brooke has time to react, something horrible happens.

Thorsten Kaye revealed in an interview last month that during the week of June 2nd his character Ridge Forrester has a serious accident in Dubai. According to Kaye, Ridge falls from a helicopter and disappears into the Persian Gulf. Katie is livid when she hears the news that her fiancé has disappeared in the ocean in a foreign country, and puts all of the blame on Quinn before she and Eric jet to Dubai to help with the search and rescue mission.

Bold and the Beautiful spoilers tease that back home tensions mount between Liam and Wyatt, and a brother-on-brother brawl ensues. Wyatt catches Liam bad-mouthing his mother Quinn for her involvement in Ridge’s accident in Dubai, and punches are thrown. Wyatt has to face the fact that his mother’s involvement in Ridge’s accident may cost him his relationship with Hope. Meanwhile Quinn will scheme to find a way out of the hole she has dug for herself.

According to spoilers for the week of June 2nd, Bold and the Beautiful fans can also expect Bill Spencer to finally come clean to Brooke, which he immediately follows with another huge lie to manipulate the woman of his dreams.

So B&B fans, do you think that Ridge will survive his accident in Dubai? And, what about Bill and Brooke? Is this the end of their relationship? Share your thoughts and theories in the comment section below, and don’t forget to check CDL tomorrow for more Bold and the Beautiful spoilers.

Some fans find Brooke dull and there was a funny comment on Soap Opera Spy to that effect:

It should have been Brooke that fell in. Oh well, one can only wish. Bill should meet someone exotic in Dubai. Forget boring old Brooke.

Well you never know – perhaps Bill will meet someone exotic!

  • JoJo

    Brooke and Bill belong together………Yes keep them that way…..also I think Ridge will survive and let him go on with Katie……Brooke should be over Ridge and Bill has truly wanted & loved Brooke all the while. Let Wyatt & Quinn have their dark colors shining…….they are sickening to watch and if I have to see Hope kissing Wyatt one more time I will throw up………..Enough is Enough!!!

    • Debra Winters

      Take about discusting, Hope kissing Liam is the worst. Let Liam go to the ocean and fall in. So sick of the boring Hope/Liam combo. He wasn’t so bad with Steffie. Please bring her back. Hope is almost as boring as her mother.

      • faragood

        Please don’t bring steffie back she the one who interfered in hope and liam relationship, let her stay where she at. They should had let her stayed with dollar bill they are just alike evil.

      • Linda

        Liam is much nicer looking than Wyatt! Why wouldn’t you want them to finally be together after everyone else have always gotten in the way of them being together! Some people really have strange judgements when it comes to what is right!!

      • luvSteffy

        I agree!!! Bring Steffy back she made the show! Hope, pick Wyatt! Liam go kill yourself along with Ridge. Brooke & Bill is perfect together. Quinn you go girl try and get your man even though Bill will never forget or forgive you. Better yet bring someone better along for Wyatt because he deserves better & let Hope realize what she missed out on when she gotta go through the Steffy bulls**t again with Liam. Perfect guy uh huh

        • Nicole Andrews

          Yes bring steffy backs we miss her but think she’s not for liam she move on.

  • Misty

    Give me a break with the Ridge and Brooke story line. I am so over that. Keep Brooke and Bill together. Ridge is weak and needs to be alone. Maybe you can put him and Quinn together. This should open Katie’s eyes to know that Ridge will always choose Brooke. I hope this puts Quinn out of work and everything finally catches up with her. She has been getting away with too much evil! She put Aly over the parking garage ledge and nothing happened, she locks Liam in the steam room and turn the temp up that could have killed him and nothing. I am sick of her getting away with everything! Her and Wyatt need to be seen for the snakes they are. Please end the love triangle with Hope, Liam, and Wyatt. Hope and Wyatt gross me out. All they do is kiss and it is so annoying. What Hope and Liam have is way stronger than the lust fest her and Wyatt keep carrying on. Wyatt and his mother are leaches! Over that story line. Put Hope with Liam PLEASE!!! Also, Did they have a DNA test on Wyatt because Quinn is such a witch, he may not even be Bill’s son!

  • PassionQueen77

    I am glad that Ridge fall off the helicopter. I hope Brooke forgives Bill for that photo. Ridge is a jerk and he just wanted to be selfish. He doesn’t want Brooke to be happy with Bill. Ridge is with Katie but he still have feelings for Brooke. I do hope that the wedding continues. Quinn is a witch and she deserves of what is coming to her. She won’t have no job very soon good for her.

    • faragood

      I agree very much!

  • robin carter

    ridge gonna have amnisia and forget he loves katy falls back in love with brooke and they gonna be together B & B always bring them back together

    • faragood

      Right so right.

  • gp

    Brooke should have had more of a backbone, afterall she used papers to get bill company back but let’s ridge pull her to the helicopter. Big let down. I would like for katie and ridge to be happy
    but him running across country was crazy. .

    • faragood

      Katie is to boring ridge would eventually go back to brooke anyway everybody knows this.

  • Joni Pettitt Illi

    This is the most insulting to our intelligence that the writers have ever done!!
    You expect us to believe that Ridge just happened to order a helicopter, which just happened to be piloted by Bills buddy, to pick Brook and Ridge up, in place of the wedding couple…and whisk them back to Ridges waiting jet…Please??? Wait the.. (:-) The Piece De Resistance…Ridge puts Brook in a safety harness and then we drop Ridge into the ocean supposedly to kill him but obviously Bill knew that Ridge didn’t have a safety belt on.??? Now this will definitely bond Brook to Bill forever for killing Ridge!!!! Just because we watch soaps, does not make us idiots. Shame on the writers…!!!

  • Lynne Bures

    I cheered when Ridge

  • reya

    Right both taylor and brooke been with both brothers and dad, now their makin hope bounce back and forth like liam did her and steffy. Bring in people not related for them to date.

  • faragood

    I could have liked wyatt but he came in very disrespectful of hope and liam relationship. He talked so ugly and was sneaky that he turned me off.

  • Linda

    Bill is so damn funny! He always gets the last word! Lol! But enough is enough with Quinn and Wyatt!! How long do we have to endure them? I think you have made Liam suffer long enough. Hope is not like her Mom so why are you making her do the same sort of stuff her mom has done? Wyatt is a con! He is not Hopes type! Don’t put Brook back with Ridge, that has also gone on long enough! Bill is suited for her much better. I started watching this soap because the story lines didn’t get drug out forever! But now they have no ending!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Reba

    If Ridge really loved Katie, it shouldn’t matter to him who Brooke is with.. Hope should realize after this just how evil Quin is. Liam and Hope should be allowed to be together at long last. Their love h$ been sabotaged so many times. Enough is enough. Ridge should never have been written back in the show. The whole chzracter of Ridge is stupid. Time for a change. Let Hope and Liam be happy and move on to someone else having drama.

  • Martha

    Suspend your disbelief; it’s a soap opera. Thorsten Kaye was not a good replacement for Ridge. He growls his lines and try though he might, he just doesn’t work. (Ron Moss was a Casper Milque Toast but we were used to him.) So, lose him. Imagine the plot lines if he’s written out! I can see a LONG trial; be fun to see how that would unfold.

  • Reddo

    Liam needs to knock Wyat and Quinn out. Take both their clothes off and take a Quinn selfie with her in the bed with her son. Hellyea.

    • lllaughs

      that’s funny :))

  • Diane

    I keep wondering if Bill and Ride ever wear anuthing other than black or blue and if Ride ever takes off the jacket? Then I wonder why these women (namey Brooke and Katie) are playing the parts of really lame women, instead of strong and self sufficent. maybe they need to clean house and try being alone for awhile. I know it’s “just” a soap opera but, show some self dignity girls. Throw Bill out of the helicopter too. just my opinion. have a nice day.

  • MaryM

    This helicopter incident is the most stupid thing I’ve ever seen. I agree with Joni Pettitt Illi • a day ago – You said it all!!! These writers have made complete idiots out of Brooke, Ridge, Katie and Bill. Not to mention insulting the audience. So I bet Bill won’t even get in trouble for attempted murder? And Brooke will still love him?? He’s beyond cruel and truly mentally ill to have done this. They will probably have Ridge survive – which would not have happened in reality. There’s enough violence in the world without seeing things like this on a soap opera. That’s it for me – no more B&B.

  • blgarth

    I hope that Ridge returns, but stays with Katie – too many years of Brooke and Ridge with many upsets in their relationship! Not sure Bill and Brooke belong together either – think she is too calm for his feisty temper! Wish Quinn had been the one to get dumped in the Persian Ocean, she is a psycho and hopefully nothing horrible will happen to anyone on this show! I am not fond of Wyatt, he has a lot of his Dad in him, and is unpredictable! Someone new needs to become Hope’s love interest! But I agree, I like Steffie and Liam – they seem to fit together both romantically and equally as partners. Perhaps with her Mom, Taylor, and Thorne joining the cast we will see Steffie and Thomas return. I miss these three!

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  • christine

    Liam & hope belong together” its about time she gets over wyatt hes so ugly cant stand to see him & hope kiss one more time; yuk, I love all the drama with ridge & brooke cant wait to see what happens, and foeget about steffi she’s where she belongs off the show’ cojldnt stand her ugly attitude.

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