Bruce Jenner’s Daughter Cassandra Marino Supports His Sex Change and Physical Transformation

Bruce Jenner's Daughter Cassandra Marino Supports His Sex Change and Physical Transformation

While the Kardashian Krew appears to be backing away from their step father, Bruce Jenner it seems that his oldest children are all but lining up to support him. Even last season on Keeping Up With the Kardashians it became pretty obvious that both Brody and Brandon Jenner weren’t exactly fond of Kris Jenner and what being married to her had done to their dad. Of course once the couple split the guys and their father took some serious steps towards bonding as adults and they seem to be pretty solid now.

Also backing up Bruce is his 33-year old daughter Cassandra Marino whose mother was Bruce’s first wife, Chrystie Crownover. She spoke with People Magazine recently and expressed full support for the physical changes that Bruce has been making to his appearance. “It’s his life, and whatever he wants to do, he wants to do,” she said — in reference to Bruce’s recent apparent moves towards gender reassignment. Her stance was simply that if he felt that he needed to make these changes then she supports it because no one knows what he feels like in his own skin.

I think the essence of the situation here is in the lack of denial. If Bruce wasn’t heading towards gender reassignment then his daughter would have shot down the rumors and blatantly denied them, right?

I think Bruce is just slowly but surely taking steps towards his goal of being a woman and doesn’t feel like he needs to provide commentary along the way. After all, we will all know the truth by the time he’s finished with his transformation, right? Do you believe that Bruce will go through with full gender reassignment surgery? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

6 responses to “Bruce Jenner’s Daughter Cassandra Marino Supports His Sex Change and Physical Transformation”

  1. SpeshulK says:

    Seriously…what is he thinking! This can’t be real. Cray cray!

  2. SomeRandomCitizen says:

    So what? It’s his body, it’s his choice. He was considered an ideal manly man for a long time – if he wants to change his gender, I hope it goes exactly the way he wants and he feels great about it.

  3. Breeana says:

    I support him with what ever his choices are, we all should. It hurts me knowing that other people don’t respect other people. I feel for him.

    Its the old saying ” if you have not got anything nice to say, then don’t say it ”

    Who are you to judge him.

  4. drdebo cherry says:

    I am really happy about it and hope he has the courage to go thru with in- what a courageous person so far!

  5. drdebo cherry says:

    bloggers don’t have to be even slightly worried about anything- free speech reigns- until the republicans get back in anyhow.

  6. Taunya73 says:

    Damn, looks like a nerve has been touch. You would think someone was speaking on a family member. Not even THAT serious.