Castle Recap “Child’s Play”: Season 7 Episode 4

Castle Recap “Child’s Play”: Season 7 Episode 4

Tonight on ABC CASTLE starring Nathan Fillion continues with an all new Monday October 20, season 7 episode 4 called “Child’s Play”. In tonight’s episode, an ice-cream vendor gets shot and an unidentified schoolchild may be able to help with the case, so Castle attempts to find the kid by going undercover at an elementary school.

On the last episode, when a pool shark was murdered by an unseen force, Castle and Becket uncovered evidence that the killer may have had paranormal powers. Meanwhile, Castle and Beckett attempted to get their lives back to normal following his disappearance Did you watch last episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode, when an ice cream vender is shot, evidence leads Beckett and Castle to believe that an unknown second-grader may have vital information about the case. Castle goes undercover at an elementary school to try and identify the second-grader but nothing goes as planned.

Tonight’s episode is going to be great so be sure to tune in for CASTLE on ABC at 10PM EST. We’ll be blogging all the action, be sure to hit up the comments and tell us what you think of this new season.

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An ice cream truck drives under an overpass in an abandoned area of town and slows to a stop as it bumps into a column. Someone gets out and we see a dead body in the back. Alexis brings a giant ice cream sundae to the table after dinner and Castle asks if they’re trying to kill him. Martha says he can’t turn it down and says she was all over town looking for his favorite flavor – potato chip fudge. Kate says she’s stuffed but Castle says she has to try it. Alexis and Martha insist they’ll do the dishes and Kate is outraged. Kate says he’s riding the missing thing too much. He feeds her a bite of the ice cream and she’s loving it but can’t answer her phone when it rings.

Castle answers and they are the crime scene. Kate tells him that Alexis waiting on him hand and foot is odd. Castle says the ice cream truck down here is odd. Ryan comes over and says the truck belongs to Sergei and his son, Anton is the victim – the guy was just 22. Castle asks who kills an ice cream man. Ryan says the money is still there and Lanie says he was shot at close range and the body hit the shifter which sent the van on a slow drive. There are no security cameras there.

Sergei tells them Anton was a good boy, never in trouble and he doesn’t know why he would be there. His mom says he was taking night classes at college in art. She says he was upset last night after class. The instructor says she gave an assignment and then Anton started shaking like he was terrified. She says he doesn’t know why but saw him getting into a car with someone in a parking lot. She says it was a bright green old Camry and noticed a few letters of the plate.

Javi and Ryan ask to see what he was working on. She logs into the computer and she says all his work and portfolio has been deleted. Ryan shows them a cabinet door in the ice cream truck that the door was closed when Anton was shot but then someone opened the door from the inside after he was shot. Ryan says he thinks it’s a kid. He found a permission slip from a local elementary school. They figure they have a witness. It’s a second grader from Mrs Ruiz’s class.

They go to see the principal and Castle plays with a toy. The woman from social services says none of them are the witness but Castle says one of them is. The woman says they won’t talk to an authority figure and need someone that’s more like a kid they can relate to. Castle puts down his toy and says he’s got it. Castle is going to hang in Mrs Ruiz’s room but the teacher isn’t happy.

He says being 90% kid he can get into the minds of children. He says he has the perfect plan and she says that won’t work. She asks if he’s ever been in a room of nearly 30 second graders. She lets him in and one of them dings him in the head with an eraser. Javi calls Kate and says the car belonged to Clark Jaffe, a retired cop, shot to death eight hours before Anton with the same gun and Anton called him the day of their death.

Mrs. Ruiz introduces Castle to the class. She calls him Colombo and says he’s on. He greets them and asks if they know what a writer is – someone who writes books. One kid asks if he’s a writer and another kid says his dad says he thinks his books suck. Castle makes a face and Mrs Ruiz says they aren’t allowed to make faces. He points to a kid and says he started it. Castle says they are all writers.

He tells them they are all going to write a story and says it can be funny, scary, made up or from real life. They start writing. Kate is back at the PD but they can’t link Jaffe to Anton. Ryan says they have nothing in common other than being dead with the same gun. Ryan says someone tossed Jaffe’s place after he died. Mrs Ruiz gives Castle a juice box where he sits reading the stories.

He asks why she doesn’t like him and she says it’s her job to protect them. She says even if one of them did see it, why would they write about it. He says he thinks it won’t be direct but says as a master storyteller, he can tell the difference and is confident the key to finding the witness is in the pile. He guzzles his juice box.

Kate says Jaffe’s car had no GPS so they don’t know where they were driving. Anton had no cell and no credit cards to track. Javi asks why the ice cream guy is with a cop. Ryan says the ice cream truck was ticketed at a meter near where Jaffe’s car was parked. They go pull traffic cam footage and see Anton go into a shipping store. Then one hour earlier we see Jaffe’s car and him going into the same place.

Castle yells out – found it – and startles the teacher who drops a poster. He says he thinks it’s Jack. The kid wrote about a giant threatening to hurt someone and had a gun. Mrs Ruiz asks how he’ll get Jack to tell him the truth about what he saw. We see Castle and the kid playing with toy soldiers in the grass.

He says he sees a giant with a gun. Jack says don’t go near him because he shot. Castle finds out the kid was just watching an action movie with his brother. Castle gets up and the front of his jeans are wet from playing in the grass. The kids all laugh and point and say that he wet his pants.

The guy at the shipping store says they shared a PO box and he says they never got mail. He says they came in an hour apart once a week and Javi says it was a dead drop. He says he got a phone call from a guy with a Russian accent asking about the box number. He says he told Anton about the call and he flipped out. He says he asked to use the phone but he says he didn’t let him because it’s against company policy.

This all went down two hours before Anton died. They look for a nearby phone and Kate says she’ll call Castle. The kids are playing keep away with his wallet and he says it’s all fine. He asks Mrs Ruiz for help but she doesn’t. Then Jack dumps out marbles and Castle goes down like a rock. Emily brings him his wallet and says sometimes bad things happen to people. She says yesterday she was – then her mom interrupts and she has to go. She asks Castle if he’ll be there tomorrow and he says – count on it.

Kate tells Castle they checked on Emily and her 14 year old brother was supposed to be watching her but he was playing video games and didn’t check on her. Castle says she’ll open up to him at school today. They smooch and head off to work but Alexis asks where they’re going. She feeds her dad another bite then hands him a sack lunch. Castle tells her he agrees, it’s weird.

We see Castle having a tea party with Emily at school. He thanks her for spending recess with her and she asks if they can build an ice palace and they wave their wands. He asks her about the day before and asks if she can tell him. She shakes her head no but he says it would be just one princess to another and says princesses help each other.

She says it’s about Jason. She says he’s a bully and pulls her hair. She says he stepped on her foot this morning. Castle says people do mean things because it makes them feel strong. He tells her next time use her strength to let it go so he’ll lose his strength over her. She runs out to play and Mrs Ruiz tells him it wasn’t her. She says the dumb idea got Emily to confide in him and says he’s earning their trust. She says maybe the witness really will come forward. He thanks her.

They hear a shout and run outside where they see that Emily punched Jason in the face and he runs off and says he’s going to tell the principal that she told him to hit him. The principal says Jason’s parents are high priced lawyers so they can’t afford a lawsuit and says he has to go. He asks if he’s made any progress but Castle hasn’t.

They can’t find any sort of criminal activities that Jaffe and Anton might have been involved in. Javi comes and tells them they got a hit when canvassing. Anton used the phone to call a guy named Dimitri who’s a Russian mob enforcer. They wonder if Dimitri killed them both. Javi has an address for Dimitri and they bust into his place but they are choked by a stench.

Dimitri is dead on the floor in the middle of a fly fest and it looks like he’s been there a couple of days. They also find evidence he was tortured before he was shot. Lanie is on scene and says Dimitri wasn’t the one tortured. He was killed by blunt force. They think whoever he was torturing may have killed him. Lanie says he’s been dead about three days and it’s likely the same shooter. They wonder if it’s Russian. Ryan gets a call from Anton’s parents who say their place was tossed.

Castle is saying goodbye to the kids and Emily is sad that he’s leaving. She asks if it’s because of her but he says he’s always in trouble. He gives her a hug and says to use her princess powers for good. Mrs Ruiz says she’s sorry to see him leave. She says she’ll call if anything turns up. He sees a note in his pocket and opens it up.

Sergei tells them their door was kicked in and the place was torn apart. He says the vent in Anton’s ceiling was torn apart and he found this. There is an envelope full of passports. He says he’s never seen them before and wonders what his son was involved in. Ryan says he may have been forging passports since he’s an art student. They show him Dimitri’s photo and he recognizes him – he says he and Anton grew up together back in the old country.

Kate’s phone rings and he tells her to get down to the school. The painting in the pocket was of an ice cream truck. He says he doesn’t want to scare them of by asking who drew it. They head into the classroom and Mrs Ruiz says they get extra recess today for being good. Emily introduces herself to Kate and asks if she plays princess with Castle. She asks if they’re getting married. The teacher and the two of them search desks looking for a drawing similar to what was left in his pocket.

Mrs Ruiz finds it and it’s Jason. The kid comes in just then and asks why the teacher is in his desk. Castle asks if he’s the witness. Jason tells the teacher he won’t talk to Castle because he’s a jerk face. Kate asks how he has a nemesis so quickly. Kate sits down with him and says he’s not in trouble and he says- duh I just drew a picture. She says Castle says he’s too scared to tell her what happened.

He says he’s not scared but says he can’t. He says he wasn’t there. He lays his head down and says he knows who was but he’s not supposed to tell. Kate says they are there to help. He says it was his sister. He says she’s a grown up and says they have different dads and she had his permission slip with her when she was going to meet her friend, the ice cream man.

It’s Natalie Barnes, Anton’s college instructor. She insists she wasn’t in Anton’s truck and Kate says she knows she was and she has to tell the truth. She says she and Anton were making passports to do some good. She says Anton’s route covers Brighton Beach and there were so many Russians whose papers were taken and they were forced to work in sweat shops. She says they were just helping to get people back home.

She says Jaffe was sympathetic and got them the blank passports. She says when she found out what Anton was doing she decided to help out to make a difference. She says Anton saw a photo of a terrible man from his past who needed a passport. He says it was Polkovnik – a man who tried to kill him. He told her he needed to show the photo to Dimitri to see if it really was him.

She says Anton saw the man coming and told her to hide. She says she saw him gun him down. She says she saw his face. She has the photo. She says Anton also told her that Polkovnik killed Dimitri. This guy is wanted for war crimes but no one has a photo of him. They figure out he had to kill them because they had the passport photo. They head out to Natalie’s but it’s been searched too.

They go to look in her bedroom dresser but it’s not there. She says it was in an envelope hidden in a camera case. Castle asks if it was a Polaroid camera and he says Jason brought the camera to school so it’s likely in the classroom. Thing is, Polkovnik is hiding under the bed and hears all this! Kate and Caste are at the school and the guys tell them FBI is on the way.

They go into the classroom and Castle heads to Jason’s desk. He grabs the photo but then the guy is there and he attacks Kate and throws Castle down. He grabs the photo and starts to go. Castle empties the bin of marbles and Polkovnik goes down. Kate cuffs him and asks if Castle is okay. He says he’s been through worse in that very classroom.

Next day, Castle hands out cupcakes and says he’ll miss them all. He even makes a truce with Jason who sticks a note to his back that says jerk face. Castle also stuck a note to the kid that says frog breath. Kate gives Mrs Ruiz a medal of service for her assistance. The teacher asks what will happen to Jason’s sister and she’s testifying in exchange for immunity.

The teacher says the young lady deserves the medal but Kate says she does important work there and she put up with Castle. Mrs Ruiz says sometimes the most difficult children are the most rewarding. Castle and Jason are making horrible faces and the teacher catches them. He gets a text and is saved by the bell. It’s from Alexis telling him to come straight home after school.

Turns out she put a tracker app on his phone. He comes home and she says school was over hours ago. She’s freaking and he tells her he’s back to stay and isn’t going anywhere again. She says she’s worried about losing him again and he says he gets that. He says after she went missing in Paris, he couldn’t let her out of his sight.

He says he knows she considers herself the adult of the family but says part of this is realizing you can’t always protect the people you love. They hug it out and she says being an adult sucks. He brings her in a scooter and tells her she should be a kid. He has one for each of them and they head out on them for pizza – she suggested ice cream but he says he’s off it because of this case.