Castle Recap 10/6/14: Season 7 Episode 2 “Montreal”

Castle Recap 10/6/14: Season 7 Episode 2 “Montreal”

Tonight on ABC CASTLE starring Nathan Fillion continues with an all new Monday October 6, season 7 episode 2 called “Montreal”. In tonight’s episode, as the team investigates the murder of a toy company CEO, Castle engages in his own investigation.

On the last episode, season 7 began where the last episode left off in season 6 when Richard Castle drove to his much-anticipated nuptials and an ominous black SUV bore down on him. Meanwhile, after waiting in vain for Castle to arrive at the wedding, Beckett was called to an accident scene to find Castle’s car in a ravine, engulfed in flames. Who or what caused the car crash? Was there any way Castle could have survived? Did you watch last episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode, while the team investigates the murder of a toy company CEO, Castle uncovers a lead to his mysterious disappearance, launching him into a dangerous investigation of his own.

Tonight’s episode is going to be great so be sure to tune in for CASTLE on ABC at 10PM EST. We’ll be blogging all the action, be sure to hit up the comments and tell us what you think of this new season.

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A team rows on the river. One guy’s oar hits something and he pulls it up. We see plastic and a body wrapped in it. Castle is on a talk show talking about his new books. The interviewer asks about his disappearance and lost memory. He says they are still looking for answers. She says his critics are saying it’s a publicity stunt to drum up book sales. He tells Brooke he wouldn’t do that to his fiancee or family. She asks if it was cold feet then mocks him about amnesia. He says no one wants the truth more than he does and he can prove it.

He offers a $250k reward to anyone who can offer proof of where he was and what he was doing during the two months he was missing. Kate tells him the reward is going to lead to a crackpot lottery. They walk out to the riverside and he says he looks forward to a mystery he can solve. Kevin explains that the crew team found the body and it’s Wallace Williger, a toy company owner. He’s been missing four days and his wife Catherine reported him missing.

Lanie says the guy’s neck was broken as cause of death and she says she may be able to get DNA under his nails. His face looks burned and she says she’ll more after lab tests. They bring the wife in and she says her husband was a decent man but he had been having a hard time since Annie died – their dog. She says he started working late and keeping odd hours but told her he was working on an important project.

She says he was happy the day he disappeared and told her things would be better soon. Castle says he can’t imagine what it was like for Kate. She says at least he came back to her. The guys come in and say no credit card activity the day he died. Gates yells Castle’s name and he turns, startled. She waves a stack of paper at him and asks what the hell he thinks he’s doing. He gave the TV station the precinct’s number. She says the phones have been ringing off the hook. He kisses her and takes the papers saying they have leads.

Kate asks what he’s thinking and he says the tactical smooch is one of his great tools. He says in the pile is the answer to where he was but she says it’s a long shot. They are at the toy maker’s place and he takes off excited. Ms Stoller talks to them about Wallace – she was his VP. She says he wasn’t working late like his wife said. She says he was leaving early several days a week.

Castle interrupts them playing with toys and they glare. Stoller says he told her he was taking care of personal things. She calls in his assistant Matt and asks about his early days. Matt says he was pretty secretive. Javi says he was leaving work early the day he told his wife he was late and there were 12 hours missing and no credit card activity on those days. Ryan says they need a crazy Castle theory but she says she sent him home for a time out after the toy factory.

Lanie calls and says the killer scrubbed his hands and face with an industrial cleaner after death. She also found a coffee shop receipt from Brooklyn -nowhere near home or work. Lanie asks if she expected Castle to be back to normal right away but Kate says there’s a shadow between them. She says she wants to believe him and they’re acting like things are fine, but they aren’t.

Alexis screens some of the callers and Castle tells Kate she may be right. Alexis says some of them are lonely women looking for a call from her dad. Martha has a date – with a man she met at grief counseling. She doesn’t want him to see Rick and says he doesn’t watch TV so she wants him to think she’s still grieving. He and Kate head into his study. He gets a call from a man who says he knows things – on his private line – he asks if he’s ready to know the truth.

Kate and Castle pull up outside a building and he says he has to go alone. She asks if this could relate to his dad and he says he doesn’t know. He looks around as he stands outside the building. A man walks up and tells him to walk with him. He follows him. They walk to a bench and sit. He asks who he is and the guy says the less he knows, the better. He says he was with Castle but says he escaped from the ship. He says it was a survey vessel but thinks it was more than that since he saw weapons.

The guy says they kept it on the dark side of the moon where the scientists can’t see it. He says they took him to copy his skin. Castle asks if he means spaceship and the guys says they have to warn people about the invasion. He asks how he got his number and the guy says he works for the phone company. Castle comes back to the car and says he doesn’t want to talk about it.

At the to company, Kevin plays with the floor piano and says he doesn’t know how his parents did it. He complains about money and says he needs a second job. Javi says the toy company is hiring rent a cops and holds up a flier. Javi finds something in the guy’s drawer. A burner and a set of keys. He’s been calling Natalie Mendoza only when he was missing. Ryan says he talked to the vet and the was told the dog was poisoned.

Castle says it’s Fatal Attraction and Natalie went Glenn Close and killed the dog. They go to talk to Natalie. Castle checks the door and finds it unlocks when she doesn’t answer. They head inside and see blood and a knife on the floor. Kate pulls her gun and goes room to room. They find Natalie on her bed with her throat slit. She sits up and says she’s a horror make up artist. She was just napping. They ask her about Wally and she says she doesn’t know who it is. They tell her about the calls then show her the phone records.

She looks at his photo and says he’s Joe Myers. He hired her to teach him to use theatrical make up. He wanted to look totally different and she shows them a photo of him looking 70. The guys are flummoxed by the old man weirdness. He only applied the make up to his face and pants – the parts with make up on it. Kate sends the guys back to the coffee shop to re-canvas with photos of the “old” Wally.

Alexis shows up with Mike and Lauren Adams who were recently on their honeymoon. They show Castle a photo of him talking to a guy in the background of one of their photos in Montreal. Kate says it’s the guy from the trailer who lied about who he was. Castle wonders what the hell he was doing in Montreal. Alexis uses the photo’s geo-tag to figure out he was coming out of a bank. Alexis asks if the key sewn into his pants is from there. Castle says they have to go now but Kate says he can’t go alone. Alexis says she’ll go with him and Kate reminds them it’s too risky. Castle says it’s Canada and asks how risky it can be. He also says he’s a grown man and doesn’t need her permission but then begs for it.

Kate agrees. She gets a call and the guys tell her the coffee shop people ID’d Wally as someone who lived nearby. They find the keys fit a nearby apartment and they hear a noise while they’re checking it out. They open the door and a dog leaps into the room wagging his tail. Alexis and Castle show up at the back and she says he can’t just walk in. She reminds him of all the stuff they need to get in and he says he has a plan. They go in and he says he wants to rent a safety deposit box.

The neighbor was being paid to walk the dog. Kate says to take the dog to the vet to see if he’s chipped. Ryan finds a Chinese restaurant menu from several blocks away. They find out that he was eating there often. They head over. Castle asks to access the box he just rented then asks if he looks familiar. The bank manager says no but gives him a funny look after he goes. A man takes him to the vault and they unlock box 38.

At first the key stuck but then Castle realizes he had the key backwards. They open it and find a stack of letters addressed to Kate, her and Martha in his handwriting. They open one and find a memory card. Kate and Ryan show up at the Chinese place and they see a Williger toy warehouse nearby. The manager Mac says Joe was a security guard he hired a few weeks ago. Kate says it…

The warehouse manager says he never would have guessed he was the boss. He says he worked Friday but didn’t show on Monday. Kate asks if there are any problems he might have been looking into. One guy speaks up and says they caught him rifling through paperwork and manifests. Kate asks to see what he was looking at. Javi has the dog but says he wasn’t chipped. Ryan asks why Wally had a dog and she asks Ryan to check security cams near the warehouse. He takes the dog and goes.

Castle shows up and shows her the memory card. He says there was one for each of the women in his life. She plugs it into her laptop and we see Castle sitting and talking to her. He says if she sees this he’s probably dead. He says he never intended to leave on their wedding day but it wasn’t his choice. He says he can’t explain but he loves her and always has. He clicks the camera off. Castle says the ones to Alexis and his mom were almost the same. She asks him what he did and she says maybe they can find out.

The tech checks for geo-tagging and finds none but then says she’ll check audio. Castle pets the dog and says before he saw that he wanted to know what he was doing but now says he’s not so sure. He asks about Wally and she says they keep raising more questions. She asks for one of his crazy theories. He offers a kiss instead. The dog barks and goes running after a cop. They ask what he has in his pocket and he says evidence. Turns out the dog is a trained drug dog. He says now he has a crazy theory.

He tells Kate and the guys that he thinks Wally suspected they were shipping drugs in his factory. They say they have no proof but Kate says they can get some. She grabs the dog but Castle says he’ll stay behind. He goes back to see Ellis. She says she knows he was in a city and shows him a skyline silhouette. She says the building configuration should be unique. He asks if she can check just Montreal.

Kevin and Javi discuss Castle’s bizarro message. Ellis, the tech, gets a call and leaves the room. At the warehouse, the drug dog goes nuts. He tears into a pallet of boxes from their Chinese manufacturer. The manager goes running and the dog takes him down but he swears he didn’t kill him. The computer program locks onto the building where he was. Castle has an address. He walks out.

Kate comes in to talk to the widow and the VP. They tell her that her husband picked up a doll from the factory and it killed Annie, their dog. It had drugs in it. She says he went back to the warehouse until the drug ring using the warehouse had him killed. They tell Stoller, the VP, that the shipments are coordinated. Kate says whoever did this had to have access to Wally’s files. It’s his assistant Matt who used to live in China.

The manager, Mac, fingered Matt who said he’d take care of the nosy janitor. They also place his car near the warehouse. The guy tries to run and they knock him down, sliding him along the piano. The women ask why he didn’t tell someone and she says she thinks because he didn’t know who he could trust and didn’t want the company name tarnished.

Ellis calls Kate and says she thinks Castle went to Montreal. We see him get out of a cab and approach the building where he filmed his final videos. He heads upstairs and is confronted by a guy with a gun. He says he wasn’t supposed to come back and Castle says he remembers nothing. He asks who the guy is and he says he can’t ask questions and offer rewards. He says it’s dangerous. He says he needs to stop or he’ll find out the truth.

He says he didn’t want to know the truth and asked them to make sure he didn’t remember. Castle says he doesn’t believe him. He mentions an event in Hollander’s Woods when he was 11 and says it’s the reason he became a novelist. Castle says he never told anyone and the guy says he told him so that he could convince him if he ever showed up that he was the one who wanted to forget. He says some mysteries aren’t meant to be solved. He tells him to go home, live his life and forget this.

Alexis is crying and asks why he went without the. He asks Martha, Kate and Alexis what he could have done so bad that he didn’t want to remember. Alexis says maybe he found out something or saw something he didn’t want to remember. Martha says this is like Pandora’s Box. He asks how he can let this go. Kate says she tried with her mom’s murder and kept it buried until he came along. Later, he asks Kate if she thinks he can really let it go.

She reminds him that he knew the truth and decided he didn’t want to know it so there must have been a reason. He says he must have asked to forget so he could come home to her. He asks her to get married first thing tomorrow and put this behind them. She says not like this. She says neither of them is ready. She says they’re looking for solid ground but marriage isn’t the way.

She says they need distance from this event and find solid ground together. She says they waited this long, so they can wait until it’s right. He asks how long and she asks for a month with no pressure and then they’ll talk about it again. He lies back and says – it’s a date. Kate cuddles him but neither looks very pleased.