Castle Recap – Becket and Castle Say I Do: Season 7 Episode 6 “The Time of Our Lives”

Castle Recap - Becket and Castle Say I Do: Season 7 Episode 6 “The Time of Our Lives”

Tonight on ABC Castle starring Nathan Fillion continues with an all new Monday November 10, season 7 episode 6 called “The Time of Our Lives”. In tonight’s episode, Castle’s [Nathan Fillion] thrown into an alternate universe during a murder investigation, and Beckett [Stana Katic], Esposito [Jon Huertas] and Ryan [Seamus Dever] view him as a stranger in this world, so he must persuade them to let him assist them. Afterward, Castle finds the experience very inspiring.

On the last episode, when a web celebrity was murdered, Castle and Beckett explored the flashy world of internet fame. But when the killer posted pictures from the crime scene on a photo-sharing site, they realized they were up against a social mediasociopath who may strike again. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the ABC synopsis, “a murder investigation launches Castle into what seems to be an alternate universe where he’s never met Kate Beckett. Castle has to convince Beckett, Esposito and Ryan — now complete strangers — to let him participate in their investigation so he can find his way back to his own world. This inspires Castle & Beckett to finally take a trip to the altar.”

Tonight’s episode is going to be great so be sure to tune in for CASTLE on ABC at 10PM EST. We’ll be blogging all the action, be sure to hit up the comments and tell us what you think of this new season.

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A man sits with a case handcuffed to his wrist in the back of a car. The driver asks how his flight was but then a car pulls up, blocks them, kills the driver, kills the guy with the case and cuts off his hand to get the case. Kate asks Richard why he’s not sleeping and he says he’s been up catching up on Facebook. Martha comes in and says she’s fasting for clarity – she needs to decide if her acting career is done.

Castle sees a fancy envelope and she says her FBI ex Will is getting married. He says he saved her from that boredom. He asks where she would have been without him and she says captain and he says he would have two Pulitzers. They joke they’re bad for each other. At the crime scene, they tell Kate Mathias Gensler is the victim. He’s Swiss and witnesses describe the attack and the arm getting cut off. Castle spots a boot print on his chest and wonders what was in the case.

He came in from a private airstrip and the driver Renzo – owned the car and the car service. Lanie shows up and she and Javi try to explain they were stuck in traffic. He sniffs the body and tells Kate it’s not dirt – he says it’s coal. He says he used a clue like this in one of his books. He says there is an abandoned coal plant nearby that may have been their starting point. They head to the coal plant then to the air field.

They pull up outside and he asks if she’s going to Will’s wedding but Kate says it’s not a good idea. She says she’s not ready for someone else’s perfect day and he says he would change what happened to their wedding if he could. She says she knows. Kate and Castle see the killer’s vehicle and she calls for back up. They spot some sort of artifact in the case. Castle touches it and an alarm goes off and they are fired on.

Someone throws a smoke grenade and Castle jumps to avoid bullets. He’s unscathed and goes looking for Kate. He can’t find her anywhere! Castle comes to the station and says he thinks Kate was abducted. They call for Captain Beckett and she comes in and says she’s never seen that guy before in her life. Castle says that’s funny and asks how she got back there from the power plant. She tells him she doesn’t know him and needs to leave.

Ryan and Javi go to drag him out and he asks if they’re punking him and asks how they set him up and describes the coal footprint and severed hand. They are stunned at how he knows about their case. They drag him into interrogation and pull his background. They ask where he was between two and four am and he says he was in bed with Beckett. They get mad at him about that.

He says they aren’t real and he must have a concussion from the explosion. He reads his file about singing Let It Go with Idina Menzel when he jumped on a parade float. He says he would never sing that as a duet. He bangs on the window and calls Kate in. She tells the guys to leave and says she can handle it. She sits and asks where they met. He says they met at his book party six years ago when she asked him to consult on a copy cat murder.

She says he met with Detective McNolty and helped solve the case. He says he woke up next to her this morning. She says they have no relationship and have not met and asks who they can call for him. They call his mom and the guys love her and ask for autographs. She tells Richard he looks like hell and tells the cops he only kills on paper. Martha says she doesn’t have time for his and Mame opens in two days.

She says he’s been partying too hard. He sees Lanie waddle through pregnant and he says he partied really hard and that can’t be good. Martha says he’ll fell better at home. They go to the apartment and she’s totally redone it. She says since he gambled and splurged his money away, they are sharing the mortgage. He sees an awful book she says he wrote.

Alexis comes in – her hair is pitch black and she’s been living in LA. Castle freaks and says he’s done. Martha tells her he had a rough night. He says he’s in a coma or hallucinating. He says he’s ending it and puts a bowl of ice water on the counter and dunks his head in it. He says it’s time to wake up. He ducks it again and again but he’s not waking.

Alexis says maybe he’s in alternate universe and they tell him to go lie down. He agrees but goes to search for symptoms of a brain tumor. A woman is there, calls him Richie and says she used the hidden key he told her it was about. He tells her that he can’t do this and says she seems nice, but has to leave. She gets pissy and says writers are so strange. She leaves.

He searches for parallel universes and watches videos that describe circumstances similar to his and there’s the artifact he touched! The headline asks if it could be the gateway to another world. In the morning, he shows a print out to his mom and daughter. It’s an article about the Incan artifact that connects to the Incan gateway of the Gods.

He told them he held it in his hand and was thinking that maybe he wasn’t good for Kate and she might be better if they never met. He says it’s like the last six years never happened. Alexis asks who Kate is and he says he never met her, never wrote Nikki Heat and then Martha was forced to be successful. She says it’s because of her talent. He leaves agitated and Alexis says that’s why she lives with her mom.

Castle comes to see Kate and tells her he’s writing a new book based on a character like her. He says he was just exhausted and up for several nights writing nonstop. He says he knows what was in the briefcase and where it’s going. He says he listened to the police scanner. Kevin comes in to tell them about what was in the briefcase but Castle interrupts and tells her about the Incan thing.

He says he knows who was involved in the theft. He points out the route to the lab but the car was off the route. Castle says the driver must have been in on it but they shot him to silence him. Kate sends Ryan to research the driver. She tells Castle it was surprisingly helpful. He asks to stick around and she sends him to the break room. Javi comes in and asks about how he knows about the coal plant.

Javi says he checked it out and found the same tire tracks as at the crime scene. Castle tells him he has a gift – he knows things. He plays psychic and tells Javi he knows he had a thing with a woman with the initials LP but she moved on. He thinks Ryan told him. Ryan comes and says they have something. Javi follows him then Castle does too.

The driver has been using a payphone at a restaurant that’s been closed down. Castle asks to ride along and Ryan says he can because he wants house seats for Martha’s play. Castle asks if Kate is dating anyone and then Javi complains to Ryan for telling him about Lanie. Kevin insists he didn’t. He says he has a gift and that he can see things when he looks at people.

Kevin asks what he sees when he looks at him and he says honey-milk. Kevin says Jenny used to make him honey-milk and that she could have been the one. Castle asks what happened and Ryan says when Kate made captain, the workload doubled and it fell apart. They tell him to mind his business and they shove him way back into the backseat. They get to the closed restaurant and tell him to wait in the car. He asks if they can crack a window.

The guys head inside and Javi complains about Castle being with them but Kevin says he’s not that bad. Castle sneaks in behind them and goes exploring on his own. He sees the same article he printed and the briefcase and the artifact on a table. He picks it up and tells it to take him home. Nothing happens. A woman is there, holds a knife to his neck and tells him to hand it over or die.

She asks Castle what he knows and he says the object sent him. Kevin and Ryan come in guns out and they drop it. Castle says he can’t get home now but then realizes the real one would never break since it was made from a meteorite. They slap cuffs on him and Kate chews him out. He says he helped the, nab a perpetrator. Ryan comes in and says the woman is Maria Sanchez, a Peruvian thug who steals artifacts.

Castle asks to help talk to her but Kate has him dragged out of the precinct. She growls at Javi to go close the case. Kate goes back to reading Castle’s book he had caught her with earlier. Castle sneaks back into the police station and creeps door to door. He goes in to watch the interrogation. Sanchez says the artifact belongs to the Incan people and is a national treasure.

She says Renzo was her cousin and he drugged the courier so they could take it back but then they were attacked. Ryan asks who else knew about the changed route but she says a guy at the airport knew. She says Renzo bribed a car service to give him the gig. Kate finds him there and throws him in a cell. Castle complains to his cell mate and Kate comes and says Martha refused to come get him again.

He says she’s all about tough love. She unlocks the cell and tells him to go home. She says they did meet before and she says she came to get a Derek Storm book signed. He says she never told him that and she says they’ve only known each other a day. She asks why he killed Derek Storm but then Javi is there to talk to her. She tells Castle to go home.

Kevin says the shooters were lurking outside the airport. Castle watches through blinds in another room. They also found a tattoo on one of the shooters they’re going to look into. Castle looks at the board then comes to talk to Kate in her office. He asks her to come have a drink and says he’ll tell her why he killed Derek Storm.

He congratulates her for being the youngest captain ever and she says if he’s basing a character on her, it will be a boring book. She says her job is mostly paperwork and politics. She said she wasn’t mean to be a homicide detective because the case she wanted to solve, she never could. She notices a tattoo on their waiter and realizes he’s still working the case.

But then she spots the guy they want at the bar. She flashes her badge and he goes to run but Castle trips him. He tells her they make a pretty good team. She looks at him mildly annoyed but intrigued. Kate tells Castle the perp has a high priced attorney so he won’t talk. She says they found the G Wagon at the guy’s house but not the artifact.

Castle says they need to find the other shooter since they need the artifact. She says this guy is ex-military and will likely cut a deal. She says this is as done as it gets and they’re done. He tells her that his Kate Beckett would never compromise like this. She tells him they’re done and asks him to leave. He goes home and finds alternate Alexis still up and he says the trail ran cold and he couldn’t find the artifact.

She says he’s stuck with them and he asks what happened between them to cause her to move to LA. She says he read all the bad reviews on his magnum opus and gave up. She says she couldn’t stand to watch it. She says she gets it now because she wanted to change the world but the non-profit where she’s working isn’t helping anyone. He gives her an encouraging speech and she says she missed him. They hug.

He wakes to Martha in a face mask and says he knows why the universe sent him here. He says she’s better off with him and he needs to prove to Beckett how extraordinary she is so they can find the artifact. He orders coffees and calls for a taxi but then a gunman approaches him and tells him to come along. Castle says he hates this.

The guy takes him to see Marcus Lark and Castle says he knows he killed two men for the artifact. Lark says he heard he’s been acting crazy and this either isn’t his world or he’s psychotic. Lark says he’s been looking for this for years. He says they Incans thought it was a gateway to the Gods but he says it’s a doorway to the infinite and he can change his destiny.

Lark say she knows everything but how it works. He asks Castle how it works. He says he doesn’t know. Lark tells his goons to shoot out his knee. Kate is there and takes the goons down and then Castle punches Lark. He asks why she’s there and she says she couldn’t stop thinking about what he said about compromise.

Lark comes up with a gun just then and Castle steps in front of her and takes the bullet, with the artifact still in his hand. She asks why he did that and he says it’s because he loves her. She calls him Mr Castle and begs him to stay with her. There’s a blue light and he’s back in the proper world with Kate trying to wake him. He tells her that he’s back and he’s not dead.

He asks how long he was gone and she says she doesn’t know – but it seems like just a couple of moments. They have Lark in cuffs and Kate says he was behind the theft. Kate says they can’t find the object that was in the briefcase. Castle hands it to her but tells her not to wonder about any other scenario. Later, he tells her about the weird alternate universe. She thinks it was a dream.

He says the only other world he’d like to make it to is the one where he didn’t miss their wedding. He asks how they get past this and she says she wishes she knew. He says he has the answer. He asks her to marry him. She reminds him she already said yes but he asks her to marry him right now. He calls Martha, Alexis and the minister. They meet him and he tells her to go for the audition and she thanks him.

Then Kate shows up and her dad walks her down the aisle. It’s just family and the reverend. She hands her bouquet to Alexis and they get married as the sun goes down. She slides a ring on and says meeting him made her life extraordinary. She says he’s strong when she’s vulnerable and she loves him. He slides a ring on her finger and says the moment they met, his life became extraordinary.

He says she taught him about himself and is the joy in his heart. He tells her he loves her. They are pronounced husband and wife and kiss. He asks her for a dance and turns on a song on his phone. They dance to Andrew Belle’s In My Veins.


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