Castle RECAP 2/24/14: Season 6 Episode 16 “Room 147?

Castle RECAP 2/24/14: Season 6 Episode 16 “Room 147″

Tonight on ABC their hit crime drama CASTLE returns with the new episode called “Room 147.”  On tonight’s show multiple strangers confess to the same murder.  Did you watch the last week’s season 6 episode 15? We did and if you want to get caught up, we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On last week’s episode the murder of a high school mean girl drew Castle back to one of his many alma maters, where he was giddy to learn that the evidence pointed to a surprising perpetrator – a teenage telekinetic, throwing he and Beckett into a real-life “Carrie.”  Guest Cast: Sam Anderson as Principal Duncan, Malese Jow as Hillary Cooper, and Hannah Marks as Jordan Gibbs.

On tonight’s episode when a guilt-ridden young woman confesses to the murder of a struggling actor — knowing details only the killer could know — Beckett and Castle seem to have an open-and-shut case, until they uncover proof that their suspect couldn’t possibly be the killer. When a second person confesses, equally convinced they committed the murder, the team realizes the case is far more mysterious than they thought.

Tonight’s episode is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of ABC’s Castle tonight at 10 PM EST! While you wait for our recap, hit the comments and let us know what your think of Castle season 6, so far?

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Two maids are cleaning room 147 when they find a dead body. Meanwhile Castle wakes and asks Kate if she smells coffee. They go to investigate and find a steaming mug on the counter and are startled by Alexis. She says she crashed there the night before because her train was late. Rick invites her to move back in and says he’ll pay off her lease. She refuses and heads out and Kate tells him they’ve got a murder. He rants that with her and Pi broken up, she should come home. Kate says it’s pride and Rick says there must be another reason. She looks concerned.

Javi tells them the victim is Justin Marquette and that he lives nearby. He was shot with a small caliber gun once in the chest and died about 10 pm. The rooms nearby were vacant so no one heard the shot and there were no signs of forced entry. They wonder if he knew the shooter. There’s no luggage and he lives close so they’re not sure why he’s there.

Kevin takes them to the desk clerk who tells them he insisted on room 147 which was strange. She says she thinks he was there for a hook up. The clerk says he was texting with someone but they found no texts on his phone. She shows them security footage of him texting on a flip phone but he has a smart phone so the killer took the second phone.

Kevin says there are no cameras on the hall but he found the guy’s website. He’s a struggling actor and they head to the off, off, off, off Broadway rehearsal to ask his cast-mates about him. Another actor, Laura, says they were dating and she saw him the morning of the day he died. She says she knew there was something wrong when he missed rehearsal. She says he worked temp jobs but wasn’t having a lot of luck lately. They asked why he would be at a hotel and she’s shocked. They ask if he could be seeing someone else or involved in something illegal or if someone would hurt him. Some of the other actors recall that a woman on the street at 9th and Mercer scared him.

Javi says a barista saw it and they recognized her because she’s a regular – Anita Miller. She comes in to answer questions. She tells Beckett that she killed him. She asks for paper to write it all down. As she scribbles, Kate finds Rick and he tells her 11 seconds to a confession is a record. They discuss that it was over cheating but he says that’s boring. Javi comes in and says there’s a problem and she has an alibi for the time of the killing. She was with her AA sponsor during the whole time of death window. They want to know why she’s confessing…

Kate tells Captain Gates about the false confession and she asks if the TOD could be off. Both the time of death and alibi are solid. Gates orders her to find out why Anita is lying. The woman hands over her confession and she’s drawn on odd symbol in the top right corner. She knows the room number and hotel where he was. She describes the room and that he offered her water (there was a water out). She says she shot him in the chest and that he was surprised and dropped the water, grabbed a chair and then fell and knocked over the chair.

She described the crime scene perfectly. Anita tells them she doesn’t know how she knows him and says that he was responsible for her drinking but she doesn’t know why. She’s been sober for four years but has had a blurry last two weeks. They ask if she remembers having dinner with her sponsor and when she went to the hotel. She’s confused and says she warned Justin outside the coffee shop that she was going to hurt him and then she did.

Kevin says no one saw her at the hotel or on the security cameras. There is no forensic evidence either but she knows the crime 100% accurately. Javi tells Rick to offer them a crazy theory but he has nothing. Kevin says maybe she’s psychotic but that doesn’t explain how she knew the crime scene so well. They have no shared phone records but the guys go to scour Anita’s apartment.

Dr. Holloway comes in to see Anita for a psych evaluation.

The guys find no evidence but do find two weeks of missing pages from her date book – the period she says she’s been blurry. Her online calendar has also been erased for that period!

Kate asks Rick what he meant by “something else” was keeping Alexis away and he says he doesn’t know. Holloway comes out and says she’s a little disoriented but seems otherwise okay. He says maybe she has retrograde amnesia. He says he’ll do a full workup.

Kate and Rick try to figure out why there’s no evidence other than her knowledge and the confrontation at the coffee shop. Then a guy named Sam Carsons comes in and also confesses to Justin’s murder. Holy crap!

[10:44:05 PM] Rachel Rowan: Sam confesses to Kate when Gates comes in incredulous. They watch as Kate tells him that making false statements is a crime. Kate asks what hotel room he was in and he says 147. She tells him to describe the crime. He says he knocked and was offered water. Then he says he shot him in the chest and that he fell back, grabbed a chair and knocked it over as he fell. He says he left after that.

Kate asks why he killed Justin and he says he was so angry at him but he doesn’t know why. He says the last two weeks he’s been hazy. He says she doesn’t know how he knew Justin. Kate asks why he went to the hotel and he can’t remember. He tells her he’s not playing games. She accuses him of covering for Anita and he says he doesn’t know her. Anita also says she doesn’t know Sam. She insists she’s the one that killed Justin.

Sam has an alibi and there’s no shots of him on security video from the hotel. Rick wonders if Sam and Anita’s lives intersect somehow. He says they both have seen the crime through the real killer’s eyes somehow. Kate gets a call and she says it’s nothing. Then Dwight Caruthers comes in to confess to killing Justin also. Rick gets excited and says the case is outstanding.

Kevin calls them in and tells them one of Anita’s neighbors saw a red van outside her place. There was another outside of Sam’s house as well. They got a photo of the driver and it’s a big bald man like Anita says she saw talking with Justin outside the coffee shop!

Kate shows Gates the driver of the red van that Anita ID’d as the guy outside the coffee shop. Kate comes in and asks Dwight if he knows the main in the van. Rick notices the same symbol Anita drew on Dwight’s hand. He says the van is familiar and admits he’s been confused the last two weeks. He says he saw the van last Tuesday. They rush off to check traffic cams and he’s disgusted they won’t take his confession. The driver is Miles Madsen but he’s in the wind and unis are canvassing for him.

Kate gets a text and says she’s got an errand to run and tells them to tell Rick she’ll be back in an hour. She meets Alexis and tells her she never wants to take sides but needs to know why she won’t move home. Kate’s worried she’s not the reason Alexis won’t come home. Alexis reassures her and says it’s her. She says that all the stuff her Dad said about her making a mistake with Pi was true. Kate tells her she was in a love haze where you make dumb choices. Alexis says it was her mistake and she doesn’t want her dad paying for it. She says she’ll tutor and do whatever to cover the rent until the lease is up. Kate tells her she’s effectively punishing herself and it’s not necessary. She says her dad is worried about her and she should move home. She gets a text from Espo and has to head back to the office.

They tell her Madsen is an independent contractor for some wacko type of cult. Some of their followers died in a weird sweat lodge initiation. Dr. Gustavo Bowers is the founder – they watch a recruitment video – and find out he’s got a degree in hokum. At the end of the video, the symbol appears that all three have been drawing. All three deny being members of EHI (the cult) and Rick and Kate head out to check the place out.

The headquarters are in a pricey location. The receptionist knows their names and says Dr Bowers is expecting them. They ask how he knew they were coming and she says he’s a brilliant man. She leads them in to his inner sanctum where the leader pops up on a huge screen. Kate asks so speak to him in person and he insists that he’s in Sweden. She shows him a photo of Justin and he says he doesn’t know him and that Madsen hasn’t worked for him in years. He refuses to say what Madsen used to do for him and Bowers says she’s hostile. He says none of the confessors are part of EHI and they wonder how he knows that off the cuff and he says he knows all the members personally. They ask to see his records and he refuses and then tells them they’ll never get a warrant. He signs off and the receptionist shows them out.
[11:00:18 PM] Rachel Rowan: Kate tells Espo and Ryan that Bowers was right and they can’t get a warrant. She thinks he knows where Madsen is and that he still works for EHI. Castle says there are testimonials on the website that would apply to EHI for – assertiveness, smoking and violence. He theorizes that Madsen was scrubbing EHI out of their lives and their memories. He says that would explain their confusion as well. Holloway comes up and says they likely used drugs to wipe recent memories. A specific blood pressure drug given in high doses could help erase or implant memories.

Rick is excited and says it’s straight out of Inception. He says it’s diabolical because three confessions makes the police unable to process it. Rick says the killer could have filmed the murder and then showed it to the confessors while they were under the influence of the drugs. They pull Anita, Sam and Dwight together to ask for every detail they can think of. Anita says she remembers knocking on the door. Anita remembers a flirtatious smile but the other two don’t. They all remember a landscape over the fridge but each remembers a different number of water bottles.

Rick drags Kate out and back to the hotel room. He looks around and says he’s right and that she’s engaged to a genius. He opens the fridge and asks how many bottles she sees. The door blocks the view which means what they saw didn’t happen in that room. They explain this to Gates and tell her they found another hotel of the same brand with a different room 147 that EHI rented that had a fridge that opened the other way so the bottles could be seen.

Ryan comes in and found video of the EHI event and they see Bowers with the victim so they can get their warrant. The receptionist protests and they demand to know where Bowers is – he’s not in Sweden – he’s in the building! The receptionist freaks but they move her out of the way and bust in on Bowers. He’s shredding files on the three confessors and Justin. He tells them he hired Justin as an actor to make a film. We see him get a water and “get shot.”

He says they shot two versions of the video – one for women and one for men. They showed it to the people under drugs. He says that a number of them threatened to sue and says they tried to help them. He insists drugging them to help them forget was for their best interests. He insists that Madsen wouldn’t have killed him and he knows nothing about the murder. He says someone is targeting the organization by killing Justin.

Back at the theater, Kate and Rick tell Pam (someone in the group) that they know she lured Justin to his death because EHI was responsible for the death of her brother in the sweat lodge initiation. The other actors freak out and she says she had to stop the monsters and that Justin was one of “them” of EHI. She says someone had to show the world who EHI really is.

Kate places her under arrest. The confessors are told the FBI is launching an investigation and the guy that drugged them has been caught. She tells them they’re all free to go. Dwight says he wishes he got to confess and the other two confessors tell him they can all go to lunch and he can confess to them.

At home, Rick pours them a glass of wine and she says it’s interesting how malleable the human mind is. She reminds him it took him three tries to get romance right and then there’s a knock at the door. He goes to answer and finds Alexis there and she asks to come home. He grabs her up in a hug and she whispers thanks to Kate over his shoulder.