Castle RECAP 3/3/14: Season 6 Episode 17 “In the Belly of the Beast”

Castle RECAP 3/3/14: Season 6 Episode 17 “In the Belly of the Beast”

Tonight on ABC their hit crime drama CASTLE returns with the new episode called“In the Belly of the Beast.”  On tonight’s show an undercover mission goes array putting Beckett’s life in danger.  Did you watch the last week’s season 6 episode 16? We did and if you want to get caught up, we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On last week’s episode when a guilt-ridden young woman confessed to the murder of a struggling actor — knowing details only the killer could know — Beckett and Castle seemed to have an open-and-shut case, until they uncovered proof that their suspect couldn’t possibly be the killer. When a second person confessed, equally convinced they committed the murder, the team realized the case is far more mysterious than they thought.

On tonight’s episode Beckett is recruited to assist on a Narcotics investigation, but a routine mission turns deadly when an undercover operation goes array. To survive, Beckett must engage in a battle of wits against some.  Guest cast includes: Carlos Gomez as Captain Fowler, Kenny Johnson as Harden, Britt Rentschler as Elena Markov, Regi Davis as Dr. Bailey, and Daniel Hugh Kelly as Evan Potter.

Tonight’s episode is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of ABC’s Castle tonight at 10 PM EST! While you wait for our recap, hit the comments and let us know what your think of Castle season 6, so far?

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Kate and Rick are having breakfast and have planned a day together. He tells her they need to pick a font for their save the date card and she poopoos some of his choices. She finds a font she likes and he tells her she could convince him… She tells him they need a really good font… then the phone rings. It’s work and Gates is calling her in. She says she’s not on call but Gates insist she come in and without Castle. He asks what’s up and she tells him she has to go. He says he’ll just hang out and write.

Kate comes in and sees the Deputy Commissioner leaving. Ryan and Javi have no clue what’s up. Gates brings her in to talk to Fowler from narcotics. He shows her six drug dealers all murdered with their throats cut. He says they were killed by a new drug ring he has to find. He says they are using a smart system and they only know the leader’s name – Lazarus. But then they caught Elena Markoff – a former Russian translator who was working as a mule. They watch a video of her saying her work was all anonymous. But she got a new opportunity to move up in the ring but then Elena tried to kill herself and is in ICU. Turns out Kate looks basically like the woman and speaks fluent Russian like Elena. They want to send her in Elena’s place. Gates isn’t happy about it but Fowler says she’ll be well guarded. Fowler tells them this is their best shot and he needs her to decide ASAP.

Kate calls Rick and tells her she has a meeting and will be back in a couple of hours. She says she’ll be back for dinner. She tells him she loves him and rings off. Gates tells Kate that she can walk away since it’s narcotic’s problem, not their’s. They coach her on how to walk not like a cop and to act intimidated. She heads into the hotel to meet the drug guys and they reassure her there are plainclothes cops all over the place. They tell her to memorize names and faces and that she’ll be out of there in no time.

We see her get on the elevator. She does and the elevator guy pulls a gun on her. He takes her into the basement, trusses her up and drives off with her in a delivery van. The narco people panic when they realize they lost her. Kate talks into her wire and describes what’s going on and what direction she thinks they are going in. She tells them they are ruining her dinner plans.

Gates rails at Fowler who tells her that the video was cut off in the elevator and that her mic cut off when she got into the van. Gates is furious and says they need to call out the cavalry or else Kate is dead. Kate still talks to the mic but stops as they slow down. She hears a voice telling her to get on her knees and face the cab. The guy grabs her up and says he’s going to search her for a wire. She says she’s not. He searches her with an electronic device. He runs it up her body but doesn’t find anything. She just had time to kick it off. He puts a bag over her head.

Rick calls Kate but gets her voice mail. His Mom comes in and tells him she’s off to a theater revival. He tells her he’s worried because he can’t get in touch with her, Ryan or Espo. He says something s not right.

Kate sits looking scared. She looks at the heavily armed criminals and the driver/kidnapper sitting next to her. She asks him what happens next and he says it’s not his call. She asks if the man she’s waiting on is the one she hears speaking. He asks if she’s worried and she asks if she should be. He asks what makes her special and she says she’s no one and just moves packages. He tells her to drop the act.

He tells her she’s up and he takes her into a room. Another man walks around her looking at her. He speaks to her in Russian and says it’s important to know if she’s a friend. She says in Russian that she’s a true friend. He asks if she’s Elena Markoff and she says yes. He smiles and says it’s good to meet her He says he’s Mr Jones and the kidnapper is Mr Harden. He apologizes for the kidnapping and says it’s hard to set up meetings in this day and age.

Jones tells her they value her services and they want to offer her a permanent position. He hands her a slip of paper that says $50,000 and he tells her that’s per week. He asks how she likes it and she says it’s generous but she needs to meet Lazarus. She says she needs to know who she’s working with because it’s a matter of trust. He tells her he’ll see what he can do and tells her she has to stay. Jones and Harden go outside to talk and she grabs the land line and calls the precinct.

Harden says she’s all wrong and has been acting off. Espo answers and she tells him to trace the call and find where she is. She tells them that Elena’s cover story is a lie. She hangs up as Jones tells harden if he’s right about her, he can be the one to take care of her.

Kate and Elena’s photos are hanging on the crime board. They found out they can’t trace the call because it was a heavily secure line. Gates demands to know from Fowler if he’s keeping secrets about Elena. He says her basic story checked out but they didn’t have time to dig deeper. Turns out Elena just woke up at the hospital and Espo and Fowler go to talk to her. Rick shows up and demands to know where Kate is and Gates tells him to come into her office.

Kate is in a nice bedroom and watches them unload people from a van all with their heads bagged. Gate tells Rick what happened and says so far Kate is safe because they think she’s Elena. She says they are trying to get answers from Elena now. The doctor tells Espo, Ryan and Fowler that she’s out of ICU. They don’t see the officer and then open the door and see him dead on the door. They assume that either Elena got away or that someone else took her. Either way, they worry that Kate’s cover is blown.

Kate spreads a blood trail for CSU to follow and leaves a hidden letter at the end of the trail. She writes Rick a letter telling him how amazing he is and how much she loves him. Harden comes to get Kate. She heads into his office and marches in confidently. He tells her Lazarus has agreed to meet with her as long as she completes an assignment first. She agrees and asks what she has to do. They give her a photo and tell her to do what she does best and kill the guy and make sure it’s clean.

Kate is driven by Harden to the target’s house. He gives her a gun and tells her he thinks he’s alone. She asks what the target does and he asks why she wants to know. She says it’s recon and that curiosity keeps her alive. He says he’s a nobody then she asks why they want him dead. She tells him this is sloppy and there are too many variables. He demands she go kill him and she gets out of the car. She walks up to the house and looks around.

The target is reading in front of his TV. She comes up with her gun out and opens the door. He sees her shadow and turns around. He demands to know who the hells she is. Harden sees gun flare pop off and she comes back out to the car. Harden demands she shows him. They go back in and there is blood splatter and a body. She tells him the audition is over. He sees bullet holes in the glass and tells her that they should get back.

Fowler tells the group that the cop in the room was killed in the same manner as the drug dealers – throat cut. Rick panics and tells them that Kate is going to be killed when they find her out. Gates gets a call alerting them to come soon. The man gets up slowly off the carpet and describes how Kate set up the fake murder scene. He tells them she said she was in a compound and would try to get a message to them soon. He has no idea why drug dealers would want him dead. He doesn’t practice criminal law.

Rick tells Espo he’s worried sick about Kate because he can’t protect her. Espo says they’ll get her out and he asks what if it’s not in time. Kate is taken to meet Lazarus at a mansion outside of the city. Jones asks how it went and she says the package was delivered with no complications. He tells her to clean up and come meet Lazarus.

Kate washes up in the bathroom when a woman comes in to pee and drops her purse. She grabs up the girl’s cell phone from her purse but then is taken to meet Lazarus. She is taken down into a basement area down a long flight of steps. Jones tells her that Lazarus likes it there and thinks it suits him. She comes down an sees a money counting facility populated by young girls. Jones asks if she’s ever seen a counting room before and she says not of this size. She tells him it’s impressive they’ve been able to keep it hidden from the Feds and he says she doesn’t know the half of it. She sees bales of money and then there’s a door where she can hear a man screaming in pain.

Jones steps in the room but tells her to wait there. She sees a check on the desk made out to Future Forward. They bring her into a room where she can see blood on the floor and a drain. He tells her he doesn’t usually meet like this, but was prepared to make an exception for her. Lazarus looks at her and says – you are not Elena – he says he knows her and never forgets a face. He calls her Kate Beckett and tells her that he remembers the last time they saw each other she accused him of killing her mother. She says his name – Vulcan Simmons. They hold her at gunpoint.

The cops get a text from Kate but it’s only partial. Meanwhile, she’s being tortured with drowning by Simmons. He demands she tells him what he wants to know and promises her a quick death with no messy suffering if she does. He asks what her mission is and what they know about Lazarus. She threatens him and he tells her she’s just like her mother – playing in a world where she doesn’t belong. He tells her that she’ll pay with her life just like her mother did. He holds her underwater again and again and again.

They got a hit on the cell phone in Scarsdale but only within a 10 mile radius. The phone is off so they can’t trace it more. Kate is bloody and he continues to drown her and pull her out. Logan tells her he will end her suffering when she gives him the information he wants. She won’t. He dumps her on the floor and she coughs. He orders them to scrub the place and dump her in a patch of dirt somewhere.

Harden marches Kate into the woods. He has her hands tied and a rope behind her back. She knocks herself down a small hill but he chases her down. He tells her that he made her the moment she came in the door. She tries to make a deal with him to take down Lazarus and he tells her that he’s cool. But then the real Elena is there and kills Harden. She tells her she’s got balls and then walks away. Kate asks why she’s letting her live and she says Lazarus told her to let her live.

Gates and Fowler tell Kare that the compound was empty by the time they got there. Simmons had an alibi and everything was cleaned up. Rick asks if they have nothing and Kate says no – she writes down Future Forward and tells them it’s part of the money laundering activities. They go to check it out. Rick tells Kate that he shouldn’t leave her alone. She tells him he was with her the whole time she was being interrogated.

She tells him that Vulcan isn’t Lazarus because he wanted her dead but Lazarus didn’t, so they are not the same person. The money is all going into a Super PAC and Evan Potter, the lawyer Kate didn’t kill set it up. The money is all gone now because federal laws shield the Super PAC. No one knows and their one witness died of a heart attack. Kate watches Senator Bracken as he says he will do anything to get his agenda moving. Kate is certain it’s him but can’t prove it. She says it’s genius because he has all this laundered money to fund his campaign without being beholden to anyone.

Rick asks why Bracken would have spared her and she reminds him she saved Bracken’s life last year. She says now they’re even and she probably won’t survive another encounter with him. Rick tells her to come to bed.