Chris Brown Jailed For One Month – At Least!

Chris Brown Jailed For One Month - At Least!

Chris Brown never fails to back himself into the tightest corner possible. Chris attempted to get released in court on Monday afternoon, but that attempt failed pretty pathetically. In fact, he’ll now end up staying in jail for AT LEAST one more month, although it’s possible that it’ll be even longer.

Just a quick recap on what’s been happening with Chris lately – he got kicked out of rehab on Friday for reportedly getting too close to the female staff [among other infractions], and then proceeded to get immediately arrested. Since the judge ruled that if he were to leave rehab, he would get arrested, and that’s pretty much exactly what happened.

The judge at today’s court hearing reportedly stated that Chris had an ‘inability to stay out of trouble‘, and you know what? We’re not arguing with that, especially when all the evidence supports that hypothesis.

So now, Chris is stuck in jail, at least until April 23rd. He’ll presumably stay there until his criminal assault cause is finished, which might take longer than a month. That particular trial is set for April 17th, and although it should only last for a few days, if he is found guilty it’s possible that he could get up to four years for violating his probation in the Rihanna assault case.

And all these other shenanigans probably aren’t doing Chris’s case much good in federal court, and it’s bound to hurt him when the assault cause comes up in D.C.

Do you guys think Chris will end up staying in jail for longer than one month? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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