Chris Evans Retiring From Acting After Marvel Contract – Whiny Ungrateful Brat?

Chris Evans Retiring From Acting After Marvel Contract - Whiny Ungrateful Brat?

Chris Evans, Mr. Captain America himself is retiring from acting once his contractual obligations with Marvel are finished and I am not okay with this. I will miss him… he’s hot. He all good old USDA, all American apple pie hot. But, my need to see him on the big screen be damned, because Chris wants to get behind the camera and direct films and he’d rather do that than act any day. During an interview with Variety magazine, Chris opens up about his passion for directing and being behind the camera.

“If I’m acting at all, it’s going to be under Marvel contract, or I’m going to be directing. I can’t see myself pursuing acting strictly outside of what I’m contractually obligated to do.” While it’s great to set the bar higher, I can’t help but think this is a bad road to go down. Hollywood seems like a place where feelings are hurt easily, Id think he’d be more diplomatic in the way that he voiced his opinions. He’s basically saying that he’s so apathetic that he’d only act if lawyers make him. He sounds kind of bitter. What did acting in films ever do to him? besides make him wealthy and probably get him laid a lot.

As a big fan of these summer blockbuster comic book adaptations, I’m a little disappointed. I suppose I should be grateful that’s he’s committed (and obligated) to finishing his role as the Captain, but if Marvel decides to make more CA movies we’ll be burdened with a recast and that rarely bodes well for the fans; I’m already traumatized by Ben Affleck as Batman when Christian Bale was so clearly the best Batman ever.

Chris sounds extremely burnt out and it didn’t take very long to get there. According to IDMB, he’s done 37 films compared to his counterparts who have done hundreds. How exactly does one get burnt out on making obscene amounts of money to play make believe anyway? It’s not like he’s a garbage man, he’s a young hot movie star; but perhaps therein lies the problem. Chris has stated in many interviews that fame and the attention had been a hard adjustment.

“Fame is a funny thing. I like doing normal things. I like going to fairs, I like going to ball games, I like going to Disney World, or a big field on the Fourth of July and having picnics with friends. The problem is, you’re either worried you’re going to be recognized or you’re thankful you’re not. It’s always there. I miss that not being in my head.

Dude, seems like a bit of an introvert and that’s cool, but if that’s the case I’m wondering how the hell he decided acting was a profession suited to his personality? Perhaps I’m being too hard on him. I really do wish him luck In his new endeavor as a director. Personally, I feel he could do both acting and directing any actors do, some of them even act in theories they direct. I just don’t want him to get that bite-the-hand-that-feeds-you reputation Hollywood if he ever needs or wants to go back to acting. I will give him major cool points for that Cover though. That burly man thing works every time, he looks older and more cultured, but maybe I just like hairy dudes.

What do you guys think? Is Chris being a brat about the fame and face recognition that brought him his directing opportunities? Maybe he really wanted that Fifty Shades role? Or is he just following his passion? Sound off on the comments section!

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