Covert Affairs Live Recap: Season 5 Episode 7 “Brink of the Clouds”

Covert Affairs Live Recap: Season 5 Episode 7 “Brink of the Clouds”

COVERT AFFAIRS continues tonight on the USA Network with another episode in its fifth season called, “Brink of the Clouds.” On tonight’s episode Annie and McQuaid search for an ex-CIA officer in Azerbaijan.

On the last episode Annie accepted an invitation to the Russian Embasy while undercover in Paris. Elsewhere, Auggie juggled her relationships and Joan unraveled the details of Arthur’s latest business trip. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.
On tonight’s episode Annie and McQuaid search for an ex-CIA officer in Azerbaijan while Auggie hears tragic news about an old friend. Elsewhere, Calder’s actions force a confrontation with Joan. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we recapped it right here for you.

Tonight’s episode looks like it’s going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of USA Network’s “Covert Affairs” at 9:00 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are for the seventh episode of season five of Covert Affairs tonight. In the meantime, enjoy a preview of tonight’s episode below.

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Hayley is onto Annie’s medical secret and though it holds no relevance to the terrorist attack in Chicago – she wants to use all available information for her report and to make matters worse she’s going to keep on digging into Annie’s personal life. But how long can Auggie’s friends expect him to hang in there pretending to date Hayley?

So far his dating her has only impacted on his love life with Natasha and even that has left Auggie on some shaky ground. Say, if Hayley were to find out what he’s really do with her then she could target him and Natasha in one fell swoop. His girlfriend, the real one that is, is already wanted by the FBI – all it would take on Hayley’s part is one little phone call. Hence this is a dangerous game Auggie is playing and no one else seems to be carrying the same kind of risks.

Then things at his actual job become complicated. The CIA just tracked down a terrorist leader they’ve been searching years for and surprise it’s one of their one who also happens to be a man Auggie used to work with. Nathan Mueller was an agent that cut ties from his handlers one day and went dark.

Auggie later found out that Nathan had ended up losing his marriage due to his long work hours and so after his divorce – Nathan had a breakdown. He had kept his instability mostly hidden except from the people who knew him best at the time and the sad part is Auggie wasn’t even aware of it while it was happening right in front of him. Sure, he had noticed Nathan’s shifty and secretive behavior, but he never looked into it.

Sort of like Annie’s situation now! The only reason Auggie knows about her condition is because his friend told him. Otherwise, without Annie’s confession, he would have kept on writing off her odd behavior as inconsequential.

And it’s not. No matter what Annie might say to the contrary – her heart condition does impede her work. She was sent into the field with McQuaid no less (that’s what outsourcing has driven Joan to) and he had to witness for a second time her condition getting the better of her. Annie was out of breath and close to blacking out when she had to be rescued or risked jeopardizing the mission.

They’re on the hunt for Nathan and, frankly, Auggie’s soft spot for her isn’t doing anyone any favors. He convinced Hayley not to file in her report on Annie’s heart condition and not only does that put her job up on the chopping block but Annie’s career will go down in flames if there appears to have been a cover up.

Once there are signs of people hiding information and inadvertently making other people lie for you – it turns one little secret into a widespread conspiracy. Take Calder’s situation. He was warned by Joan to let go of Stephanie. She’s a notorious DC hooker and it would be best for both of their careers if he dropped her. Yet he couldn’t. He kept trying until he gave up on constantly failing.

So he freed her from prison after he learned that she was arrested and facing two years in jail. And by freeing her – he used position for personal gain. Plus no one is going to believe that Joan didn’t know about it. Everything she did prior to his foolish mistake is going to be called into question. Like the way she tried to set him up with a friend of hers that happens to work with the people that hold their jobs in their hands. Nor will her people, who though they love her, will lie about all the secretive conversations she’s been having with Calder lately.

Annie had looked into Nathan’s eyes and heard how he struggled with the CIA’s demands but somehow McQuaid had convinced her that she wasn’t like him. They saw Nathan died (the drone strike they were waiting on came through) and McQuaid told her that’s how this story should end. She shouldn’t remember the ways he talked about freshly starting out at the agency because despite Nathan’s intentions – he and Annie are nothing alike. Nathan’s set-back didn’t make him change sides. That was his choice while Annie’s condition hasn’t stopped trying to fight the bad guys. It’s only made her more vigilant.

So, at that time, she thought that maybe she could keep doing her job. That it wasn’t going to turn her into this monster and that she will be able to recognize herself in a few years but the one thing that has her going (her job ) is about to be snatched away from her. Hayley saw Auggie and Natasha together. Natasha was saying goodbye to him (she was tired of hiding out in his apartment) and wanted to give him one last kiss – and Hayley was there to witness it.

Now she no longer has a reason to protect Annie’s secret!