Dallas “Dead Reckoning” Recap 8/25/14: Season 3 Episode 10

Dallas “Dead Reckoning” Recap 8/25/14: Season 3 Episode 10

Dallas returns to TNT tonight with their tenth episode of season 3 at 9PM EST! On tonight’s episode called, “Dead Reckoning”, news of a family death puts a dark cloud over Southfork. Meanwhile, Christopher and Heather’s relationship is tested; John Ross seeks redemption; and Elena takes drastic measures to bring justice to her family.

On the last episode the mid-season premiere found the Ewing family searching for answers as to who set the fire at Southfork Ranch and who survived. While John Ross and Emma struggled with their role in Pamela’s overdose, relationships among the family were forever changed. Did you watch last week’s episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode the dark cloud over Southfork continues to grow with the news of a family death. Meanwhile, Christopher and Heather’s relationship is put to the test as John Ross tries to redeem himself with Pamela, who begins to face the real reasons behind her overdose. Elsewhere, Elena makes a drastic move to get justice for her family, putting John Ross directly in her crosshairs.

Tonight’s new episode is going to be great. You’re not going to want to miss a minute of the action and we’ll be recapping it live for you as well. While you’re waiting for “Dead Reckoning” to begin hit up the comments and tell us what you think of the second half of season 3 so far!

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Drew’s body is taken out into the middle of a field. Nicolas is given a gun. He tells Drew he should have listened and places it in his hand to look like a suicide. They’ve staged his suicide near his father’s grave. Bobby wakes alone and sighs. Ann looks at Dallas from her hotel room. In the ruins of Southfork, John Ross kicks stuff around and picks up a charred cowboy hat. He sees the box with JR’s belt buckle. It seems unharmed. He smashes it against the wall then throws a rage fit.

He pulls out a letter from JR and starts to burn it when Bum comes in and asks what the hell he’s doing. He tells him his dad said to get Ryland Transport, not sleep with Emma. John Ross says he blames himself for trying to be his dad. He wants to know who sent the video so he can get revenge. Elena’s mom is lurking around and Bum tells him not to destroy the last thing his dad wrote.

Carmen speaks up and offers him breakfast but John Ross says he has to get back to the hospital. Derrick comes to see Bobby and says he’s there to see Carmen. He tells her he has terrible news. Nicolas is in an elevator. The doors open to Elena raging at him over the video. She says Pamela almost died and he says he was just trying to help her. She’s furious but then her mom calls.

She’s crying then Elena starts crying as well. Nicolas asks what it is and she tells him her brother is dead. Elena meets Bobby and Carmen who tell Elena that a hunter found Drew’s body. Carmen says her son would never kill himself. Bobby tells her that Drew came to see Christopher crazy with grief. She says he wouldn’t do that. Detective Linnell comes out and says they need a positive ID on his body.

Carmen says they can do it together and she and Elena go, Nicolas and Bobby follow. In the morgue, they show his face and Carmen nearly collapses. Bobby holds her up as she sobs. Elena says it’s him. Nicolas does a good job playing sad. Christopher hears laughter from inside Bo’s room – it’s him and Heather and he stops then peeks in and brings Heather coffee then asks about Bo.

Heather pulls Christopher out and says she’ll be back later. She says he’s refusing all pain killers and says she’s surprised but maybe it was the wake up call he needed. Christopher tells her he’s flying in a neurologist to see him and help Bo get back on his feet. She thanks him and they kiss passionately. Pamela talks to the hospital shrink. She says she wants him to leave.

Sue Ellen comes in and she says her mother in law can make sure she won’t slit her wrists. Sue Ellen thanks her for seeing her and Pamela tells her not to be flattered. She says Dr Sussman wants to be convinced she’s not a danger to herself before she’ll let her go. Pamela says she was just making a point not really trying to off herself.

Sue Ellen sits at her side and tells her she almost died trying to make John Ross and Emma pay. She says she shouldn’t have been willing to throw her life away for that and says if she comes to terms with that, they’ll likely let her out. Pamela won’t look at her. John Ross is angry that he’s not allowed to see Pamela. He offers the nurse a significant bribe to put him on the list. She says she realizes why he’s not on the list. She tells him to take a seat and wait. He does.

Carmen gets Drew’s personal effects from the police. She asks where his St Christopher medal is and says he always wore it. Nicolas looks stressed. She says he never took it off. Elena tells her Drew wouldn’t have committed a mortal sin wearing it. The detective sin says they combed the scene bit didn’t find it. She tells the cop her son didn’t kill himself. Elena tells Nicolas she doesn’t want to be kept on track anymore and says she’s going to go be with her mom. She walks away from him.

Sue Ellen and John Ross come in talking about Drew. She wants to make some food and John Ross says they always feed a tragedy. Lt Banet is back taking more samples and says he’ll be back when they know more. Christopher gives him an odd look. Bobby drives Elena and Carmen back to the ranch. Ann shows up and tells them she’s so sorry. She thanks Bobby for calling her and she hugs Carmen and walks her inside. Elena takes off her for her place.

Emma and Harris show up Bobby says they aren’t welcome. Harris says they are there for her stuff and Bobby says he’ll send it. Carmen has a letter Drew left for Emma and they tell her that he’s dead. Carmen asks if he says anything in the letter to explain himself. Bobby says he doesn’t want a scene and Ann says she’ll send Emma’s things and asks them to go. They do.

At their place, Emma and her dad sit in the car and she says to give her a minute. She opens the letter from Drew. It tells her that he thinks about her every day and the future they could have had. He says he saw goodness and light in her that she didn’t see herself. He writes that she deserves a better man than him. The letter says a lot of I’m sorries but doesn’t seem to discount the possibility for suicide the way it’s written.

Emma goes in and her dad tries to talk to her. She tells him it’s his fault that Drew is dead because he made him blow up that rig and he killed himself over the guilt. She says he was the only one that could have saved her, she wouldn’t have slept with John Ross and Pamela wouldn’t have tried to kill herself. Harris says we all make our own choices and she says that’s true.

Nicolas gets word from Luis that it looks like Drew’s death will be ruled a suicide and that the fire will not be blamed on them either. He tells Luis that he’s getting tired of his face and Luis says he’s worried that Elena might be so depressed over her brother’s suicide that she takes her own life. Nicolas tells him not to threaten him and Luis says as long as they take over Ewing Global, no one has anything to worry about.

Christopher is at the hospital when the neurologist finds him and says Bo’s nerves are intact but his spinal cord can’t be fixed. She recommends a stem cell treatment to be done in Israel. She says he’ll have to go to Tel Aviv for 18 months for the procedures. He heads down to talk to Bo and Heather. Christopher watches Heather, her son and Bo and it pains him. He takes a step back then walks away.

John Ross fell asleep in the waiting room. The nurse wakes him and she says he’s on the list now and that Pamela has agreed to see him. He rushes back. Pamela sits in bed toying with her wedding ring. He says he doesn’t want to be like this anymore – the guy that could have done this to her. He says he knows it will be hard to convince her of that but he wants to prove it to her every day of his life.

He sits on the bed and tells her he’s so sorry for everything. She sighs and says she didn’t call him in to try and fix them. She says she called him in to tell him it’s over and to go away. She says she spent her whole childhood trying to get her father to love her and as an adult she picks men that don’t love her. She says she was willing to do anything to get him to love her.

She says he just wanted her shares of Ewing Global and his mom’s. She says he has greed in the hole where his heart will be. He cries and promises he’ll be different from her. She tells him the marriage is over and she wants him to leave. Luis meets with Emma and he asks why he shouldn’t call her dad. She says she’s the heir apparent to Ryland Transport so if something happens to her dad, she’s in charge.

Emma says she’s much more agreeable than he is. Luis asks what she wants. Emma tells him to put Harris back in jail. Sue Ellen finds Pamela getting ready to check out. She tells her she wasn’t trying to kill herself but that doesn’t mean she wasn’t making scary decisions. Sue Ellen tells her she could have died when she set the fire and passed out. She offers Pamela a place to stay since her room at Southfork burned. She asks Pamela what she’ll do and she says she can’t divorce John Ross because they had no prenup.

She says she can’t run the risk of him getting her shares of Ewing Global. She says if she walks away from the marriage, he wins and she won’t let that happen. She walks away from Sue Ellen. Christopher stands in the hallway when Heather finds him. She says she was looking for him. He hands her the paperwork for Bo’s treatment and says it’s paid for. He says Bo needs Michael and Michael needs her.

She start to cry and says you’re always connected to your first love. She tears up and kisses him. He’s crying too at this point. She thanks Christopher and then lets go of his hand, turns and goes. Carmen brings Drew’s Army uniform to the funeral home. The coroner works on his autopsy then makes a call when he sees something on a report.

The fire inspector takes the call then goes and pulls an evidence bag. At Drew’s viewing, Carmen kisses her son. John Ross sits drinking at home with Christopher and the others. The detective is there and they tell her the autopsy confirmed that Drew committed suicide and that he set the fire at Southfork as well. They tell her that he planted a flammable plug in air freshener filled with rocket fuel in Pamela and John Ross’ room. Carmen freaks out and starts sobbing.

Sue Ellen is in shock that she didn’t start the fire and Christopher asks why Drew would do this. Elena cries. She tells them Carmen needs rest and she’s taking her back to her place. Of course, Elena knows why. Carmen begs her to tell her what’s going on. Elena tells her that Cliff Barnes told her the truth. She pulls out a box and shows her the proof that JR switched the deeds and stole their family’s legacy.

She says JR knew when he did it. She shows her the deeds. Carmen says it’s not possible. Elena says she didn’t want to believe it but she’s done the research and it’s true. She says Drew found out and that’s why he set the fire. Carmen says that’s why Elena and Nicolas are working against the Ewings. Elena says they have to pay. Elena says she had to keep it from her because she knew she wouldn’t keep it from them.

Elena tells her the Ewings framed Cliff for JR’s murder and that they are capable of anything. Carmen tells her about the letter. She says JR wrote a letter and that Bum gave it to Bobby and now John Ross has it in his wallet. Elena says it could be the proof she needs. Carmen asks how they can get the letter, Elena pours a stiff drink – actually a few. She has another and grabs her diaphragm and pops it in (that’s the one Nicolas poked a hole in last season).

She staggers outside to where John Ross is drinking and they commiserate over their woes. He says his marriage is done and he says having JR’s DNA is a curse. She sits down by him and says every time something bad happens it makes scars that add up and then it’s too late and you wake up and you don’t recognize yourself.

John Ross reminds her that she told him that every day was a chance to make it right and she says maybe she was wrong. He tells her she couldn’t have saved Drew. She leans her head on his shoulder to cry. She turns her face to his and he kisses her. Later, we see them in bed. Finally John Ross lies asleep and Elena creeps out of her bed. She dresses, finds his clothes and gets his wallet. She pulls out the letter and reads it.

It says he only has a few days left and has cancer. It spells out how to frame Cliff for his death. She has the proof she needs!