Dancing With the Stars’ Meryl Davis and Charlie White Do Double Time Touring With Stars On Ice (PHOTOS)

Dancing With the Stars' Meryl Davis and Charlie White Do Double Time Touring With Stars On Ice (PHOTOS)

Up until this past winter a lot of people had never even heard of Meryl Davis and Charlie White, the U.S. ice dancers who won Olympic Gold in Sochi. Sure, skating fans have long been familiar with them and were well aware that these two had one of the best chances for the U.S. at grabbing a gold medal, but it took awhile for the rest of the country to catch up.

The two have spent the last month competing on Dancing With the Stars season 18, a move that’s been heavily criticized, even by other competitors such as Nene Leakes. She pointed out the obvious: Davis and White are already trained ballroom dancers. Everything that they do on the ice amounts to ballroom on skates. Is this an unfair advantage? You betcha!

Here’s where I end up torn. As a diehard ice dance fan, I’m thrilled to see skaters doing anything in prime time because, ultimately, Davis and White will bring DWTS’ fans with them back to the skating world, which is pretty awesome. Not only are they vying for that mirror ball trophy, but Davis and White are also headlining the new Stars On Ice tour that is visiting 15 more cities across the U.S. before heading to Canada.

The SOI tour was started by Scott Hamilton nearly 30 years ago and it is the longest running skating show that features elite skaters in solo spots and group numbers. In other words, a skater being offered a spot in the line up is a highly sought after job offer and puts he or she in some of the best skating company in the history of the sport.

This year’s show is kind of built around Davis and White. They have the Olympic Champion status and have DWTS’ fans to bolster their popularity too. These two appear to be working nonstop and nothing has faltered because of it. At last night’s SOI tour stop in Hershey, PA, Davis and White were absolutely perfect.

A trained skating eye will tell you that they have a quality in their skating that is almost indescribable. Aside from their ridiculous technical ability, they seem to tip toe across the ice. That softness is there at all times and if you catch them live you realize that you’re seeing something pretty amazing. For an untrained skating eye, Davis and White are just as stunning and amazing, and they make every second look effortless.

Dancing With the Stars' Meryl Davis and Charlie White Do Double Time Touring With Stars On Ice (PHOTOS)

Davis and White have both had great performances on DWTS this week and, on top of that, they’ve hit 4 cities on tour and done the same. I guess they really are the kind of skaters that you bill as feature performers and it’s easy to see why ABC was begging them both to sign on the dotted line.

It’s still not exactly fair, but Davis and White’s fans (both the diehards and the newbies) do get to see them pulling double duty at least for a little while — and doing it well. Do you think that DWTS will have Davis and White dance together for at least an exhibition? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

Image credits to Cate Meighan

  • muttiblues

    Ballroom and ice dancing are not the same, regardless of whatever self-proclaimed expert and resident whiner Nene thinks. I mean, how well do you think any of the pro ballroom dancers would do on a pair of skates? That would be pretty amusing, just like Charlie White’s little duck feet move was when he first took to the rehearsal floor in week one on dwts. He and Meryl both have had to work on foot issues. Pro figure skates are kinda like casts with blades on the bottom. They’re not dancing slippers!

  • Lani

    Nene is a joke, no one takes her seriously – she’ll be gone on monday or the following week, good riddance.

  • alrightythen

    First off DWTS approached them. Secondly, they are not the first ice dancers to be on the show or to win the mirror ball. Finally did any of the naysayers bother to comment on James Maslow’s backflips, etc.
    In life nobody is evenly matched yet many underdogs rise to greatness!
    (California Chrome, Oprah, Marilyn Monroe, Jim Braddock, to name a very few)