Days of Our Lives Spoilers: EJ and Abby’s Cheating Affair Photos Emerge – Gabi’s Shocking Decision Rocks Salem

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: EJ and Abby’s Cheating Affair Photos Emerge - Gabi's Shocking Decision Rocks Salem

The tension in Salem was almost unbearable to watch this week on Days of Our Lives, and next week April 14th-18th will not be any easier on the eyes. Sami and Gabi will continue their feud, a nasty custody battle could ensue, and crazy Liam continues his reign of terror. And, that’s just the beginning!

Sami has been leading a one woman crusade against Nick since he began trying to win back Gabi. Gabi may have forgotten everything that Nick did before she and Sami threw him in the river and left him for dead, but Sami hasn’t and she doesn’t want him around her Granddaughter. After their violent argument, Gabi makes a shocking decision and shares it with Will. The news she shares with Will prompts him to express interest in setting up a custody agreement. Rumor has it that Gabi’s “shocking news” is she plans to pack up and leave Salem with the baby, so that she doesn’t have to deal with Sami breathing down her neck and judging her every move.

Gabi and Will’s drama will seem like a walk in the park for Sami after she comes face to face with some drama of her own. We have known for weeks that someone was watching EJ and Abby, and next week on Days of Our Lives that someone finally make their move. According to DOOL spoilers a mysterious delivery is made at Sami’s house, someone will send her photos of EJ and Abby hooking up, and all hell could potentially break loose. Is the intention blackmail, to make trouble, or is there a deeper motive?

Liam will continue his shenanigans next week on Days of Our Lives, and he will blackmail Nicole into doing his dirty work for him. Eric and Nicole are finally getting back on track and the last thing she will want is Liam sharing her dirty secrets with her soon to be hubby. So, Nicole will have to decide between destroying her relationship with Eric or helping Liam destroy Daniel’s relationship with Jennifer.

What do you think the shocking decision is that Gabi comes to next week? It was announced weeks ago that the actress that plays Gabi will be leaving Days of Our Lives soon, could this be how the powers that be plan to write her out of the soap opera? Maybe she decides to leave Salem with Nick so that they can be together without Sami meddling in their doomed relationship?

And here is comment on the Jennifer’s physique from Soap Opera Spy:

Jennifer looks awful with bodybuilder shoulders. They’re getting as big as Daniel’s head. I can’t stand looking at her. Maybe she’s going to do a sex change cause no woman needs those shoulders. Over do Jennifer, over do.

Do you agree about that evaluation of Jennifer? Share your thoughts an theories in the comment section below and don’t forget to check CDL each day for more Days Of Our Lives spoilers.

5 responses to “Days of Our Lives Spoilers: EJ and Abby’s Cheating Affair Photos Emerge – Gabi’s Shocking Decision Rocks Salem”

  1. Evelyn Carrion says:

    Gabi needs to pay for her stupidity when it comes to Nick. I am hoping that she gets into some kind of trouble where it will leave Will and Sonny with full custody of baby Ariana. Yeah, something like that! LOL

    Cause, she’s an idiot!!! ;)

  2. bree Colon says:

    I totally agree with Evelyn and TJ Gabi needs to get put away for a long time and Jen and Daniel need to move on from all this drama they’re boring and don’t need to much air time. Don’t get me started with Sami.. I’m so glad she’s leaving it’s like the best thing that had happened since Kristen’s stunt and Nicole omg why has she not been caught yet? These DOOL writers need to be rebooted. These story lines are so boring…. I’ve been watching Days for 20 plus years and I have never been so disappointed

  3. MaryTeresa Platt says:

    Jennifer does look awful. She looks old..too much weight loss?

  4. msfranbm says:

    WHY hasn’t someone slapped Ann? Gabi 1st acted like a dummy then she acted afraid and clueless after Nick tried to rape her and now she is acting like a total loser. THEY have something on Gabi>>recall Danielle’s daughter who was kidnapped? Sonny knows

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