Days Of Our Lives Spoilers June 20: Will Frankie Brady Return to DOOL – Eve Donovan Back as Paige Larson’s Mother

Days Of Our Lives Spoilers June 20: Will Frankie Brady Return to DOOL - Eve Donovan Back as Paige Larson’s Mother

NBC’s popular soap opera Day of Our Lives has been picking up the pace, and delivered a shocking episode Thursday. Days of Our Lives spoilers teased weeks ago that the character of Eve Donovan would be returning to Salem and would bring a huge secret along with her. Kassie DePaiva made her grand entrance on DOOL as Theresa’s older sister Eve, and she dropped a huge bomb on Days Of Our Lives fans. Apparently Eve Donovan is the mother of Salem teen Paige Larson.

Paige Larson arrived in Salem on March 3, 2014 when she met JJ (Jack Deveraux Jr.) in Horton Square. Paige began doing volunteer work and learned that JJ was doing mandatory customer service; the two teens hit it off and began spending more time together. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the history of Days of Our Lives, Paige and JJ’s moms Jennifer and Eve have a sordid past. Both women were in relationships with Jack Deveraux and Frankie Brady, back in the day.

Now, the question has arose, who is Paige Larson’s father? Is it Frankie Brady, Jack Deveraux, or another man that Eve Donovan became involved with after she left Salem? If Jack Deveraux is the father of Paige then that would create some serious drama because that would mean JJ and Paige are actually half siblings.

DOOL fans are buzzing that Eve and Paige’s arrival to Salem could mean Frankie Brady will be right behind them. Frankie Brady’s character was last seen in Salem was in 2006. He was engaged to marry Jennifer, and then Jack returned and revealed he wasn’t dead and crashed their wedding. Jenn ended up choosing Jack over Frankie, so Frankie left town and went to work at a law firm in Washington.

Did you catch the June 19th episode of Days Of Our Lives? Who do you think is the father of Eve Donovan’s daughter Paige Larson? Would you like to see Frankie Brady return to DOOL? Let us know what you think in the comments below and don’t forget to check CDL tomorrow for more Days of Our Lives spoilers.

  • Guest11

    Mandatory customer service?? It’s called community service

  • Barbara

    I think JJ’s father is Frankie. He looks more like Frankie then Jack and I think Paige is Jack’s daughter. I love Frankie hope he returns.

  • sands of time

    Frankie Brady would be a welcomed return! PassionQueen77 should do some research on the topic.

    • PassionQueen77

      lmao you love talking about me why is that. How do you know if i was going to say something on here too. You made me laugh.

    • PassionQueen77

      I watch the show everyday Mr Sands of time. You are just a young teenager who just want to have there own opinion about something. Grow up young man and be real.

  • Angelica

    Bring Frankie back! Jen needs a new man Dr Dan is being an idiot and Jen should move on!

  • yourmomsaidso

    I seriously doubt they will make Jack her father. that would be disgusting.

  • Heather

    I think Paige looks like Frankie and it would be hard to imagine Jack being the father of Paige cause the fling was before Abigail was born and Paige and JJ are the same age and Abigail is older

  • PassionQueen77

    Wow what a story. If J.J and Paige was half siblings then they would be brother and sister. Frankie coming back to the show would be ok but i think someone else should be the father for Paige. Paige is spanish. A spanish guy should be the father for Paige. Bev needs to leave J.J. alone. She is a stalker who needs to go away. The writers shouldn’t torture J.J. and Paige relationship. They like eachother. I think the writers are mad and depressed. They don’t know what to do with the show anymore. They should quit and take Theresa and Anne with them. Theresa is bad news and she needs to go. The writers doesn’t care. Look how many times they break Jennifer and Daniel. They just want to ruin a happy couple all the time.

    • daysdiva

      If Paige is Spanish, as you say, the only character who fits the bill for being her father is – Rafe!

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  • daysdiva

    Actually, Dan and Jen are not related by blood. Maggie married Mickey Horton, which made her a Horton by marriage. Daniel is Maggie’s son (but not Mickey’s) because she had eggs frozen – and her eggs were used by Daniel’s parents without her knowledge or cencent. So Dan’s father is totally unrealted to the Hortons, and Maggie is a Horton by marriage only.
    The couple who used Maggie’s eggs were also friends of Victor’s, and Victor became Danie’ls Godfather. So now, Daniel’s biological mother (Maggie) and his Godfather (Victor) are married.

  • Lilmsadam

    Jeanie Teresa Donovan

  • Trina

    Yes I would like Frankie Brady to return to days of our lives because Jennifer needs a new man in her life I would like to see Jennifer and Frankie back together so please bring back Frankie Brady

  • Becky Mlynarski

    I been watching DOOL since I was a little girl and I honestly believe that Paige belongs to Frankie and so does JJ he looks nothing like his mom or Jack he looks like Frankie I know it would suck to find out that JJ and Paige are half siblings but come this is DOOL There’s always a big shocking blowout for the summer Bring Billy back as Frankie Brady and let the BOMBSHELL EXPLODE I CAN NOT WAIT FOR THIS GOES I REALLY THINK IT WILL TURN OUT GREAT LET’S DO IT. OH ONE MORE THING I HOPE THERE IS GOING TO BE A TWIST TO THE JJ AND PAIGE STORY WHICH I HAVE AN IDEAL WHAT IT COULD BE PAIGE GETS PREGNANT AND EVE CHANGES THE DNA ON HER REAL BIO DAD…..