Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Alison Sweeney’s Final Air Date, Sami and Will Head Off to Hollywood, Kristen Tells Brady of Theresa’s Guilt

Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Alison Sweeney's Final Air Date, Sami and Will Head Off to Hollywood, Kristen Tells Brady of Theresa's Guilt

Days of Our Lives news and spoilers reveal a week of drama-packed episodes during the week of October 27. There will be lots of DOOL comings and goings during the final week of October, a new cast member makes her Salem debut as another iconic character bids the NBC soap adieu.

Monday October 27: According to Days spoilers, Sami Brady (Alison Sweeney) will share a heartfelt moment with her brother Lucas as she informs him of her future plans and that she is leaving Salem for good. Meanwhile across town, future soap super couple Chad DiMera (Billy Flynn) and Jordan share their first kiss.

Tuesday October 28: Days of Our Lives spoilers for the October 28 episode reveal that Kristen DiMera continues her crusade against Theresa, and informs Brady that he was framed by his wife and she actually is the one who put John in a coma. Paige corners the prostitute that her mother hired to seduce JJ in search of answers, and Daniel and Jennifer have another blow-up.

Wednesday October 29: Will informs his hubby Sonny that he is leaving town to pursue his writing career, and it does not go over well. John and Theresa have a heated debate about her assaulting him in his hospital room, and unbeknownst to them Brady is listening outside with his ear against the door

Thursday October 30: DOOl spoilers reveal that October 30 is Alison Sweeny’s official final air date as Sami Brady as she packs up her kids and heads to Hollywood. And, she takes Will along with her to write her tell-all script on her life as Sami Brady, wife of the EJ DiMera. While Sami is saying her goodbyes, a new face arrives in Salem, soap star Marie Wilson will be introduced as the character Bree.

Friday October 31: Feeling foolish Brady has no choice but to admit to Kristen DiMera that she was right all along. Across town Eve Donovan and Kayla have a heated confrontation over Jack Deveraux, and Eve is disgusted that Kayla is actually defending him.

So Days fans, are you ready to say goodbye to Sami Brady? Can you believe that Will is actually leaving Sonny and going to Hollywood with his mother? Rumor has it newcomer Bree is from Aiden’s mysterious past, how do you think in the characters are related? And, what will Brady do to Theresa now that he knows the truth? Let us know what you think in the comments below and don’t forget to check CDL tomorrow for more Days of Our Lives spoilers and news.

18 responses to “Days of Our Lives Spoilers: Alison Sweeney’s Final Air Date, Sami and Will Head Off to Hollywood, Kristen Tells Brady of Theresa’s Guilt”

  1. PassionQueen77 says:

    This week for this show seems very good. Brady knows that Theresa is the one who hit John with a fireplace poker. What Kristen is doing is a good thing to find out the truth. It is better for a person to find out the truth about the other person on the show since the police can’t do there job of finding out the truth. That is nice that Sami is going to Hollywood and the new Sami is coming on the show on Monday.

  2. GINA says:

    I am glad that it is coming out about Theresa, but from the previews Brady is not going to be happy with Kristen and Daniel. Wonder why Jennifer questions his decisions about women? Sleeping with Kristen, my gosh, another stupid reason to break Daniel and Jennifer up. Brady, when is he going to wake up and smell the coffee? I wish they would pair him with someone like Ariana or Madison. I will miss Sami and E.J., hope E.J. is not really dead. Will, not sure why he is getting a break from the show, but please give him a new wardrobe. Love Freddy Smith, he is great as Sonny. Since E.J.’s death. Alison Sweeney has been amazing. Love the kids on the show, I will miss them too. The best scenes from last week: Sami and Nicole.

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  4. Leona says:

    I am sad to see both Sami and EJ leaving. I wish they would of had them two go off together and not kill EJ off, however this is Days. No one is ever really dead unless its in real life. I don’t think Days will be as good anymore tho.

  5. Patriciarust says:

    I think sami has been amazing in the scenes from ej dying on. I hate that they are leaving but I hope she finds ej waiting for her. I love the trouble Kristen is stirring up. But this whole JJ and Paige thing is ridiculous. And I’m glad snoredom (Jordan) is leaving. He story line is boring. Clyde is horrible. He makes country folk sound stupid. And will is a horrible actor get sonny a new man!!! Eve is a bitch. She is ruining her daughters life because she can’t get a man!! Days will be boring without the chaos.

  6. rochelle says:

    glad sami leaving hope she doesn’t return i liked ej and abigail together

    • donna says:

      I share the same feeling with Rochelle- I won;t be sorry to see Sami leave- she has been too annoying lately- but will miss EJ- this new ‘Will’- hmm- I really miss the other one who left…

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  8. michelle v says:

    I was so sad to see EJ go….even more so with Sami leaving, not to mention Bo some many months ago….Days is just not the same this year and I have been watching if for over 30 years. Not sure I’m liking the changes.

  9. Nancy says:

    Sure Hope to see EJ meeting Sami in Hollywood! Otherwise it is just another stupid Storyline fulfilling Corday’s fantasy!

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  12. CannabisIsNotEvil says:

    for the love of god, STOP ARGUING WITH EVERYONE! The comments are for everyone to state their opinions – just because you’re messed up in the head and disagree with damn near everyone does not give you a valid reason to attack everyone. So tired of seeing you pop up in the comments of articles I read – literally every single time you’re arguing with someone. You seriously need to be banned from commenting already.

    • PassionQueen77 says:

      Shut up little girl. Go play with your dolls. All you do is follow me on my posts on and on. Nobody cares of what you think so why do you bother responding to my posts. Get off my back little girl.You are not my father, nor my sister, nor my aunt, nor my cousin so you can’t tell me what to do. You being on here is a waste of time. You are depressed and miserable all the time. So what if i am arguing with some people on here and on us weekly. That is how life is little girl. You are just mad hating on me. Why do i need to be banned on here for what. For some people who likes to argue with me for stupidness. Go play with your dolls.

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  14. lewtonia says:

    Hated to see EJ die (if he’s really dead). Hate to see Sami go, too. But In think her tearful goodbyes dragged out a little too long….so GO already!! I am glad to see Jordan go. I’m sick of her. That constipated look on her face is getting old. She would be much better playing a happy person. I LOVE Kristen! And she just came back, but now she’s leaving for good? I wish the truth had never come out about Teresa clobbering John. I’m afraid she’ll be leaving too. Getting a little tired of the on again off again thing with Paige and JJ. I’d like for at least ONE couple to get happy and STAY happy. It’s so disappointing when you see a couple getting along because you know it’s not going to last. But I guess that’s what soaps are all about. Keep waiting for the lid to blow off Abigail and Ben’s relationship. I LOVE Nicole. Eric is a puss. Nicole belongs with Daniel. I’d like THEM to be the new power couple.

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