Days Of Our Lives Spoilers: EJ and Abigail’s Steamy Cheating Before Wedding – Sami Plots Her Angry Revenge

Days Of Our Lives Spoilers: EJ and Abigail's Steamy Cheating Before Wedding - Sami Plots Her Angry Revenge

Days of Our Lives fans have been waiting on the edge of their seats for weeks, knowing all hell would break loose on DOOL when Sami Brady learned her fiancé EJ had an affair with Abigail Deveraux. However, it was recently revealed that Sami has photos of EJ and Abigail kissing, and has known about the affair all along. She actually has devised a revenge plot to bring down EJ and Abigail, although it still isn’t clear what exactly her end game is.

Part of Sami’s revenge scheme involves guilting Abigail into helping her plan her wedding and playing the part of her maid of honor. Over the course of the past week, we have watched Abigail and EJ wiggle and squirm, paranoid that Sami is going to figure out they slept together — since all three of them are spending so much time together. Little do they know…Sami is already aware of their tryst.

Sure, we don’t know what exactly Sami’s ultimate goal is in her revenge scheme against EJ and Abigail. But, if her plan is to force Abigail and EJ to hookup again, then it seems to be working. Perhaps Sami is done with EJ and could care less if he continues to cheat on her. Because she doesn’t seem to mind that she is forcing the pair to spend time together and they seem to be growing closer and closer. On the June 23rd episode of Days of Our Lives, Abigail is hanging lights at the DiMera mansion for the wedding and slips off the ladder and coincidentally falls in to EJ’s arms.

Days of Our Lives spoilers tease that Sami and EJ’s nuptials will be a disaster, and it’s no wonder, Sami is forcing EJ and Abigail to spend every waking second together planning the wedding, it will be a miracle if they don’t hook up again before it’s time for the EJ and Sami to head to the alter. Do you think that EJ will cheat on Sami again before the wedding day? Could that be Sami’s entire plan, does she want to Abigail and EJ to have sex again so that she can catch them red-handed? Let us know what you think in the comments below and don’t forget to check CDL for all of your Days of Our Lives spoilers.

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  1. PassionQueen77 says:

    I am glad that the truth is coming out about EJ and Abigail affair lol. There relationship makes me laugh a lot. EJ can spend time with Abigail anytime he wants to. Poor Sami she found out about EJ affair with Abigail by reading the photos. Sami did the good thing of planning that argument with Kate this week. Abigail is carrying EJ baby. When Sami learns the truth that Abigail is carrying EJ baby the fight would be messy including her mother Jennifer lol. That was a funny daydream when Sami learned the truth about EJ and Abigail affair and finding out that Abigail is pregnant too from a few months ago. Most people on here thought the daydream was real i thought so too. Sami doesn’t know about Abigail is carrying EJ baby but when she finds out hell breaks loose for them lol. I hope that nothing happens to Abigail baby. Sami did the right thing of arguing with Nicole. What Nicole has done to Eric evidence was so cruel. If anyone who doesn’t believe that Abigail is pregnant needs to piss off and don’t argue with me about it. The last time i talked about this it leaded to a long arguement.

    • Kat says:

      You do know that #1- she’d be 6 months along by now, #2- they made a big deal about her getting her period a few weeks ago and #3- Kate mansi (Abigail) has said point blank in interviews that she is NOT pregnant, right?

      I mean, if you want to live in your delusions, feel free… But why post them publicly and then say for no one to argue with you? It’s like if you go on a science forum and post that the world is flat, and then just sit there and ignore the mountains of evidence that you’re wrong. If you have no interest in keeping up to date with the show, or knowing what is happening, why post on message boards about it?

  2. Kristina Hope says:

    Such a realistic heated debate over a fictional show. I am so glad I’m not this wrapped up in a soap that it interferes with real life. I watch DOOL too but at the end of the day it’s just TV. Fictional entertainment Golly get a grip ppl

  3. PassionQueen77 says:

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    • passionqueenisapycho says:

      Critalize?!? Whatever…[removed]. I’m not criticizing you, I’m criticizing you. Just so you’re clear. Not that it’ll help since even your grasp of language is a delusion.

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  7. passionqueenisapycho says:

    Yes, start with yourself. Get a grip.

  8. passionqueenisapycho says:

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  9. passionqueenisapycho says:

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  12. Mysterious888 says:

    You are wasting your time on here. Go away for good. You are not wanted on here. You are just a lowlife loser who has a small brain. If you replied back to this message then you are a dumbass. It is a soap opera tv show. Grow up.