Diddy Engaged to Girlfriend Cassie Over Instagram: Huge Engagement Ring (Photo)

Diddy Engaged to Girlfriend Cassie Over Instagram: Huge Engagement Ring (Photo)

I’ve heard about celebrities breaking up with their girlfriends over social media but this is might be the first engagement. Rumors are always surrounding stars on whether or not their engaged, but ever since Diddy posted a picture of rather large engagement type ring on his Instagram page with the words “Baby, do you like it? I just want to get you wat you Like ! I just wanna Mk you smile :) #takeDat.![sic]” then we’ve pretty much written this off as announcement waiting to happen.

In case you’re wondering – it doesn’t necessarily matter that we didn’t get his girlfriend, Cassie‘s, response to the instragm photo. If the ring is real and not some sick joke then it’s realistically impossible for her to have said no. Don’t mean to be crude about it, but after all he is a wealthy A-lister and she is …something to do with music/modelling. That’s not an insult to her. I just hardly know anything about her.

That’s merely Cassie. She’s not really a big name outside of the urban community. The idea she might have  managed to reel in Diddy is sort of how she’ll be introduced to the world. She would have done what no one else could. J.Lo couldn’t even do that and she was with him for a good minute.

Hell, none of his baby mamas were able to get that far with Diddy. Misa Hylton-Brim, Kim Porter, and Sarah Chapman. All three women are beautiful and smart in their own right and yet all they were able to receive from him were kids. Mainly because Diddy has issues! He was kind to them on one hand and then disrespected with the other. Now, I’ve always been a fan of Diddy’s but he allegedly rotated between all three women at one point in time. At least according to Misa.

He had a problem with choosing  and sticking with that choice back then. I’m hoping he’s gotten over that while at the same time not holding my breath. And neither should Cassie! She’s a pretty girl and everything but her relationship with Diddy does sound like a Johnny Depp scenario. You know where someone is going through a midlife crisis and is using a young girl to make him feel young again.

We all assume someone is going to snap out of it eventually!

Image Credit: Twitter

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