Elementary Recap – Sherlock Is Violated: Season 3 Episode 8 Fall Finale “End of Watch”

Elementary Recap - Sherlock Is Violated: Season 3 Episode 8 Fall Finale "End of Watch"

Elementary, one of our favorite detective drama/comedies returns to CBS tonight with with an all new Thursday December 18, season 3 episode 8 called, “End of Watch,” and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, Holmes [Jonny Lee Miller] and Watson [Lucy Liu] join the NYPD manhunt for a cop killer. Meanwhile, Sherlock searches for the creator of a “recovery bag” who is posting personal statements Holmes made in sobriety meetings.

On the last episode, a bored Sherlock forced his investigative services onto Joan, who was trying to locate a woman who has been missing for five years, and the only clue was the smell of nutmeg at the site of her disappearance. Meanwhile, Joan’s bonded with her long-distance boyfriend, Andrew, was tested when a man from her past reappears and asked for her help. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed the episode we have you covered with a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per the CBS synopsis, “Holmes and Watson join forces with the NYPD after a police officer is murdered. Also, Sherlock searches for the creator of a “recovery blog” who is posting personal statements he has made in sobriety meetings.”

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A police car is still with lights on and a cop lies shot dead in front of it. Sherlock is at a meeting talking about how he’s happy when his mind is working and that helps him avoid cravings. He says boredom is anathema. A guy approaches him after and says it was nice. He says this is new to him but is helping. Sherlock says meetings are important in the beginning. He asks Sherlock if BrainAttic is him – the blog. Sherlock doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

The guy says there’s advice about recovery. He tells Sherlock to check it out. Sherlock gets a call from Gregson about the dead cop Alec Flynn. He and Kitty come to the scene. Gregson says he was ambushed by a masked shooter and never even got the chance to draw his weapon. Sherlock uncovers the body to look at it. Marcus calls Gregson over and says they have a fresh footprint size 12 in boots.

Joan points out fibers in the print. Sherlock says he’s going to take out Flynn’s weapon and not to be alarmed. He does and checks the magazine. He finds air gun pellets and says it’s a toy gun. Hmm. Odd.  They watch the dashboard cam video and see no plates on the car of the attacker. Joan calls Kitty and Sherlock in for final call.

Gregson assembles everyone and they listen to the radio operator call Flynn’s officer number. They say he’s end of watch and has gone home for the final time. Gregson turns off the radio and tells them where they can find mourning bands and says it will be a full inspector’s funeral. He says no one works alone until they make sure no one is hunting cops. He says they will get the person that did this and dismisses them.

Marcus is going to talk to the wife and Joan says she’ll go with him. Sherlock rattles off some facts to Gregson. Kitty says no one touched Flynn’s pistol which means someone replaced his firearm before that. Sherlock says the most likely time is the most disturbing which means it could be a fellow cop. Gregson says he’s on that.

Gregson talks to Alec’s former partner. He goes over the facts about a major car wreck there were in and that Flynn testified against him at a hearing. Sherlock asks if he no longer saw him as a real cop and the guy says he did not replace his gun. He says he told the union rep he didn’t want someone with him and an offers and alibi for the shooting.

Kitty says he could have contracted it or replaced it some other time. He says he hasn’t been in the building Flynn worked in for a long time and says to check surveillance footage. He says he’s not their guy and to ask what they need to clear him. Alec’s wife says he was a gym rat and played on the football time until the car accident.

She says he told her he didn’t feel like a real cop anymore and was really proud when he was able to return to full duty. Joan asks about her missing TV, wedding ring and changed locks. Joan says she has talked to spouses like her before in recovery programs. Joan says she can see that Alec has lost a lot of weight since the accident and asks about it.

The wife says Alec got hooked on oxy for the pain after the wreck. She says she changed the locks because he was stealing things from their home. Marcus asks if she had anything to do with his death and she says Alec told her he got clean and they were going to therapy. Marcus asks if he may have been in trouble with a dealer. She says she saw a text once with just numbers 100 a 4 and a 1000.

Marcus says likely a 100 pills for a thousand bucks and then there was a six as a response. They leave and Joan says she doesn’t think the wife was involved. Joan looks up the pellet gun and says you can buy them in New Jersey although they were outlawed in New York a few years ago. Kitty comes in and says she may have found something. She says she was working with the footage.

She shows him how the left eye reflects – it’s glass. He has a glass eye which should narrow down the candidates. Sherlock says he’s disappointed he didn’t see it himself. She asks what’s the matter and sees he’s on BrainAttic. Sherlock says these quotes were taken from things he’s said in addict meetings. He says anonymity is a cornerstone of the program and Kitty says he’s very quotable.

She says she’ll find whoever has set up the website and will settle it so he can focus on the case. Joan calls and asks to come over. She shows him some security footage from shops that sell this type of gun. She shows someone buying a gun and says the problem is who it is – it’s Officer Flynn. Joan says the dead cop replaced the gun himself.

Hmm… They show Gregson and he wonders why he would swap out his gun. Joan says Alec sold everything he could to fund his oxy habit. They think he could have traded his gun for drugs but was then called back to duty and had to have some sort of firearm. Then Sherlock says they looked at more footage and found he bought dozens of guns.

He was working at the armory at the time – he may have cleaned out some of the guns. Gregson says that makes Alec a traitor and that he put cop guns in the hands of criminals. Kitty is working the BrainAttic page and talks to a woman who leads bird watching tours. Many of the site photos were taken there. The woman points out one and says it’s a rare bird.

She calls them grackles and says it had to be taken just north of the boathouse on September 17 or 18th. Kitty asks to look at her photos from those days. She comes home and tells Sherlock she was on an errand. Sherlock says they are looking for a dealer who goes by the street name six while Marcus and Joan work on the glass eye angle.

Sherlock says 30 weapons were replaced with fakes. He says ethics are no impediment when you need a fix. Kitty shows him some photos and asks him if he recognizes anyone. He flips through and he says he can’t violate someone’s anonymity and will take corrective measures himself. Marcus texts and says they may have fond the one eyed man. It’s Niko Buros who runs guns in the city.

He swaps them to the cartel for drugs. The ATF says they were hot on him and arrested his crew at a bust but none of the crew would talk. Sherlock asks why 30 odd pistols would be worth it. She says their investigation may be their best chance to tie Buros to something that sticks. She says they have all the support of the ATF.

Marcus goes through a theory that Buros may have killed him when he told him he was clean and couldn’t provide any more guns. They talk about finding the dealer called six and have a BOLO on Buros. One cop waits in the car while another gets a coffee. The BOLO pops up on Buros and then a guy walks up and shoots him where he sits then walks off. He does it with a silencer – we see it’s Buros after he walks off and pulls off his ski mask.

Marcus, Joan and Gregson are at the morgue looking over the second dead cop. They found some more  white threads like at Alec’s shooting. Joan says maybe he’s declaring war on the department. Gregson wonders if this guy, Officer Hatem, had something to do with it. He says they have to consider he might have been involved. Marcus says they have to find Buros.

He says they’re stretched thin and Joan offers to stay and look for a connection between the two dead cops. Sherlock waits for a guy – Darren – and asks for a chat. He says he knows him from meetings. Sherlock asks him about the website and says it’s a direct quote of how he refers to his own mind. He asks Darren to take down the website. Darren says he’s different and has a way of looking at things.

Sherlock tells him he’s a drug addict and his thoughts on sobriety are no different for anyone else. Darren says he almost used last month and then remembered something Sherlock said. He says it helped him not use and it was all thanks to Sherlock. Darren says a lot of people go there every day. Sherlock says he wants the page down.

Sherlock says he’s not prone to sharing secrets and was skeptical that what he shared at meetings would stay anonymous. He says he needs the anonymity and the meetings. He says the room should be a vault and says if he can’t go to meetings, his sobriety is at risk. Darren says he’s helping people and won’t take it down.

Sherlock asks Darren if his wife knows about the affair. Sherlock says he keeps his abilities tamped down at meetings to not judge others. Darren says he’s not and Sherlock rattles off the scent of two perfumes, the smell of an ED drug and the scrape of skin where he’s taken off his wedding ring. Sherlock tells him he doesn’t care about his affair but his sobriety and says he relies on the group to care about his. He goes and sits without another word.

At the shooting range, Joan and Marcus talk to Hatem’s uncle who’s also a cop. He says he knows Alec is a pile of crap because he was one that did the inventory. Marcus says they are investigating to see if there was a connection between his nephew and Flynn. His uncle gets really angry and Joan says he is the only connection between them and asks if he knows anything. The man gets angry and shuts down.

Kitty finds Sherlock shooting blow darts at a photo of their shooter. Joan says they can’t find any dirt on Buros. He says they need to focus on six. Kitty asks Sherlock if he went to a meeting and talked to the guy but he won’t get into it. Joan asks what if six is a jersey number not a street name. Next day, they bring in Riggs. He was pulled over with 500 oxy pills.

Marcus says they need info. Sherlock asks about Flynn and says Alec was shot down. Joan says Alec needed oxy but needed a safe dealer to use – that was him. Marcus asks how he got mixed up with Buros. Riggs says Alec was out of control – doing 2,000 a week. He says Alec offered him his gun and said it had a street value of $1k. He says someone showed interest and he passed it on to Alec.

Riggs says Buros told Alec the ATF seized his guns and wanted more but Alec told him he was clean and the armory was closed. He says Buros was ticked and he tried to figure out a way to help but then Buros said he figured out a way to make a huge score. He says he said something like there was more than one way to use a guy like Alec. Sherlock steps out quickly.

He goes to Gregson and says he knows why Buros killed him. He says he found out there were millions of dollars of weapons at the armory and the Inspector’s Funeral draws off all the people. Then Alec was disgraced and his funeral canceled so Buros killed another cop. Gregson calls in the robbery. We see it’s already underway. Buros and his compadres throw the guns in a truck and close it up.

Sherlock watches the news about the armory theft including sniper rifles, assault rifles and a grenade launcher. Kitty comes in and asks why he’s watching it again and he says he should have been quicker with his deductions. She tells him it’s not him and says the BrainAttic site is down and there are just two words there now – I’m Sorry. She offers him pizza and he says it’s strange to be found unique at a meeting and says it was one place he felt part of the crowd.

She says she and Joan are going to go over the board again. Joan says she found something on the fibers at the crime scenes. Joan shows the stockpile the ATF seized and says there were upholstery knives among them. Joan says you could hide a bunch of guns in a couch, wrap it in plastic and send it south. Kitty says Buros is probably lying low until the heat dies down.

Sherlock says he may not be able to – he may have a deadline they don’t know about. Sherlock says the fibers indicate he’s been carving up cushions even before he stole the weapons which indicates a strict delivery set up. They wonder if it’s a cargo ship to Veracruz where the cartel is. Buros gets a text on his phone. His door is kicked in and Marcus has a gun on him. They lock him up fast.

He says DeMarco gave him his number after they picked him up. Buros says the cuffs are too tight and Marcus reminds him he killed a cop. He says if the cuffs don’t work, they’ll find other ways to reminds him. Buros steps out and sees a hundred cops glaring at him while he’s taken on the perp walk. Gregson glares at him and then he’s shoved into the car.

A woman is at a meeting and says it’s hard to feel alone even around friends and family. She says they don’t get it. Sherlock looks at the I’m Sorry on BrainAttic while she talks. The woman thanks them for helping her. Sherlock says he has nothing to share tonight. The leader asks for a show of hands. George, a new guy, says he’s an addict. Everyone says – hi George. Sherlock does not look pleased.