Elementary RECAP 4/3/14: Season 2 Episode 19 “The Many Mouths of Andrew Colville”

Elementary RECAP 4/3/14: Season 2 Episode 19 “The Many Mouths of Andrew Colville”

Elementary, one of our favorite detective drama/comedies, continues tonight with an all new episode entitled “The Many Mouths of Andrew Colville.”  On it a serial killer who was presumed to be dead reappears and resumes his murderous ways, or so it appears.

On last week’s episode  when a famous cancer researcher was found dead, Holmes and Watson had to determine if the scientist’s untimely demise was tied to his latest cutting-edge invention. Meanwhile, Bell was finally cleared to re-enter the field.  Did you watch last week’s episode?  We did and we recapped it right here for you.

On tonight’s episode Holmes and Watson track a serial killer known for biting his victims appears to be killing again, even though he was presumed dead.

Guest cast tonight includes: Bruce Altman (Dr. Jonathan Fleming), Robert Stanton (Stan Kovacevic), Judith Ivey (Ruth Colville), Sue-Anne Morrow (Detective Leslie Loughlin), Christopher Fitzgerald (Dr. Neil Murray), Shawn K. Curran (Alan Vikner) Greg Coughlin (Aaron Colville), Kevin Loreque (Bespectacled Man), Alex Morf (Miles Pohlua), Liche Ariza (Edgar Alvarez) Bowman Wright (James Deer), Aaron Schwartz (Jersey Shore), Dana Berger (Paramedic #1) and Richard Busser (Burglar).

Are you looking forward to Elementary season 2 episode 18 “The Hound of the Cancer Cells.” Be sure to come back here later tonight at 10 PM EST for our live recap of this episode, which is sure to be an awesome one. In the meantime, hit up the comments below and let us know what you think has been the best part of this wonderful season!

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Outside a funeral home, the cops are in full force. Sherlock looks at a dead body on the floor of the mortuary prep room. One cop thinks it’s a robbery but Sherlock notes the bite marks and says it looks highly personal. Leslie comes down from the Bronx and says they’ve got the same MO – women with bite marks on their shoulders in Pelham. Sherlock says it’s an accidental death. He says he was on the table and hit his head and the robber came in several hours later. Sherlock tells them to smell the odor and says it’s marijuana and embalming fluid.

He says the mortician was experimenting with “wet” – a mix of the two fluids. He says the mortician fell on the dead body and her teeth impaled him. Sherlock finds a pin and says the burglar is still there hiding. Sherlock discovers the robber hiding in the cooler, jewels still in his pocket. Leslie is wowed and says she wasted a trip but Joan follows her out to ask about the case and if it involved Aaron Colville. She says the guy who copped to it died later that year.

Leslie says Aaron has been dead for a decade but the bite marks actually matched. Joan asks to copy the files and Leslie asks what her involvement is. A guy – Dr. Fleming – is lecturing students on surgery in an operating theater. Joan approaches the room and steps just inside as Fleming goes to work on the cadaver. He sees Joan and steps out to talk to her. He says it’s been 10 years and asks how she’s been. She tells him she’s no longer practicing medicine. She tells him she’s there to talk about Aaron. He says he’s not discussing it and says he just treated him. Joan says she doesn’t think Aaron killed those women and an innocent man may be dead.

Flashback – A guy is rushed into the ER and a younger Joan is treating him. He came out of Rikers with multiple stab wounds. It’s 2005 and his name is Aaron Colville. They tell Joan that he’s an organ donor. Fleming is there with Joan and the guy calls for intubation and to crack the guy’s chest. Aaron whispers something to the doctor and Joan asks what he said but he says nothing. They go to work and the guy flatlines. The doctor starts the massage and he sends the nurse for another doctor.

Joan offers epi but Fleming won’t take it. He finally accepts it from her and injects it. The guy is still flatlining. He calls time of death. Back in the now Joan tells the guy that the epi could have saved him. He insists they offered the proper standard of care and says if she had a problem she should have filed a complaint. She tells him that there are new murders that look like the ones Colville was accused of. He tells her he’s heard enough and Joan asks again what Aaron said to him that night. He says that he just said gibberish. She says it may be a clue and Fleming says surgeons make calls all the time and he doesn’t lose sleep over it.

Joan gets an urgent text from Sherlock and she heads home to find him teetering on a library ladder. He holds an atlas on ocean currents and tells her it’s important. He tells her that some trust fund brats that Mycroft knows are going on a treasure hunt and they’ve been invited to go along. He tells her about the ship that went missing that they’re hunting that went missing in 1911. He tells her it will be a week in a sunnier place. She tells him it sounds fun and he should go. He asks where she went and she tells him about the Colville case. Sherlock looks over the files and says he doesn’t think bite marks are the most scientific but grants that no two teeth are identical.

He asks her why she’s distressed and she says she watched him die. Sherlock tells her that she didn’t stab him or fail to administer the epi in time. He asks if she thinks she should have filed a complaint. He tells her that her feelings are trivial because they need to find the bite mark killer. He tells her it’s a sing of frustration. Joan says that no one keeps a data base of dental records and he says that’s the nice thing about being a consultant because you can bend the rules. He says they need to contact “them.”

Sherlock holds up a sign while they wait for one of the hacker network. It says “help me catch a murderer by punching me in the arm.” One guy and then a kid punches him and then the guy comes back but Sherlock says one per day and the guy gives him the materials he wanted and tells him happy hunting. They search through records on an opaque projector but it’s slow going. They realize they have thousands of records to sift through. Joan tells him to take a break and says she’ll display slides for a while.

He sits and they take turns slide flipping. Sherlock dozes off and she wakes him and shows him what she thinks is a match. The guy’s name is Alan and he’s an ex-con who lives near the sites of both murders. They bring the guy into the station and he denies it – he says he’s a deacon. Gregson shows him the bite marks and Alan says “thank God” – he tells him lots of people make those bite marks. He pops out his dentures and says that they gave him to him in jail. Gregson asks how he wound up with a killer’s bites and Sherlock says that Colville must have been the model for the dentures and there’s no telling how many sets of his teeth are out there that they handed out in jail.

Joan and Sherlock come to see the prison dentist and he tells them that the prison doesn’t give dentures – he says there is a lack of funds. He says Nolan – the dentist before him – made dentures on his own dime but he’s been dead. He calls over an assistant who has been there with Nolan. He says that he picked out a patient who had good teeth to use as the model. He tells them there were 8 to 10 sets of dentures made while Nolan was there.

Joan says they have narrowed it down to four sets of possible perps. Gregson says to bring them in and he says he’ll call Leslie and alert them that there will probably be lawsuits from Colville’s family. They bring in all the guys with the dentures. One guy has the dentures in his pocket. He says he replaced them for ones that fit better but he kept them to remind himself to stay on the straight and narrow. They ask them for alibis.

The one guy who has another set said he shaved them down to fit in a box. Another guy was in the hospital with shingles. That takes them down to two. Another one had chipped dentures and Sherlock says that takes him out of the running. That leaves them with one guy they can’t find – Daniel Escalante – a guy who has a record for aggravated sexual assault who quit reporting to his PO.

Sherlock delivers case files that Joan was expecting and asks why she’s looking at records of Fleming’s work. She tells him not to open her mail and she tells him that something that Fleming said bothered her and maybe he’s not providing a proper standard of care to people he thinks don’t deserve it. Sherlock asks her why she’s digging so deep into this and what she was thinking when Colville was brought into the ER. She tells him he was an organ donor and she thought briefly if the world would be better without him.

He asks if she’s projecting her thoughts on to Fleming. Sherlock says he thinks she’s looking for redemption for herself but reminds her she didn’t act on the thought she had. He comes down and asks her if she slept. He tells her about the Grateful Dead and that their perp has been following the band. He says he has seen the guy following them on tour so he has an alibi. She asks why she has to get up and he tells her they’re going back to the files.

Stan – the dental assistant lets them into the records room and asks what they’re looking for so he can help. Sherlock says he doesn’t know so he can’t tell him. They divide the room up and each take a stack of files. Joan sleeps on a cart and Sherlock throws a paper at her. He tells her they’re done and she opens the scrap of paper. Turns out Stan was an inmate and then he was able to keep his job after he got out working in the clinic. There’s no record of Stan having an official record for dentures but the files show he lost all his teeth in a prison brawl.

They come to the dentist and ask for Stan and he says the guy went home on an emergency after they came. They tell the dentist he’s likely been harboring and employing a murdered who is now a fugitive.

Sherlock sees that Stan castrated himself when he was arrested. He says he did it chemically and Sherlock shows Marcus photos of the drugs in his medicine cabinet. They conclude that he was self prescribing from British mail order but the guy stopped taking the drugs a couple of months ago based on the amount of pills left in the bottle. Stan left his home and took money from an ATM and is on the run. Joan says he went home to pack and she thinks he wanted to pick up his dog. She shows them a photo of two metal rust rings where dog bowls would have been.

Joan watches the news and sees Colville’s mom on the news debating whether or not she’ll sue. Sherlock tells her that he thinks Stan deleted his social media accounts for a reason and in order to get cached copies from the hacker network, he has to do a task. He has to put on a purple prom dress and sing the songs from Frozen. Joan tells him to knock himself out.

Next morning, Joan wakes to find a turtle in a shark outfit. She asks why he’s dressed up and he says Mrs Hudson knitted turtle cozies. Sherlock tells her that the hackers said his performance was better than the original and they sent him a ton of info from Stan’s pages. Most are Stan and his terrier max. Turns out the dog is sick with canine prostate cancer. He’s responding to treatment and the third treatment is scheduled for this morning. Sherlock and Joan wait at the vet’s office and Marcus checks in with them.

Sure enough someone comes in with the dog that looks familiar. The guy who has the dog is a friend of Stan’s from the dog park. Sherlock asks if he’s hiding Stan. He tells him that Stan is a murderer and he’s exposing himself to felony charges by helping him. He turns the guy in and they bring Stan in who insists he was home the nights of the murders. He’s complaining that his hand hurts and asks for help.

Marcus asks him why he quit taking the chemical castration meds. He says they were causing him kidney problems and that he thought he could control it if he started feeling urges. He says that maybe taking it all those years changed him but he says he doesn’t feel any urges. Gregson asks why he ran and Stan says he’s a registered offender with the same teeth and didn’t think anyone would believe him. Stan complains and says something is really wrong with his hand.

Gregson knocks on the window and Joan comes in to look at it. She touches something and she says his finger is fractured. The captain says he has to go to the hospital even though Sherlock thinks it doesn’t warrant it. Joan doesn’t think he killed any of those women even though Gregson is sure he was on the verge of a confession.

Joan shows them photos of the girls and says that she fought back and slammed him into a window. She says the drug he took causes bone loss and that injury would have left him in a body cast. Gregson is dubious because he has no alibi and the teeth they are looking for. He tells them to find someone else with that much evidence. She’s getting texts and Sherlock asks who they are from. She doesn’t leave and rushes out.

She comes to see Fleming and he’s angry about her getting copies of his records. He asks why she did it and she says she didn’t like what he said about “making calls.” He threatens her with legal action and he tells her that if she hears what happened that night it may give her some peace. He tells her he knew who Colville was and that his last words were that he wanted to confess. He says he murdered two women. Then he tells Joan he isn’t sure if he withheld treatment or not.

Joan tells Sherlock she’s not sure if Fleming was honest to her about Colville’s last words. He tells her that since Fleming holds all the cards he had no reason to lie. Sherlock tells her that they need a fresh perspective. They wonder how someone with Aaron’s teeth killed someone two months ago. Sherlock says the murderer now wants to cast doubt on who killed the women years ago. He asks who benefits from Aaron’s exoneration.

Joan is woken up with the turtle in a cozy with a note that says to see what’s on TV. It’s Colville’s mom and Sherlock says she filed a nine figure lawsuit. Sherlock says if her son was a killer there’s no telling what kind of home he grew up in. Joan says no judge will give them a warrant to search her home and Sherlock says she’ll invite them in. Gregson, Sherlock and Joan come in and Joan tells her they have an offer. She goes to call her lawyer and Sherlock asks to use the bathroom.

She comes back and says her lawyer says it’s unusual to get an offer this early. Sherlock comes in holding the dentures and she denies knowing what they are. He says they are a perfect match for her and she tells him they were in a locked box under her bed. Sherlock says they were out on the sink and as a guest in her house he can look at anything that’s lying out. He asks her how she knew about the dentures being a factor and Gregson cuffs her.

Joan shreds Fleming’s files. Sherlock tells her that Colville’s mom cut a plea deal and that she found out about the dentures from Nolan the dentist who wrote her a letter after he died. Joan still isn’t sure how she feels about the night Colville died but that she knows as much as she ever will. She says she was standing over a dying patient and thinking about justice and doctors shouldn’t think that way. He tells her that sounds more like a consulting detective. He walks away and she continues shredding.