Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi Split Would Lead to Anorexia and Heavy Drinking for Portia – Friends Fear

Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi Split Would Lead to Anorexia and Heavy Drinking for Portia - Friends Fear

Rumors have spread like wildfire in recent months about the status of Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi‘s marriage. What we know for sure is that Ellen has always called the shots, period. She controls her career and dictates Portia’s as well. Portia has turned down several roles in order to be available to support Ellen and a slow drip of resentment has started to spill over into the relationship. The two have been fighting a lot and Portia has also been seen without her wedding band, which seemed to send a clear message to Ellen that this marriage may not be permanent.

According to the March 17th print edition of Star magazine, Portia is ready to pull the plug on the relationship but there is concern about being on her own. When she and Ellen first got together, Portia was knee deep in her battle with anorexia and drank heavily. It was Ellen that helped her to get healthy and so some worry that if Ellen isn’t in her life there’s a chance that Portia would slide back into her destructive behavior. Portia has been pretty confident about staying in control of her life but even she worries about the old temptation and how she would respond to it if completely on her own.

Do you think that it’s fear of her old demons that is now keeping Portia with Ellen? Do you think that things are as bad between them as rumored or could they be even worse than we have heard? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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  • Njoro Theodorah

    This is crap Portia didn’t turn down roles for Ellen, Ellen always supported her even when she played a lesbian in Nip Tack Ellen was happy when she got that role everytime Portia gets a new role Ellen talks about it in her show to help promote it. Ellen and portia met when Portia was at her heaviest you guys should read her book she talked about it and Ellen also said she didn’t know a lot about it cause she found her healthy. Portia said that she never felt confortable in roles where she was naked like in Sirens so she said she will never do them and she also said is never doing a sex scene ever again. THIS SITE IS A CLEAR EXAMPLE OF BULLIES THEY ARE TRYING TO GAIN FAME IN THE WORST WAY POSSIBLE (PEREZ Hilton) Portia was beautiful at the Oscars and she was happy stop with this shit cuz even Perez Hilton has more pride than you

  • BeKind2OneAnother

    They are perfectly fine, and they would be even better if press like you would stop spreading for false information.