Escaping Alaska Recap 8/10/14: Season 1 Episode 3 “Hostile Hostel & Hollywood Bound”

Escaping Alaska Recap 8/10/14: Season 1 Episode 3 “Hostile Hostel & Hollywood Bound”

Tonight on TLC Escaping Alaska airs with a new episode. In tonight’s episode “Hostile Hostel & Hollywood Bound”, Theresa’s still on the road, surprising fans in Las Vegas! Theresa must scramble when the woman she’s come to surprise with a reading shows up early.

On the last episode the group landed in San Diego and quickly discovered that the Lower 48 is drastically different from Alaska. A trip to the grocery store revealed divisions within the group, and they faced severe culture shock while celebrating Mardi Gras. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode there’s still on the road, surprising fans in Las Vegas! Theresa must scramble when the woman she’s come to surprise with a reading shows up early. Later, even Theresa gets a surprise when a woman’s deceased son makes his presence known.

Tonight’s episode is going to be exciting you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of the show tonight at 9 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about Escaping Alaska.

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The five Alaskans that flew down to pursue their dream in lower 48 are confronted this week with unfortunate reminders from home. Last week, Frank found out that his mom’s financial had taken a turn for the worst. The older woman had to turn to dipping into her saving account. So rather than worry himself about that – he tried to run away from his problems by drowning them in alcohol.

Frank took to partying and one such occasion he invited his roommates to come join him. Q didn’t want to go though he was angry at Nuala for going. Earlier, the two of them were getting along and it had seemed like they were becoming friends. Then later Q decided to cleanse the hostile they were staying at and apparently something had felt off with him when he was finish.

He allegedly felt Nuala channeling negative energy towards him which is kind of funny because she was for him cleansing their rooms. It was actually Tamara that felt “cleansing” and “shamans” were shameful practices. And it was Tamara that left while he was doing his things.

But its Nuala that he believes is out to get him. So when he saw her having fun and enjoying herself – he viciously and verbally attacked her right before he then called the cops on her. Nuala thankfully fled the scene prior to the cops arriving and in doing so she missed out on other weird parts of Q’s behavior.

He called the cops and told them once they got there that an underage teenager was getting drunk and being disrespectful to him. He could say things like that you see because he’s 32 and he felt a 19 should have acted better. And yet no one is taking his side in the argument. Not even the cops who feel just like his roommates do – he overreacted.

And his female roommates in particular felt like Q, as 32 year old, should have been the one mature enough to walk away from Nuala if he truly did feel like she was causing problems with him. So out of revenge the ladies decided to call up Irene, the girl Q went on a date with, and they warned her about Q. They told her about the names he called Nuala and they also mentioned his real age. Which was pretty vindictive seeing as they made it seem like they were going to be highly concerned if Irene ever went on a second date with Q!

They did this because, where they come from, Indians don’t things sort of things to each other. Yet that didn’t stop them from returning the favor with their little phone call. Nor did any of them take the time to speak to Q except for Frank. Q said that he’d been taking steroids for his bronchitis and it’s made him more volatile than he’s used to. Now he’s still upset with Nuala, but he doesn’t think he would have reacted the way he did if he weren’t on the steroids.

So he gave up his medication and had walked off his anger. He was feeling pretty good about himself when he returned to the hostile and had a conversation with a very upset Irene. Q was angry at Nuala for calling her and when he had finished his discussion with Irene – he asked Nuala to speak with him. Although she was only willing to do so after the other ladies joined her. That’s how much they didn’t trust him.

Q tried to blame all of his aggression on the steroids and his “apology” was barely that. So the ladies ignored it and for the most part they then did their best to ignore him.

The group had all planned to drive up to LA and enjoy the sights together but what with the drama – they eventually split up into groups with the guys going one place and girls going another. Frank is a neutral party so he doesn’t mind being around Q. Meanwhile the girls kind of /sort of hate him. So the ladies helped prepare Tamara for her first audition. And said audition did not go well. Tamara’s audition didn’t go the way she was expecting as in the casting directors advised her to shoot for motherhood than a star on Hollywood Boulevard though she managed to dust off the criticism and keep on going.

Acting is her dream and she wants to continue to pursue it!

Mary thinks the real reason behind Q’s reaction during the fight was his feelings for Nuala though that doesn’t excuse the way he went off on her. Calling Nuala stupid and a bitch was just too much. And as long as the girls think he could go off again then they’re never going to trust him. No matter what Irene may think. Irene and Q met up and things appear to be fine between them yet she told Q that a genuine apology will go a long way in getting the other to forgive him. So he tried it her way and gave Nuala a gift.

Q and Frank found miniature Oscars and gave them to the girls as a special gift to celebrate LA. Then when Nuala received her gift from Q – she broke down in tears. She simply couldn’t be near him without remembering the way he targeted her. And that in the end ruined their time in city of angels.

The girls were angry and then that got Frank angry because he didn’t anything wrong yet he was being treated like he was on Q’s side. When they ditched Q – they did ditched him as well! So LA was a bust!


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