Fargo RECAP 4/22/14: Season 1 Episode 2 “The Rooster Prince”

Fargo RECAP 4/22/14: Season 1 Episode 2 “The Rooster Prince”

Tonight on FX their original series, FARGO, based on the Coen Brothers classic film returns. On tonight’s episode called, “The Rooster Prince,” Molly becomes suspicious of Lester. Meanwhile, Malvo investigates a blackmail plot.

On last week’s episode a ruthless, manipulative man (Billy Bob Thornton) met a small town insurance salesman (Martin Freeman) and set him on a path of destruction. Written by Noah Hawley; directed by Adam Bernstein.  Did you watch last week’s premiere episode?  We did and we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode Officer Thurman would have never dismissed Molly’s police work. In fact, he was the only one who seemed to believe she could hold the position of sheriff in the future. Now, with a new head honcho, Molly will be looking for all the wrong clues in all the wrong places.

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A car drives down the road. The two guys in it ride quietly. They meet a guy about Hess. He tells them they want Mr. Gold and says he’s on the way. A red car pulls up and Gold approaches them. They tell him they’re from Fargo. Mr. Numbers asks him why there is no library in town. His partner, Mr. Wrench seems to be deaf and they sign to each other. Gold says – cutbacks. Wrench signs that all towns should have a library and Gold says he agrees.

Numbers says they’re there to find out what happened to Hess. Gold says he got stabbed in the back of the head at a strip club. That sets off several minutes of signing between the two guys. Numbers asks if it was connected to the business but Gold doesn’t think so. He says there was a guy that came by the garage that wanted to take a look at Sam then he left.

More signing. Gold tries to talk but Numbers tells him to hang on while he signs. Gold tells them Hess was his friend. He says he was a jerk and asks them if they’re going to find the guy that did it. More signing. Wrench motions a throat slashing sign and Numbers says – we’ll find him.

At the wake, Lester picks at the sore on his hand and sees the shooting in his head. He peels off the band aid. His brother asks how his head is and he says it aches, but it is okay. Chaz tells him they want him to move in with them for a while until he gets the house cleaned up. He says to stay a few days because the cops left a real mess. Chaz says they must have been looking for clues. Lester looks nervous and sips his coffee.

Lester comes home and steps inside cautiously. There is debris on the floor and he steps around it carefully. He looks down into the basement and sees himself killing his wife. Molly stands at Vern’s grave and stares down at the headstone.

Later, she does the dishes at Vern’s house for his wake when his wife comes to chat with her. She says he told her once about a guy that got his skull crushed by a giant hailstone while drinking a milkshake. Molly asks what flavor and she says strawberry. Molly tells her that her dad got shot at a traffic stop and they came to tell her at school when she was in Algebra but at least he was okay and they caught the guys.

Bill comes to tell Ida that they have a schedule all worked out so they can get her to the hospital when she goes into labor. Molly tells Bill they should go talk to Lester about Vern’s death. He tells her he went to school with Lester and he fainted when a girl got her period at school. Bill says the Hess murder is about regional trucking and it has nothing to do with the massacre at Lester’s. He says he thinks it was a drifter. He asks Ida what she thinks and she says it never hurts to talk to witnesses. She says Vern always said to take control of the facts. Bill says they can go see Lester, but he’ll do the talking.

Lester goes into his bedroom and pokes around. He looks at some of Pearl’s clothes. He pulls one of her sweaters out and cries into it hysterically. The doorbell rings and he goes to answer. Molly and Bill are there and they tell him they have some questions. Bill asks how he’s holding up and asks about his head. He says he’s still got some double vision. Lester says he wants to help and Molly says it will just take a second. They barrel into his house.

The cops sit down and Lester offers them grape juice saying it’s all they have. Bill asks if they remember the grape gum they had as kids but Molly interrupts and says she has his statement from the hospital. Lester says that the doctors told him any harder and his brain would have bled. He tells her his wife was dead when he came home. She asks if he remembers Vern coming to the house and he says it must have been after he was out. Lester asks if Vern saw the intruder and she says Vern was coming to ask him about the guy he was arguing with at the hospital about Sam Hess.

Lester asks who and she repeats his name. Bill tells him he must remember since Sam tormented him in high school. Lester says that was a long time ago and Molly says he was talking about him in the ER and asks what that was about. He says it’s fuzzy and says he must have said my face is a mess – not Hess. She asks him to describe the guy and he says the last few days are fuzzy.

Bill tells him their theory is druggie drifters and that maybe the guy from the hospital followed him home. Molly clarifies that’s not her theory. Lester insists things are fuzzy because he has a concussion. Bill says he’s satisfied but Molly wants more answers. He says he’s going to look up the name of the gum and Lester says – Hubba Bubba. Molly looks perplexed. Bill says if he needs anything to call them and says that Pearl was a good woman and wife and it’s a tragedy. Lester says he keeps asking himself who could have done a thing like this.

Lorne walks into a building and asks a guy at a window for a package for him. He asks his name and Lorne says it’s addressed to Duluth. The guy asks for ID and Lorne says no. Lorne tells him to just look for a package to Duluth and hand it over. The guy says they’re in Duluth so technically all the mail is addressed that way.

Lorne asks him if he needs to come back there and get it himself. That stops the guy and he looks around and sees the package Lorne wants. He says this is highly irregular. Lorne says highly irregular was when he found a foot in a toaster oven. He tells the man – this is just odd. He hold out his hand and the guy hands the package over. Lorne pops it open and sees a book called American Phoenix. There’s also a wallet with a driver’s license in it – his fake ID. He says – I’m a minister apparently. He tells the man to have a blessed day.

At the grocery store, Lorne parks his car and puts the book in his briefcase. He gets out and goes inside. The book is on sale there. The author is Stavros Milos – the king of the grocery game in Minnesota. He’s talking to Lorne in his office at the back of the store telling him it all started here. He talks about how superior his stores are and says he even got mangoes in G-D January.

Lorne asks who the guy behind him is and he says Semenko – head of security. He tells Lorne the guy was on the Oilers farm league. Lorne asks about the blackmail letter he got and Milos shows it to him – says it was on his windshield. It says – I know about the money. Milos says he doesn’t need to know what it means to take care of it. Lorne asks why the ransom is so specific at $43,613 and Milos says maybe the guy needs to pay off his student loans.

Milos’ idiot son barges in and tells a stupid joke. His dad tells him to get the hell out. Lorne says he can find the guy and asks what he wants done with him. Milos says to send him packing. Lorne asks what that means and Milos says you make enemies as the supermarket king of Minnesota and tells him to start with his wife.

He says they’re about to divorce and she’s suing him for half. Lorne asks him to sign the copy of his book and Milos says he’d be delighted. He asks him to sign it – to Frank, thanks for nailing my blackmailer. Then Lorne tells him he’s kidding. Outside, Lorne steals a station wagon that was left running while the owner returned a cart and he drives off.

Gus Grimly listens to his chief rattle off the crimes at Lester Nygaard’s house. He looks down at his notes on the license plate of the guy he let go (Lorne Malvo) and thinks hard. The chief tells them to get to it then calls Gus over and tells him he’s on animal control for the day. We see Gus later trying to corral a doggie and failing. He finally gets the pup into his car and lets the dog ride with its head out the window.

He goes home to his apartment and his daughter Greta is doing her homework. He brought fast food. He goes to undress and watches a woman across the way in her bedroom. She’s also undressing. She sees him looking and he looks down at the floor. She turns to face the window and disrobes showing him her sexy bra and panty set. He walks out of his room.

Greta lays out their dinner and he tells her he got extra dipping sauce. Gus asks about her day and she says they had a lecture about bullying. She says she asks what if the bully is bigger than you or has a knife. She says they told her to tell a grown up and he says that’s good advice. She asks what he would do as a cop and Gus says sometimes there’s more than one right thing and she asks what that means.

He tells her he’s responsible for her and sometimes he might be in a situation where if he tried to stop a bad guy, he could get hurt or worse and then who would take care of her. She reminds him that it’s his job. He says he has two jobs and the most important is being her dad. She says she would stop someone if she saw them and he says he thinks so.

Numbers and Wrench go to the brothel and the hooker says she couldn’t see the guy because of the blood in her eyes. They describe the guy generally (Lorne) and she says it could have been Lenny. They point him out at the end of the bar with a band aid on his head. The two guys go down there. Lenny is talking about monkeys and dogs in space.

Numbers orders orange soda for Wrench and hot water for himself. They are signing and Lenny asks if they’re a circus act. Numbers asks how he hurt his head and Lenny sasses them. Numbers asks if he likes playing with knives and Lenny says if he keeps talking, he’s going to find out. Numbers has Lenny taped up in his trunk and heads back to Bemidji. He shows him to Gold  and asks if he’s the guy. Gold asks them to take off the tape. Numbers signs to Wrench who pulls it off. Lenny curses then apologizes for being rude earlier. Gold says he doesn’t think it’s him. They close the trunk and leave.

Lorne comes to see Milos’ wife and tells her he works for her divorce attorney. He finds her with her trainer/boyfriend. He shakes his hand which comes away brown and the guy – Don – apologizes and says he just bronzed. The wife says her husband’s hands smell like feet and he says he’s working on checking assets to get her a better settlement.

She completes her workout and starts her cool down. He asks her about the book and how Milos started his business. She tells him one was a drunk and one was dead. He asks where the money came from. The idiot son comes in and Lorne tells him a dumb joke. The guy laughs and says it’s a good one. He says his dad will like it. The kid hugs his mom like a little kid and Don tells Lorne they are a sweet pair.

Lorne listens to the message Lester left him over and over. He stares at the ransom note and then looks at the brown on his hand from the bronzer. There’s a knock at his hotel room door and he goes to answer it. It’s Wally who tells him to pack up and leave town before he beats his ass. He says he made some calls and tells him that he’s the guy – not him. He says 20 years he’s worked for the king so he’s the prime minister. Lorne sits down on the toilet to take a crap and stares at him. Wally tells him it’s disgusting. Lorne opens Milos’ book and starts to read while he craps. Wally says he’s on to him and he’s been warned. The guy leaves.

At the station, Bill calls Molly over and asks if they’re onthe same page about Lester and the case. He tells her to focus on the break and enter and call other towns to see if they had similar crimes. He tells her to call the staties and see if they had any traffic stops with head wounds. He tells her to leave poor Lester alone. She sees the guy scraping Vern’s name off the office glass and is frustrated and sad.

Lester peers down into his basement. He heads down slowly. He pulls the washer out and opens the back. He pulls out the hammer he killed his wife with and looks at it. He goes to Chaz’s house to stay and she puts him in Gordo’s room and says the kid can sleep on the couch. Lester finds a jar in the closet and sniffs it and grimaces – looks like pee. He puts it back.

They eat in front of the TV and Chaz asks Lester how dinner is. He says it’s good and Chaz asks if he wants to go hunting. Kitty reminds him that he just suffered a loss. Lester says he may take his advice and sell the house and Kitty says it’s a good idea. Chaz says the market is good. Lester goes to the drug store and says he needs something for a wound. He says something to keep it from it getting infected.

Molly is there and she says she has some more questions. She asks him about the ER visit for his nose and he tells her he’s starting to feel harassed. She follows him out and he tells her she should be out there looking for the animal that killed his wife. She tells him his wife wasn’t the only victim. She sees an I love knitting sticker on the car and tells him that it’s not his car and he says it’s his wife’s car because his is in the shop.

She goes on and on about how it’s suspicious and says she just wants to understand what happened. He tells her to talk to Bill and says that he’s been hurt, he lost his wife and she’s harassing him. He tells her to talk to Bill about it. He tells her to watch her feet, drives away and she stares.

At the coffee shop, Molly tells her dad that Hess used to beat up Lester. She says Bill thinks it’s all a coincidence. He says that what Bill lacks in common sense he makes up for in self esteem. She tells him Bill’s drifter theory and he reminds her that Bill is chief and is in charge. She says there’s the dead guy in his undies and someone with a head injury that was at that crime scene and then was at the ER talking to Lester who’s bully is now dead.

Lou tells her he worries about her and she reminds him she carries a gun. He tells her school teachers are safer than cops. He says cops see all the murder, violence and scofflaws. He tells her this is different and says this is savagery. He tells Molly one day she’ll get married and have kids and will need to see what’s good in the world so she can live her life. She tells him he talks a lot.

Bill comes in then and asks Molly for a word. He tells her Lester called him very upset. She says she thought he might. Bill says he wants her to focus on the drifter angle and not harass victims. She says she has questions and he says she has to toe the line behind him. He tells her he’s taking her off the case and making her lead on the frozen naked guy. She protests but he tells her that’s his decision and leaves. She says – well okay then. She puts on her coat and Lou says he’ll see her for dinner.

Numbers and Wrench pull Lenny out of the trunk. He struggles with them. They drag him out into the snowy field. Wrench has a drill device that cuts down through the ice. Numbers untapes Lenny and drags him to the hole in the ice. They dip him in head first and then drop him in. They head back to their car.