Farrah Abraham Says “F**K Vivid” and Trashes Backdoor Teen Mom At Grammy Party (VIDEO)

Farrah Abraham Says "F**K Vivid" and Trashes Backdoor Teen Mom At Grammy Party (VIDEO)

We were less than thrilled when we learned that Teen Mom and Couple’s Therapy star Farrah Abraham was parading around Pre-Grammy parties. Who invited Farrah Abraham? Shouldn’t they save the Grammy invites for the real stars?

Well, Farrah proved last night exactly why she didn’t deserve to be at the Grammys. The conceited reality star, turned porn star, turned reality star embarrassed herself outside of OK! Magazine’s Pre-Grammy party.

Most celebrities know that when you walk out of a party, you smile for the cameras, and then you get in your car and leave. Apparently Farrah Abraham hasn’t learned that technique yet, because she proceeded to make friends with the paparazzi and act like a fool, on camera.

Just to prove how ridiculously conceited the reality star is, she even made Justin Bieber’s DUI arrest about her. One of the paparazzi asked her what she thought of the pop-star’s recent DUI in Miami, and she responded, “Oh, I have a DUI, so yeah..” Okay? What does that have to do with Justin Bieber? Farrah also went on a rant about her porno video, “Back Door Teen Mom,” on camera. Farrah proclaimed, “F—k Vivid,” (the porn company she sold her rights to), and then went on to say “Nobody should be watching that s—t,” about her own video. As if we didn’t already know how trashy Farrah Abraham was, she decided to prove it, and dropped the “F Bomb” nearly ten times in a two minute conversation.

As Farrah was leaving one of the paparazzi shouted, “I love you Farrah,” and she laughed and responded, “Well, I love myself!” Really?

What do you think of Farrah Abraham’s trashy Grammy party behavior? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. jackalexandria says:

    I think she would make the perfect matron of honour for kraptashians next fake wedding

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