Finding Carter Recap 7/15/14: Season 1 Episode 2 “Drive”

Finding Carter Recap 7/15/14: Season 1 Episode 2 “Drive”

Tonight on MTV their drama series Finding Carter returns with the second episode of it’s first season called “Drive” where Carter tries to get back at Elizabeth.

On the last episode unsettling details about a kidnapping emerged in the opener of the series, in which Carter was reunited with her family after discovering that the woman she thought was her mother had actually abducted her as a child. Carter moved in with her new family which proved to be a very difficult adjustment because she couldn’t connect with her birth mother. On the other hand, Carter got along with her little brother. As far as her twin sister went, Carter had difficulty with that relationship as well because they were both very different people. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode Carter wants to get revenge on Elizabeth, she decides that the only way to do this is to start getting closer to a guy who’s known as a “bad boy.”

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Liz talks to Kyle and she’s upset that the FBI is taking on the case. She says she’s sure Lori is still in the state. He tells her to let it go. He says she has no solid info on Lori. She says Lori sees Carter as her daughter and won’t leave her behind. Gabe snaps a pic of his dad’s computer of Lori’s aliases after he eavesdrops on them. Liz says she won’t give this up. Carter is lurking listening to Liz and isn’t happy.

At the station, Carter apologizes to each of the cops about the food court prank. Liz comes in with a perp and Liz asks what she’s doing and she says she’s learning the names of the people who hate her. Liz cuffs a guy and Carter asks who he is. Liz says he’s human sewage and tells Carter they need to talk. She goes to apologize to another cop and he says he knows it can’t be hard dealing with Liz.

She says that her mother is the person she lived with all her life, not Liz. The cop tells her they have no leads and neither does the FBI. She says that makes her happy. Carter checks out the teen perp. Liz watches with concern. Carter heads outside and Liz chases her out and says they need to talk. Carter says her friends are waiting.

Liz says they need to set boundaries like a curfew. Carter says pass and Liz says it’s not an option. She tells Carter to be home by 10 pm and Carter says that’s not funny. Liz says if she comes in late she’ll cut off her phone. She reminds Carter she ended up in the hospital from some of her choices. Liz says she wants to be a good parent and Carter tells her she had one and this is not what it looks like.

Carter asks Gabe about the cops at the station. She tells him she apologized to all of them but Liz is still not happy. Crash shows up and Bird runs to hug him. He apologizes for missing the party and says hi to Carter. He gives Gabe a nod and asks Carter’s name. He tells Crash that Carter had a seizure from his sub-standard Molly. Crash asks who told him it was his Molly.

Ofe says he has so many little baggies he got confused. He says he’ll write his name on the bag and Crash says he doesn’t want his name on any baggies. Ofe agrees and says he’ll put names on the other ones and the blank ones will be his. Crash asks what’s up and Carter gets a text. She says she has to go because she has a curfew now and has to be in at 10.

Crash tells her to stay for five minutes and she tells him that Liz is the same at home as she is at the police station. Liz goes to the door when Carter comes in and says she’s glad she didn’t challenge her on this. David says what she means is hello. Carter brings in Bird, Ofe and Gabe with her. She says Liz didn’t say couldn’t have friends over. David says he can’t wait to get to know them.

Carter tells Liz she already knows one and Crash comes in. Liz is furious. They are hanging in the kitchen when Carter pulls out food. Max comes in with groceries and Gabe is thrilled. They have cereal and other junk food. Crash turns down food. Grant comes out to find Taylor sitting on the stairs and she asks him how Carter gets away with what she’s doing.

Gabe shows Ofe and Bird the list of possible aliases. They agree to search them at Bird’s place tomorrow but won’t tell Carter unless they find something. Crash tells Carter the house is nice and she says that it doesn’t feel like home to her. She tells him she’s the girl that was kidnapped and he’s shocked. She says she wants to be at home with her real mom and he says that’s what he wants too.

David tells Liz that it’s harmless. Liz says one is a criminal she just arrested. She says that jeopardizes her case and career. She tells David she knows he wants to be the cool dad and he tells her to stop mocking him. He asks which kid and she says it’s the tall good looking kid and he has a record and has been juvie most of his life and is now dealing drugs.

She says Carter saw him when she was handcuffing to him a chair. She tells David that Crash is a bad guy and says they need to go out their together as Carter’s parents. He says he’ll go talk to Crash. They come out. They see the girls dancing and David says it’s fine until he sees Crash teaching Grant how to roll a joint. Crash says it was just oregano and Carter is annoyed with him. He says it’s a basic life skill and David says he’s a sociopath and kicks him out. Carter agrees and says he has to go.

Liz tells Carter she can’t have anything to do with him again. Carter says she understands then gives him a big open mouthed makeout kiss in front of her parents. Gabe walks in and sees and isn’t happy. She breaks it off and tells Crash bye and he leaves. Carter asks Liz if she understands her. She walks away from her parents and friends. Liz looks miserable.

David and Carter are at the farmer’s market. He tells her this is nice and then asks her who she thought her father was and what she was told growing up. Carter says she was told her dad was a beautiful stranger that her mom had a fling with while backpacking through Europe. He asks if he’s a let down and she says it’s cool because she never thought she’d get to meet her dad.

She says it’s too bad he’s a package deal with Liz and says he’d like her mom. David says she’s not the person her married and he admits that in some ways it was because she was taken. He says the house feels like a war zone and he wants to negotiate a cease fire. He says Liz is trying and it’s hard for her because her heart quit beating 13 years ago when she was taken.

Carter says “scene” and asks if he wrote this out ahead of time. He laughs and says it’s been so long since anyone really listened to him. He says it’s so great having her home. She laughs. Bird, Ofe and Gabe are on the web looking up Lori’s aliases. He shows them websites that the cops use to try and trace people. He says they can do things the police can’t do because they can ask Carter questions.

Bird says Gabe wants to be her knight in shining armor. They remind him she kissed Crash and he says it didn’t mean anything. Bird tells him she’s into bad boys then Carter comes in. Max is hanging out in the kitchen and asks Taylor if it’s cool that he hangs out. She’s making croutons and offers to show him how. He pulls his hair back in a ponytail and washes his hands.

She shows him how to do it. They smile and he tells her Carter is lucky to have a cool sister. She tells him Carter is the cool sister and he says she’s smart, nice, beautiful and just as cool as Carter. She hows him how to put them on the pan. Liz comes in and says it’s nice and peaceful. Liz asks Max why Carter won’t date someone like him and he says they did, but were better as friends with occasional benefits. Then he corrects himself and says they were only occasional.

He gets done with the croutons and Taylor pops them in the oven and tells him to come back in 30 and help her make a salad. He leaves. Liz tells Taylor she likes Max and wonders if she can get them back together. Taylor says Carter does what she wants and Liz says she was willful like that but that Taylor has always been such a good girl. Taylor tells her that Carter isn’t going to listen to her and Liz says that’s what she’s counting on.

Bird complains after they’ve been searching for hours. They show Carter some names and ask her if she recognizes any. They ask Ofe if he’s found anything and he says he discovered that his dad has been donating to Libertarians. Then Carter recognizes a name and an address and they find it’s a new address and just an hour away. They agree to go in the morning.

Kyle asks Gabe if the burner phone and texts were his idea and he tells his dad he’s sorry. Kyle says it had his name written all over it. Kyle says the mall stunt was stupid, rude and expensive. Gabe asks how to make it up to him. Kyle says he’s not the type of dad that will tell him who to hang out with him but says Carter can’t be trusted and isn’t someone he should hang with.

Gabe says she just lost her mom but Kyle says everyone has losses and how you handle them shows what kind of person you are. Liz is setting a fancy table when David comes in. He calls everyone down. Carter tells David she’ll be good. Grant and Max talk and the kids all come in and sit. Carter says she doesn’t eat red meat.

Max goes to sit but then Liz tells him it’s a family dinner and that his stuff is in the living room and that Carter has new friends so he should go. Carter tells her to stop throwing her friends out and defends Max. She says that Max can stay and that he can ever stay in her room. She tells Max to come up with her and Liz tells him she’ll save him some food. Liz is pleased with herself.

Carter and Taylor share the bathroom the next morning. She tells Carter that she really gave it to Liz. Taylor tells her that she missed the point. She tells Carter that Liz was only pretending to throw him out because she thinks he’s nice and wants her to be with him instead of Crash. She tells Carter she played her like a kazoo but it didn’t work out. She says it didn’t work out. She tells Taylor she knows she likes him.

Taylor says when it comes to boys, Carter wins and she isn’t doing this again. Carter and Gabe show up to the address and the guy tells them that the woman moved out a month ago and told him she was going to live with her daughter. Carter is excited and thanks Gabe and tells him he’s an amazing friend. She gives him a little peck but he clearly wants more.

David meets with Toby and tells him that he can get him double the highest offer he can get the kidnapper to talk. David pitches writing it as a novel. Toby shuts it down. David says he doesn’t need that much money and he prefers to write fiction. Toby reminds him how much he loved his book tour and giving out autographs. Then he reminds him the passes on his other work. He also reminds him he owed $500k to Random House if he doesn’t do the deal.

Crash waits for Carter outside of the school and tells her he was an idiot and was trying to impress her and she asks how teaching her kid brother to roll a joint would impress her. He says he just wanted someone in her family to like him and Grant did. He tells her he’s truly sorry. She says she’s not mad. Crash thanks her and she hops in the car with him. Ofe and Gabe see it and Ofe says it’s inevitable because of Crash.

Gabe says he’s the one who’s inevitable – she just doesn’t know it yet. Carter and Crash hang out in his car and she asks him about his tattoo that says – I’m going to die. He says it’s true. She says she’s been lied to a lot in her life. He says all that matters is what she does from this moment on. He says that’s what they told him when he left his last juvenile detention center.

They hear a siren and she says she hates that sound. She says it sounds like Liz is calling her home for dinner. He says he’s not crazy about it either and he cranks the car and drives them off. At home, Max hangs out with Grant playing a video game. He tells Max he’s glad he stayed but he tells Grant he will have to go soon. Max says he’s not in school or working and is sleeping on his ex’s floor. He says the only thing going for him is him beating him at the zombie game.

Grant asks who is Carter’s boyfriend and Max says there are a lot of candidates. Grant says he doesn’t like Crash because he told him when he was his age he killed a guy. Max says it wasn’t true and that he was just trying to impress him. He asks why and Max says because he’s a cool kid. Crash speeds them off away from the noise of the sirens.

She asks if they’re coming for them and he says maybe. She asks whose car it is and he doesn’t answer. She tells him to pull over but he says he can’t. He says the car must have a Lojack. She tells him to let her out now. He pulls over, she gets out and he takes off, a police car hot on his trail. She’s in tears and calls for help. She says – it’s me, I screwed up.

David picks her up and she says she would never have gotten into the car if she knew it was stolen. She tells him she’s such an idiot. She tells him she’s sorry and says that’s the most useless sentence in the English language. She says Liz is going to kill her and she doesn’t blame her. David says she’s at work and doesn’t have to know. She says, thank God.

Carter is relieved beyond belief. They go home and Carter calls him Dad for the first time. She says it’s weird saying that. She thanks him and then hugs him. He takes her in his arms and holds her. He says he’s a dad and that’s what we do. She tells him this is their first hug and he says he thinks she’s right. Lori drives by just then and sees them hugging. She gets a hard look on her face.

The End!

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