Finding Carter Live Recap: Season 1 Episode 5 7/29/14 “The Heat”

Finding Carter Live Recap: Season 1 Episode 5 7/29/14 “The Heat”

Tonight on MTV their drama series Finding Carter returns with the second episode of its first season called “The Heat” Elizabeth bonds with Carter. Later, a party gets out of control.

On the last episode Carter dealt with a betrayal from Bird when she painted a picture or Carter’s face that Carter felt was gruesome; Max decided to leave and go back home, but Elizabeth has him wanting to be back with her; Lori returned with a plan and met up with Alex, she believes she is going to eventually reunite with Carter and live happily ever after. Carter and Bird had a cat fight. Bird and the guys had been doing some investigating, did they turn in Carter’s mother to the police? Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode Carter learns what real police work is about; Elizabeth and Carter bond; Taylor attends a party which doesn’t go as planned and ends up getting out of control.

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David knows about his wife’s affair and instead of coming out and confronting her with the truth – he alludes to it in front of Carter of all people. He knows how fragile the mother/daughter relationship is but in his anger he simply doesn’t care.

Carter has been buttering up to Elizabeth after a certain someone gave her advice on how to find Lori. Once Max had spilled the beans about seeing Lori then all Carter wanted was to go looking for her mom rather than wait for the other woman to come get her. So what’s the best way to find a criminal? How about with the help of a cop – which leads to Carter suddenly taking interest in her mother’s career. She told her mom that she wanted to see police tactics in person.

And, surprisingly, Carter did learn a few things. She got to see Elizabeth in a whole new light. Her mother could be funny and compassionate, but then Carter ruined everything by bring up Lori. She had gone to a crime scene and saw her mom comforting a killer. Technically the woman killed her husband after years of abuse and him trying to stop her but all Carter saw was Elizabeth treating a murderer with more compassion than she’s ever shown Lori. And so their moment, for the short time it lasted, was gone.

Carter can differentiate between the two cases and Elizabeth isn’t going to change.

Then there’s David. He finally got the paycheck he and Elizabeth had been waiting on only for him to withhold it from her at the last minute. His publisher had convinced him that Elizabeth would take half of his proceeds if she knew and so it would probably be best if David held off cashing in any checks before he becomes legally separated.

David, to his credit, didn’t want to be that calculating towards Elizabeth though he changed his mind when he realized who it was she was having the affair with. It came to him after Elizabeth had fallen asleep and he was going to check her ringing her phone for her. Just to see if it was important (he was actively checking up on her). But there was no reason why Kyle was calling that late into the night and David could only correctly guess the real reason behind the call.

Thankfully, the kids were either out or busy while their parents’ marriage collapsed. Grant was busy trying to figure out whether or not he should ask out a friend of his and Carter had taken Taylor with her to go hang out with her friends. Taylor didn’t want to be a wet blanket with Max around so she tried something new and participated in Seven Minutes in Heaven. However she got a little carried away with the game.

Crash tried to initiate her into the group by having her kiss all the guys. So she went to a closet with Ofe first then she nearly kissed Gabe to death and finally she got her chance with Max. Taylor and Max really like each other. So much so they didn’t want to keep playing a silly game. All they wanted to do was go home which they did.

Yet, prior to walking off with Taylor, Max told Carter what he was going to do if Lori ever contacted him again. And that was to tell her she couldn’t use anymore. Max looked it up and he realized he could be an accessory after the fact and because he doesn’t want to go to jail – he’s going to tell Lori to back off.

He didn’t know that Carter was going to ask him to do the exact opposite. Crash had told her that she could use Max as a go between because why not. Everyone thought Max would do practically anything for her but that’s no longer the case.

So in a day, Carter lost Max to Taylor (something she didn’t even realize until she saw the two of them making out in Taylor’s room) and she lost Crash to Bird. She hadn’t forbidden anyone from dating an ex or semi-ex so she doesn’t have a right to complain though she wants to – complain that it. And she came close to leaning on Elizabeth to do it.

Elizabeth had found her close to bedtime and had told her that she’s not going to keep looking for Lori. She won’t forgive her but she doesn’t have to hunt the woman Carter considers her mother.

Though someone needs to stop Lori. Lori is hanging outside of their house basically stalking the family. She refuses to give up on Carter and won’t listen to Max when he tries to tell her that Carter isn’t her daughter. She truly believes in her own lies.