Gang Related Recap 6/26/14: Season 1 Episode 6 “Entre Dos Tierras”

Gang Related Recap 6/26/14: Season 1 Episode 6 “Entre Dos Tierras”

Tonight on FOX Gang Related continues with an all new episode called “Entre Dos Tierras.” On tonight’s episode, Daniel takes a big risk to make up for his unintentional financial setbacks, while Carlos has serious doubts about his father’s plan to reform the family business.

On last week’s episode Carlos tainted another gang’s meth shipment in order to drive business toward Los Angelicos’ fishscale supply. But his plan backfired and caused a world of trouble for his family and for the GTF. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode Daniel puts himself at risk in an attempt to make up for money he unintentionally mismanaged, while Carlos grows increasingly mistrustful of Javier’s plan to “legitimize” Los Angelicos.

Tonight you don’t want to miss the sixth episode of Gang Related, so be sure to tune in at 9 pm EST on FOX. We’ll be recapping it right here for you but in the meantime, hit up the comments and let us know your thoughts on the show so far.


In Colima, Mexico, the drug operation is in full swing. A truck pulls up to the border and a dog hops in to check the contents. It gets through and then stops and a driver hops out of a car and comes over and swaps license plates onto the truck. The truck pulls into a gated warehouse.

Tio is at the California State Penitentiary in Chino and tells Gnomo he’s sorry about his brother Jesus. Gnomo thanks him for making his brother’s death painless and says he heard Javier is retiring. Gnomo tells him if Los Angelicos shuts down, all of them in prison will be screwed. Tio says Javier is making plans to cover them. Gnomo says Javier should come reassure them and Tio says he’ll talk to him.

Ryan cooks dinner for Jessica and she asks to help. He says she can chop veggies but she doesn’t like cilantro and refuses. She samples the food and says he’s an amazing cook. She asks how he learned and he says an uncle taught him after his dad died. She asks about it and he says his died passed when he was 10 and said that he just didn’t show up to pick him up for school.

He says he was lucky because he lived in a tight knit community that took care of him and his grandmother. Then he lies and says he lost touch with them when he went off to the Army. Jessica says she always had people checking in on her when her dad was out working late. She tells him he may have become a cop to get a sense of family.

He agrees and says he never thought the GTF would feel like home and says he likes the guys a lot. He says she’s not too bad either and kisses her and puts her on the counter and they undress each other. Dinner is interrupted. His phone rings. She tells him not to answer it but then says he thinks her dad has them under surveillance. He has to go to work.

Ryan goes to GTF and Tae sniffs him and asks if he’s wearing cologne. Vee says she hopes he’s not doing Therese in evidence since she’s serviced more cops than a donut shop. Sam says they got a lead on a storage place and says they’re looking for a white truck guarded by four bodies. Someone spots them and the truck pulls out. They give chase. The driver ducks down an alley and Sam speeds st them playing chicken. They run the driver into another car. Ryan hops out, smashes the window and pulls a gun on the driver.

Cassius hops in and tears the bags open and says it smells like tacos. Sam says the drugs aren’t in the truck – he says they are the truck and tells them to check the paint. Cassius peels some of the paint off and sure enough the truck is coated in fishscale. Sam says it’s virtually undetectable and Sam says it’s a Los Angelicos truck. Ryan is stunned.

The truck is hauled in and photographed. The paint is 41% cocaine with a water polymer. Ryan asks who Sam’s CI is and says he’s incredible. Sam demurs and doesn’t answer but says the intel is solid. He says the CI won’t testify because that’s one criminal’s word against another’s and says they have to build a solid case. Sam says he has to go talk to his CI but Ryan says it’s 100% off the books and he can’t afford it to blow up in Ryan’s face with IA.

Ryan goes to see Javier and says there was no way he could get ahead of it. He tells him that Sam has an informant but he hasn’t been able to find out who it is. Javier asks if Sam still trusts him and Ryan says he does. He says he’s on it and Javier says they may have to take care of it but Ryan says his team is off limits. This angers Javier who reminds him family comes first.

Javier says they have another shipment coming in this week and can’t turn it back. Ryan is worried the Metas will come after him if he can’t pay it. Javier tells him the Metas will come after all of the family – Marciela, Danielle – all of them. He says he has to make sure the shipment comes through.

Ryan comes back to the office and finds Cassius looking for a file at his desk. He pulls the file out and hands it to Cassius but says he’s coming along. He tells Cassius in the car that he had to leave Jessica in the lurch again. Cassius says he needs to apologize and then get some wham bam with her. Ryan says maybe he already has but Cassius says he obiv hasn’t. They are going to see DEA Agent Warren – a covert ops guy.

Cassius says their method is unconventional and Ryan says that means unconsitutional. They roll up and meet Warren. He asks for the file and Cassius hands it over. Warren says they have a wire tap on the Metas and heard there’s a 1,000 key shipment coming in tomorrow. Ryan asks for the names of who’s tapped but Warren says no dice and drives off. Sam tells them the DEA is wrong and the shipment is already there and is being held at a local mission.

Tae worries there will be people there and Sam says they have to move now and says the intel is solid. Cassius says this may be game, set and match for the Acostas. Carlos rants to Javier about why Ryan wasn’t doing his job and let the shipment get taken. Daniel tells him to shut it. He tells them both to lay low until this is taken care of. Daniel says he can’t hide out because he runs a bank.

Tio offers Daniel security for the next few days and he agrees but says not inside the bank. Daniel asks how he’ll pay for the losses but Javier says not to concern himself. He hugs his dad and leaves. Tio says he talked to Gnomo and he asked about the Los Angelicos on the inside and he says they want to see his face. Carlos says the OGs will take offense if he doesn’t give them face time. Javier says he’s too busy and tells Carlos to go in his stead.

The GTF pulls up to the Igelisa and there’s a service going on. The cops bust in guns drawn. They tell them to stay seated and announce that it’s a raid. The pastor tells him he’s doing God’s work and tries to fight them. Sam tells them to take the place apart. Ryan tries to look for a way to help. Tae says there is a locked room in the back. They ask the pastor if Javier Acosta is a parishioner.

The pastor tells them where the key is. They head into the back area and there’s nothing. The pastor says this is food for the homeless and it took them six months to collect it. Cassius tells Sam their bust is a bust. Sam snaps and shoves some shelves over. Ryan tells Sam he needs to take him to see his CI because he gave him bad info on purpose.

Lucho is the CI. Sam kicks his ass and says he and Javier tried to make a fool of him. Ryan says that he thinks Javier gave out bad intel to find the rat and says the Angelicos will be after him right now. Sam says he’s on borrowed time and Lucho begs for protection. He says when something is about to go down, Javier warns them about impending arrests and busts and says Javier has a mole on the force. Ryan looks nervous.

Ryan asks Sam if he really thinks Javier has a mole and says Lucho was desperate. Sam says they can’t afford to ignore it. He talks about the 400 people they talk to combining GTF, police and DEA. He says they need to figure out if someone is on the take.

Daniel meets with the guy he invested with and he says they’re up 10% already. He asks Jason if he can double his initial investment. He agrees readily and Daniel says he’ll wire over the funds and they’ll play golf on Sunday. His dad’s hired muscle lurks outside. The bank manager that’s spying sends a text. At GTF, Sam calls for everyone’s cell phones – personal and work. He says they’re bringing in techs to check for spyware and other sources.

Sam says they are on a communication lockdown. Ryan asks how they can follow up without tech and Sam says the good old fashioned way. Ryan managed to swap out his SIM card while everyone was distracted. Sam goes in to talk to Lucho. Ryan goes to an office, closes the blinds and listens in. Sam gives Lucho a book of the GTF personnel and tells him to look through for people that he may recognize. He pauses on the page with Ryan but then flips past and says he doesn’t know any of them.

Sam shows him a sheet on a guy that will be his son’s new cell mate – it’s a giant sodomizing rapist. Lucho asks him to please not do it and Sam says that’s what his son will be saying. Lucho insists he doesn’t know who it is and doesn’t recognize anyone.

The spy at Daniel’s bank introduces his boss to Lisa Brody from S&T Trustco, their institutional lender. Daniel welcomes her into his office and says he thought the review was in six months. She says they like to check into smaller banks more often. She asks about his strong position in SunnyLinks. She says 80% of his investments have to be in more conservative investments and says he has to pull the money back by the end of the week.

Sam asks Warren about what he’s heard from the Metas. He says they’re not talking about the shipment just beefing up manpower in case the Acostas can’t meet their obligations. Ryan says the Metas will go after the family and Ryan says the women and kids don’t deserve it. Sam says they’re all criminals and his job is to bust criminals, not feel sorry for him.

A guy comes to tell Javier they know who was passing information but the guy is hiding out. Tio tells Javier he has a visitor he needs to see. Javier goes down and finds Sam having a drink. Javier says he’s sorry for what happened at the church and says he hopes he wasn’t too embarrassed. Javier tells him that Lucho doesn’t know anything else and Sam says he’s not the only Angelico willing to talk.

Sam says the people you trust the most are the ones that get you in the end. He asks Sam why he’s there and he says it’s professional courtesy and says he wants to give him the opportunity to protect his family. Sam says he’s going to bust his 1,000 keys and knows what the Metas will do to him when he can’t pay.

Sam offers to put his whole family into witness protections if he turns himself in. Javier says Sam’s word means nothing just like his intel. Sam finishes his drink, tosses down some money and says they’ll have to wait and see. Javier reminds him that at the end of Moby Dick, the whale killed everyone. Tio asks if he thinks Sam is bluffing and he says they can’t take chances. He says to send a coded message to the Metas to reroute the shipment.

Cassius says Sam did a good job and says the Metas are singing – that means they know they’re being listened too. They’re repeating a song but stopping at a different place each time. Tae says there are different times and they wonder if it’s boats or coordinates and Cassius says it’s a shipyard. GTF gears up and goes to Newport Shipyard to try and intercept it.

Sam tells everyone to be on their A game. They pull up and hop out and shots are fired at the cops. There’s at least one officer down. Cassius says he spotted six Angelicos soldiers. Ryan takes one down and then runs deeper in toward the shipment. He sneaks closer and some gang members run past him. He looks around and spots a boat. He takes a shot at it and it goes up in flames. This buys some time for the guys to load the drugs into a non-descript boat that Ryan spots. Sam thinks they’re burning the drugs to avoid them being taken. He tells the team to move. Tae sees Ryan going rogue. Ryan shouts out to a guy and says to sink the submarine now. The guy won’t listen and Sam has to shoot him.

The GTF guys are at the ship Ryan shot and Cassius radios Ryan and asks his 20. he doesn’t reply and hops into the submarine. He opens up some valves so water will flow in and sink it. He hears a noise as Tae hops down and says they were trying to sink the sub and tells him to help close the vents. They shut them off and Sam comes down and lifts the lower hatch and finds the shipment. He turns to Tae and Ryan laughing and says – we got it.

At the hail, Carlos rolls in to see the Angelicos behind bars. He greets one of the guys and hands over this month’s package. It’s a bundle of drugs. He asks where Javier is and he says he’s there on his behalf. He says as long as there is a single Angelico locked up, he’ll keep paying to keep them safe. He asks about the ones getting out and he says they can go straight with the rest of the Acostas.

Gnomo says he can’t live on minimum wage and no one else can either. He says when he gets out, they have to sling drugs to make bank. Carlos says they will take care of them and Gnomo says like you took care of my brother. He tells Carlos that Javier is disrespecting him by letting Tio run things and says when Javier goes legit, that Daniel will be in charge and says Carlos won’t be taking care of anything.

Carlos says the family is going legit whether he likes it or not. Gnomo says screw that. He says he would rather rule in hell than roll in heaven. Gnomo asks Carlos if he’s heard about Prop 36 and says a couple of hundred third strikers are going to be out in a couple of months. He says they don’t need Javier – he says he can go legit – they just need a leader and his money is on Carlos. Carlos looks around at the other bangers and OGs and nods.

Sam is giving a press conference about the $120 million bust. They ask if he’s happy and he says no because he lost two good men today. Ryan walks by and is spotted on the news broadcast by Javier. Tae asks why he ran from the burning boat instead of away. He says it felt like a distraction. He then asks why he didn’t radio Cassius and he says he was taking fire and running.

Daniel sees the news report. There’s a knock at the door and it’s Jason. He says he has to take the investments back or his backers will pull their money. Jason says there is a three month lock in and Daniel says he can pay a penalty but Jason says the penalty is 70% of the initial investment. Daniel is floored. Jason leaves and Daniel locks up the bank. He’s jumped by a couple of guys who beat him and throw him in a van.