General Hospital Spoilers: Will Robin Scorpio Return With Jason Morgan After She Leaves Port Charles

General Hospital Spoilers: Will Robin Scorpio Return With Jason Morgan After She Leaves Port Charles

Kimberly McCullough has played the character of Robin Scorpio on General Hospital on and off for nearly 30 years now and it seems that she never intends to stay gone for very long. As the actress wraps up her recent stint she recently said that coming and going is actually very easy for her to do. She feels sorry for the shows fabulous writers that have to figure out how to make it happen in a logical way. Bringing Robin back to Port Charles is easy but figuring out her exits are pretty tricky.

According to an interview in the March 3rd print edition of Soap Opera Digest, Kimberly always wants to be working on GH. The problem is that she has other commitments to attend to that make staying full time nearly impossible. She knows full well that Robin could always be recast the minute she is off the set but for some reason the powers-that-be never do it. Although there was that one time when she was a teenager that it was actually contemplated because they didn’t think that Kimberly was sexy enough for the role!

General Hospital Spoilers: Will Robin Scorpio Return With Jason Morgan After She Leaves Port Charles

When it comes to recasts Kimberly seems to agree with many soap fans. Any role can be recast, but some characters simply shouldn’t be and now after all of these years it seems that Robin falls into that character. As far as returning to GH again in the future, the door is obviously open. Kimberly’s requirement is always the same. Robin has to be strong. Even if held captive she has to at least fight back verbally, she cant be completely victimized and that is something that Frank Valenti has completely agreed with.

Fans are watching as Robin prepares to leave, likely to rescue her frozen friend, Jason Morgan. GH has insinuated that they will be bringing him back to Port Charles soon. Do you think that he will return with Robin or will she likely get tied up along the way? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

General Hospital Spoilers: Will Robin Scorpio Return With Jason Morgan After She Leaves Port Charles

18 responses to “General Hospital Spoilers: Will Robin Scorpio Return With Jason Morgan After She Leaves Port Charles”

  1. Lynne Stanton says:

    Would love to see Jason come back BUT have never been a fan of Robin. What mother would leave her daughter after being gone for 2 years?

    • Carol Taylor says:

      You aren’t old enough to remember the ins and outs of Anna, Robert, Duke, and the other “Down unders” and beautiful Emma Samms. All were agent a that left on a moments nitice. It was more fun than Erica multiple husbands.

  2. Danielle says:

    The story lines have gotten very lame. Robin leaving after coming back finally, is ridiculous! She should have never came back. I am a fan losing interest, quickly. For her to be leaving now to rescue Jason, the writers better bring one back if not both!

  3. nick says:

    They should recast Robin. This is getting ridiculous.

  4. sherry g says:

    It’s unbelievable to let Robin leave again! The storyline is ridiculous letting her leave a child without knowing when she will return and so quickly after returning. So unbelievable to leave with Cassadine without mother and Nicolus knowing! It’s SO STUPID AND UNBELievable!

  5. atomblin74 says:

    I am almost done with GH!! Why even put us thru the agony of bringing Robin back, just to have her leave again?? We watch for months, waiting for her reunion, with her family. Now, she just leaves, and doesn’t even tell her mom. I have already read where Steve Burton, has resigned with Young and Restless, so unless Jason is being recast, he is not coming back anytime soon!! GH needs to get it together, because their fans are growing tired of the story lines!!

  6. Cassie Smith says:

    That is is your opinion but after watching today’s show I think other wise.

  7. Cassie Smith says:

    She is come back soon.

  8. Cassie Smith says:

    No the only person robin has ever loved was stone but I think what her and Patrick has is true love as well and a lot of people hope that Jason and robin will never get back together because a lot of us feel like Carly and Jason are soulmate.

  9. Cassie Smith says:

    I’m sure that’s how it started off but then again we would never know, storylines change all the time and at the end of the day you never know what is really going on for all you know they are recasting the role of Jason. As for Steve Burton who cares if he just signed another contract with y&r that doesn’t mean a thing because from what I here GH just sent him a contract with a new dail in it for him and he just had a baby so if the money right he just might be.

    • patricia pote says:

      It isn’t the money Steven wants a more stable life for his family ,with General Hospital he had to spend most of his time in New York and his family is in Tennessee . He’s doing the right thing for his family…..

  10. Sarah Snyder says:

    She will return with Jason.

  11. patricia pote says:

    The last jason should stay on young and the restless.I want Patrick to be with Robin and their daughter.With all of these changes general Hospital has become crazy.Please try an keep some of the original cast members.

  12. patricia pote says:

    Maxi will be returning after her maternity leave.Spinelli on the other hand is leaving GH.

  13. Nicholas says:

    Let robin stay

  14. jeanousimbert says:

    they will come back together they have to for their family

  15. shelle says:

    I really like the Robin,Patrick thing. Although, the last Patrick and baby is sad I truly love Robin and Patrick, almost as much as Luck and Laura

  16. Yolanda says:

    I think they should leave her out and just bring Jason back. This coming and going that robin doing is now boring. Let Dr.Drake and Sabrina get back together, they made a cute couple