General Hospital Spoilers: Will Jason Morgan Appear During The Nurses’ Ball – Steve Burton Replaced by Billy Miller?

General Hospital Spoilers: Will Jason Morgan Appear During The Nurses' Ball - Steve Burton Replaced by Billy Miller?

General Hospital’s annual Nurses Ball is less than two weeks away, and GH spoilers are already speculating what Port Charles alums will make an appearance this year. Over the years many cast members have showed up and made a cameo for the iconic red carpet event. Several General Hospital spoilers are teasing that this year Robin Scorpio-Drake (Kimberly McCullough) will make an appearance during the May 8th-12th event.

Recently Robin Scorpio-Drake was written out of General Hospital and fans were devastated. Victor Cassadine dragged Robin off to “thaw out” his relatives by hanging Jason Morgan’s life over her head. Although he was presumed dead, Victor revealed that he actually had Steve Burton’s old character “on ice” and if Robin accompanied him and brought The Cassadines (Helena and Stavros) back to life, then he would give her the opportunity to bring Jason Morgan back to life as well. So, driven by the possibility that Jason may be possibly alive, Robin abandoned her husband Patrick and daughter Emma and left Port Charles with Victor Cassadine.

The thought of Robin heading back to Port Charles for the Nurses’ Ball really isn’t that far-fetched. After all, the charity event is being held in her honor due to her HIV diagnosis. Also, it has been confirmed that Victor Cassadine will return to Port Charles on May 1st, so perhaps he brings her along with him?

We would all love to see Kimberly McCullough return to General Hospital as Robin Scorpio-Drake, even if it is just for a brief visit. But, the real question on every General Hospital fans mind is – will she bring Jason Morgan along with her? If Victor and Robin both return, then one would assume that her work is done and Jason Morgan has been saved. Since Robin left to save Jason and the idea of his character returning to GH became a reality, fans began speculating who would be taking on the role.

Steve Burton played the part of Jason Morgan off and on for a decade, spanning from 1991-2012. In 2012 it was announced that he was leaving GH for good and he took on the role of Dylan McAvoy on CBS’s The Young and the Restless. Some rumors have been circulating that Y&R alum Billy Miller could be playing the role and although that is all pure speculation, Steve did state that he approves of Billy to play Jason. Regardless of who plays the part of Jason Morgan, let’s be honest, Sonny Corinthos needs his right-hand man now more than ever.

Do you think that Kimberly McCullough will return to General Hospital for a brief stint during the Nurses Ball? If Robin does bring back Jason Morgan, who do you hope to see replace Steve Burton? Let’s not forget that we know for a fact that Victor Cassadine is returning to GH on May 1 – couldn’t he bring Jason back as well?  Let us know what you think in the comment section below!

Predictably we get different sentiments from fans on the recasting of Jason Morgan:

I like Billy Miller. It would be nice to have him back on a soap

Billy Miller is a terrible actor & not good looking. I will fast forward all his scenes as I always did. GH, you should have hired MM.

Hold on folks! We will find out soon enough who has been hired to play Jason and we’ll let you know ASAP.