General Hospital Spoilers: Robin Wakes Up Jason – Franco Learns of Sonny-Carly Kiss – Maxie’s Gun Shot Wedding

General Hospital Spoilers: Robin Wakes Up Jason - Franco Learns of Sonny-Carly Kiss - Maxie's Gun Shot Wedding

According to General Hospital spoilers, fans can’t miss a single episode of the ABC soap opera during the week of August 11-15! GH Spoilers tease that Maxie and Levi’s wedding day arrives, and it is one for the books. Right before Maxie walks down the aisle she learns that Det. Nathan West has feelings for her and begins having second thoughts about the wedding. Meanwhile, Levi will have some trouble getting to the aisle, because spoilers tease that Nathan catches him with the Aztec necklace. A General Hospital spoiler video teases that Levi pulls a gun on Nathan, and shots are fired.

General Hospital spoilers also tease that during the week of August 11, Dr. Robin Scorpio-Drake has a major medical breakthrough at Crichton-Clark, and Jason Morgan wakes up. GH fans have been waiting months for Jason Morgan’s return, and it looks like it might finally be here! Rumors have been running rampant that The Young and the Restless alum Billy Miller will be playing the part of Jason Morgan, and during the week of August 11th it looks like we might finally found out if they are true!

Love triangles are always popping up in Port Charles, and the one between Nikolas, Britt, and Elizabeth has kept fans guessing. Britt is determined to win back Nikolas, and even went as far as staging his son Spencer’s kidnapping to do so. According to General Hospital spoilers, Elizabeth might be out of the running, because on August 14th Nikolas asks Britt to move back in to the castle to live with him and Spencer! Another interesting love triangle has some shocking developments during the week of August 11th, GH spoilers tease that Nina finally breaks the news to Franco that she saw Sonny and Carly kissing, and of course all hell breaks loose.

So GH fans, are you as excited as we are for next week’s episodes? Who do you think gets shot on Maxie and Levi’s wedding day? And, who do you hope to see reprise the role of Jason Morgan? What do you think about Sonny and Carly, will they wind up back together? Share your thoughts and theories in the comments below and don’t forget to check CDL for all of your General Hospital spoilers!

14 responses to “General Hospital Spoilers: Robin Wakes Up Jason – Franco Learns of Sonny-Carly Kiss – Maxie’s Gun Shot Wedding”

  1. PassionQueen77 says:

    Levi holding a gun. Wow i didn’t see that one coming. Levi is a dangerous jungle tarzan guy. I am glad that Nathan is going to tell Maxie how he feels about her. Nathan is a good guy. Someone is going to shot or something. I guess i have to watch and see what happens. Jason waking up is the good thing. Robin works for that guy Victor Cassadine. Victor Cassadine is related to Helena right. Helena last name is Cassadine. Who knows. Silas should stay with Sam. When Sam finds out that Jason is alive she will be shocked.

    • Julie Merritt says:

      Helena’s last name is Cassadine by marriage to Mikos.

      • PassionQueen77 says:

        Oh i see. So Helena was married to Mikos. I remember Helena and Stefan in the 90’s from General Hospital. Levi is very dangerous and he needs to be stop. I wonder who is going to get shot. I am wondering who is going to play Jason Morgan on the show. Billy J Miller hasn’t signed a contract on the show yet.

  2. PassionQueen77 says:

    For Billy J Miller being on General Hospital would be nice. He will play Jason Morgan very well.

  3. Julie Merritt says:

    Hope it is Levi not Nathan.

  4. Zalman says:

    I saw a preview video for today GH at 2 that Silas was looking at Sam, Danny and Jason(as Steve Burton) together. Do you think it possible Steve Burton will surprise us this week as Jason Morgan or recast by Billy Miller? Jason wakes up today! We’ll see.

  5. disqus_ZRMdUKoDts says:

    Jason alive, yes and back! I have been waiting for this. My favorite character. The #1 Hitman/Sonnys bestfriend.. Take back the underworld from fake luke and the Jeromes.

  6. Diane says:

    I find it odd that everyone in Nathans family is evil or demented. How did he end up on the opposite side of things? If he is a cassidine, then he and nic will be the only normal ones. I would like to see Nina become a better person. I love the way she talked to nathan even though she is mental.

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  8. Julie Merritt says:

    Hope it is not Nathan. Get rid of Levi.

  9. GH forever says:

    I think it’s there way to let us say our vary sad good-byes. I understand you get tired of a roll but this bringing them back from the dead is crap! Vampirs and freezing Port chuckles! Really! Who is going to get Luke out of the “Craz House”! That is what I want to know! Jason is off and no one is going to take his place as “Jason”! I have watched this show for 50 years and it is so predictable! Just listen and watch, Sam is going to get with Robins Dr. honey! You watch and see, then it will be “YOU KNEW?” LOL!! Another one bites the dust! And that arm that pop up, it was not Billy’s arm. He is not that buff. Steve is that buff but he is not coming back as bad as I would love that. PLEASE MAKE A LIAR OUT OF ME!!! Bring him back!

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