General Hospital Spoilers: Michael Muhney Cast as AJ Quartermaine or Lucky Spencer, Billy Miller as Jason Morgan – Rumors

General Hospital Spoilers: Michael Muhney Cast as AJ Quartermaine or Lucky Spencer, Billy Miller as Jason Morgan - Rumors

Michael Muhney’s supporters have been sitting on the edge of their seats for weeks now, waiting with anticipation to learn where Michael will be going next. Some fans were clinging to the idea that he may be returning to The Young and the Restless as Adam Newman, despite being fired and the scandal that ensued. Recently, Michael’s Mom spoke out and debunked all theories that he was returning to Y&R, when she made it very clear those were not Michael’s hands in the Adam Newman scenes that we have been seeing.

Recently a few websites posted articles claiming that Michael Muhney was headed to General Hospital to play the part of AJ Quartermaine. Yeah, we were confused as well, seeing as we all watched AJ Quartermaine die and watched his weird, white, dream-like trip to Port Charles heaven. It wouldn’t come as a shock to anyone if Michael Muhney popped up on General Hospital. We fully support the idea of him playing Lucky Spencer (although the age doesn’t really work out too well) or Jason Morgan. But, AJ Quartermaine, the odds of him resurrecting that dead Port Charles resident are slim to none. Of course we know that Billy Miller is supposed to have that Jason role all wrapped up but until ABC or GH announces it we can’t be 100% sure, right?

If you are hoping to see Michael Muhney pop up on General Hospital in the near future, then there is good news. Apparently Michael is good friends with Rick Hearst (GH’s Ric Lansing), and they have been chatting each other up on Twitter. Could this mean that Rick Hearst and Michael Muhney have recently been together? Why else would Michael start tweeting stars of GH (and FYI “@carlivatiron is Ron Carlivati, the head-writer of General Hospital).

On June 24th Muhney tweeted, “@rickhearst @SoapDigest @carlivatiron I agree with every word of this article. Well done, Rick. #TalentNoDoubt.” Rick Hearst responded to Michael with, “Many thanks Michael. Appreciate the shout out!

Do you think Michael Muhney is headed to ABC’s soap opera General Hospital? What about the rumors claiming he will resurrect AJ Quartermaine, are you buying them, or do you think they are ridiculous? Let us know what you think in the comment section below.


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  1. janie says:

    I follow Michael on FB… Today he asked for people to fill him in on GH? Sounds like that might be his new home? Don’t watch GH, but will start if he goes there! If that’s where Billy Miller is headed, we’ll get to watch our two sexy guys on the same show! Time will tell?!

    • Tushkin says:

      MM has not been on yhe GH studio lot or has been filming. Sounds like he desperately needs a job.Disney would never hire him with a ‘sexual based scandal’ attached to him and I do know there are quite a few ex GH staff that went to Y&R to work with JFP because they love her. The truth has circulated through the soap community and I wonder why not many actors have come to his defense? Personally I find it strange that CDL keeps perpetuating this story because it gets the most comments. Move on already, watch the show, don’t watch…..just get over it already

      • Jennifer Ruark says:

        He was actually seen at the CBS set recently. And there’s so sex scandal attached to him. The investigator found the allegations to be false. They also stated that several cast members defended Michael & said that he was confrontational on set. Meaning he argued with Phelps. Which is why he was fired. He did nothing to Hunter. If he truly had, she would’ve called the police.

        • Andrew Hass says:

          It was reported that Sony and CBS were the ones that wanted Muhney gone.I think even Muhney said Phelps had nothing to do with it.She been the executive producer was just the one who told him he was been fired.Plus i read in Soap Opera Digest that Muhney’s contract was up at the end of 2013.So maybe it was less about firing him and more about they deciding not to renew his contract.As for Hunter King maybe she went to the TPTB of Y&R instead of the police to let them handle it.

        • Mayu says:

          LOL that’s hilarious. There was no investigator who found him innocent, or he wouldn’t have been canned for bad behavior… and no cast member defended him… they are all “no comment” because they want to keep their jobs. Heck, MM admitted to some of his bad behavior but passed it off as a joke. he did say he could come off as a bully as well… so if he’s admitting to not being a perfect angel – I guarantee you he was a bigger jerk than he admits to being.

      • Billy says:

        You need to move on. You know nothing.

      • Tikasue says:

        It’s kryptonite…. They fear for their job and retaliation. Read between the lines . It’s not his MO….no one has come forward who has also been harassed.

    • JAL says:

      MM does not have a face book page, gut he is on tweeter, so don’t what you saw. There are fan pages but there are not associated with him. And I don’t think that he needs to be filled in since he knows Producer and head writer. Think he is going to GH, but a new character being designed for him,

  2. Andrew Hass says:

    I do think Michael Muhney might sign with GH.Whether he was innocent or guilty of what he was accused maybe some time had to pass before he joined another soap.However i think AJ is dead for real this time but maybe Michael Muhney could play a Cassadine.

  3. Tikasue says:

    It’s all hearsay and speculation.
    Don’t believe everything u read or hear. U can have your opinions but don’t force them on us as FACT! pplleeaassee!,, Not that simple.
    plz have an open mind. These writers are trying to rile us up. And it’s working. And I don’t believe MM molested or fondled H.k. Why wld he do that?!!! My opinion. Lol!!!

  4. Lili says:

    It has been renewed, but the feel and look of the show is completely cheapened. All My Children wasn’t destroyed overnight. It takes time, but this is definitely where this is heading. And I completely agree that Michael needs to not make waves wherever it is that he lands next. You can’t change the SYSTEM!

  5. Lili says:

    Michael’s wive comes from money and his father is a successful business man. Money is the least of his worries. SONY and CBS have probably black listed him in the industry.

  6. Sarasam says:

    Better not be as Jason, He does not fit Jason’s role and could never take his place. Jason’s role is Steve Berton’s role only! No one can replace him. Steve started in 1997 as Jason G.H. The only actor to play his part. Writers better wake up, this is not the Y&R, nor do we want it to be. Don’t try to replace major roles with some wannabe or a out of work actor/actress. This is STILL General Hospital and we want it to stay that way. Bringing new people in is one thing, replacing major roles is another.

    • RedRiver38 says:

      Please, send Steve Burton back to General Hospital. He’s God awful on Y&R. He can’t act.

      • Sarasam says:

        We will gladly take him back. Y&R has no actors/actresses. We don’t want people that can not perform or just plain bad actors/actresses.

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  9. RedRiver38 says:

    He did deny it on twitter. His family has denied it. You choose not to acknowledge it. You just want to believe it.

  10. RedRiver38 says:

    Yes Kelli, he did deny it. His family denied it, you just want to believe it. You hate the guy. Go away.

  11. RedRiver38 says:

    Wow, you were there? I find it amazing how people know the real story based on a smear. Hey, what happened in Libya? I’m sure you know that too.

  12. RedRiver38 says:

    Hey Christine, a lot of people think you look like a hooker. How do you like that?

  13. Sarasam says:

    Billy as you call him needs to stay at Y&R. No matter the part he plays on G.H. it’s not a good out come. I know that soaps bring in new so called talent. But I think we can agree, that there are some roles that can’t be replaced by anyone, your soap or mine. It would be a different story if it was a new role, but not a 27 year old role played by the same actor/actress. Just not the same.

  14. Sarasam says:

    I think that would be a big mistake on their part if they plan on replacing him. Fans will probably be a little upset. Steve is the sole owner of the Jason role. I for one would love to see him back on G.H.

    • Andrew Hass says:

      If Steve Burton is staying on Y&R and GH wants to bring Jason back then they would have no choice but to recast.They can’t wait for Burton to become available which may never happen.

  15. PassionQueen77 says:

    All i said that Michael Muhney can’t play A.J Quartermaine because he is dead. Then your words would come out right. This is general hospital. I don’t know about the people who died and if they come back alive. I am new to this soap opera.

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  18. Monica says:

    I would love it if they explained how AJ survived death (again) and if Michael M plays the role. He would be perfect! It would be easy to explain given that Monica already pulled it off once and it can tie into Robin bringing back Jason. Billy M is a perfect Jason too, though hoping Jason will come back as Jason Quartermaine not Jason Morgan since it would be amazing to see these two great actors in many scenes.

  19. jade says:

    You’re as gullible as the fools who fed this bogus story! He was fired for being an exceptional actor not taking any BS from ole timer aka EB who can no longer memorize his lines. How many times does an actor need to look at his cell phone on camera? JFP will be fired sooner rather then later for sinking yet another soap ship!

  20. jade says:

    They’re not replacing Alison Sweeney. The look alike they were debating on is a kid ‘barely out of diapers’ (figure of speech) They’ll leave the door open for Alison to return. Will not replace her with a nobody!

  21. sharon says:

    I recently saw Michael in a Lifetime movie and wondered if he is going onto a soap opera….anyone know?? TY