Steve Burton Headed Back To Play Jason Morgan On General Hospital?

Steve Burton Headed Back To Play Jason Morgan On General Hospital?

Oh boy, I suspect that a whole bunch of General Hospital fans nearly lost their minds yesterday when a photograph of Jason Morgan was purposely shown on camera. Any longtime soap viewer knows that these things don’t happen on accident and that reminding viewers of the character portrayed by Steve Burton was a purposeful move, one intended to make people like me speculate about what is going on. I’m seeing two possible scenarios here so roll with me for a minute and then tell me what you think is happening.

First off, the powers-that-be are ready to bring Jason back to the GH canvas or else they wouldn’t want you actively thinking about him right now. The timing is perfect because Kimberly McCullough is about to exit and it seems that the only thing that can possibly tear her away from her family would be her 20 bond to Jason, right? So something huge is brewing and we have heard rumors about GH recasting Jason, perhaps with Michael Muhney who certainly would do well in Port Charles. But why show viewers a photo of Steve only to insist that fans immediately accept a recast? That doesn’t make much sense because in truth Jason has been off the canvas to make viewers forget about Steve’s portrayal. They aren’t about to flash him onscreen now, unless perhaps he is on his way back.

Think about it. He has pretty much completed a full year at The Young and the Restless right and the working environment over there is a hot mess at best. No one trusts anyone, the fans are dropping off and the backlash is heard loud and clear everywhere. Just because he followed Jill Farren Phelps there doesn’t mean he’s willing to stay in such a hostile environment- especially when he did love GH and the character of Jason! Plus if the fans boycott and Y&R’s ratings dive then the advertising will disappear and no one’s job is secure and let’s not forget that Steve and his wife are expecting a third child. He needs stability and a peaceful work environment and neither of those things are a sure bet any more at Y&R.

Perhaps Steve will really be returning to the role of Jason and GH producers will hit the jackpot and have him bring Muhney with him as a new sidekick of sorts. Can you even imagine the fan reaction? GH would truly be sitting high atop the Neilsen ratings then, right? Is Steve about to come home to GH? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

36 responses to “Steve Burton Headed Back To Play Jason Morgan On General Hospital?”

  1. Angel 2009 says:

    Please! Please! Please! Let This Be True! Burton teamed up with Muhney would be a blockbuster for GH!

  2. Pattie Estep says:

    If he is smart he will jump back to GH fast!

  3. RedRiver38 says:

    Burton’s not going to leave Y&R with his sugar mama running the show. Maybe Jason had plastic surgery….LOL.

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  5. Natalia says:

    Being Steve Burton back to GH and bring Michael Muhney with him and you will have ratings skyrocket.

  6. Rhonda Bateman says:

    Y&R cut their own throats when they hired JF (soap killer) Phelps.
    I hope Burton DOES go back to GH. I didn’t like his character or any of the other “Friends of Jill” that blighted the scenery in Genoa City.
    As for me, either way I’m done with Y&R. When they let Michelle, Billy and Michael go the show became a “who cares” instead of a “must see”…

  7. cynical one says:

    “…Any longtime soap viewer knows that these things don’t happen on accident…”

    On accident? What illiterate writes this? What editor would allow this? And, who would publish this?
    The dumbing down of America.

  8. edwina lee says:

    Works for me.

  9. Debbie Leak says:

    I hope gh bring Steve Burton back as Jason Morgan cause we don’t think nobody else can play jason like steve. And if he don’t come back they might as well leave jason dead..

  10. Soap Lover says:

    Would love, love, love to see Steve come back! Shaun just doesn’t cut it as Sonny’s enforcer. Michael Muhney would be a good fit for Port Charles too but (if possible) as another character. They need to get rid of the Obrecht person too – that was so lame to bring her in. Work with the great people you already have and could get back!

  11. Soap Lover says:

    Seems to me that they wouldn’t legally be able to use his photo for this without his permission and why give it while working on another show? I can live without Kimberly – but I don’t want Patrick to end up with Sabrina either.

  12. Debby says:

    Would love to see Steve return to GH. If M. Muhney came too, that would be a double bonus for the show and fans. Y&R has written pathetic story lines recently. They deserve to lose good actors. I hope others follow.

  13. Laurie Barry says:

    OMG COME BACK !!!!!!!!!! that would be so awesome !!!!!

  14. thicks says:

    I estimate when … not if Farren-Phelps is fired….Burton will return to GH shortly there after…most like when his contract with YR is up.

  15. Tomeka Cook says:

    One can only hope he is coming back to General Hospital. I like him on Y&R but love him more as Jason!

  16. […] as quickly as General Hospital started showing the picture of Jason Morgan on camera again the actor who portrayed him, Steve Burton shot down any hopes that he would be returning to […]

  17. Carla Davis Abercrombie says:

    PLEASE!! bring Jason back!!!!! It’s a no brainier!!

  18. JasamRox says:

    Totally agree with you!!! No one can play Jason other than Steve! It has to be boosting ratings just to talk about his return. Please don’t recast, bring Steve back!!!!!

    • Ruth Buckingham says:

      Steve Burton has 2 return 2 GH as Jason Morgan no one could ever ever replace him. He is the one and only Jason Morgan he is the Best!!!!! Do not ever replace him offer him a deal he can’t resist. Bring him back 2 where he belongs. We need 2 c those wonderful blue eyes again on GH. Come home Steve plzzzz!!! Ruth

  19. JasamRox says:

    That would be great!!

  20. Crista Thompson says:

    U can’t replace Jason EVER!!!!!!!

  21. kev says:

    I want Jason to come back ever fan does I’ve heard talk about sonny leaven if he leaves and Jason gone the general hospital fans I’ll fall I thank sonny is going to leave so they will have to bring Jason back to general hospital

  22. Shelby says:

    Bring Steve Burton back. He plays Jason better than anyone. But as the enforcer. Dont bring him back as the one before the accident with aj. Hes better as the enforcer jason. Steve Burton was the best part of General Hospital and i dont think Michael Muhney will play a good Jason. Jasons suppose to be tough and buff but michael muhney doesnt look like it.

  23. chanel says:

    I’ve been watching general hospital since I was about 8 I don’t think Jason will come back as Jason Morgan I think as Jason quartermaine because he fell pretty hard in that water I think he’ll forget all about Jason morgan but not sam or danny

  24. Ana says:

    I rather see the old Jason come back I watched GH because of him and since he left I less watch GH
    Bring the old Jason Morgan back don’t recast with someone else!!

  25. Miriam Harper says:

    I really miss Steve Burton on GH I would really love to see him come back.Him And Sam made a good couple. Also he would be coming back to the son he thought was someone else’s. I’m so excited please please bring the real Jason back cause no one can walk in those shoes but Steve Burton.


  26. Ex-GH fan says:

    I stopped watching GH because they killed off Jason and just when Sam and Jason got back together and with a baby too! Jason and Sam are my all time favorite soap couple and if Steve Burton was to return as Jason Morgan I would watch GH again.I have seen great characters come and go on GH but none have bothered me so badly that I quit watching the show except this one.

  27. Christine says:

    Steve Burton must come back as Jason Morgan. I am a GH fan since high school I won’t give my age now. There will never be anyone that will ever be able to take his place. Please Please Please bring Steve Burton back home where he is missed and well loved GH.

  28. Sherida says:

    I love Steve Burton know matter what soap he is on. I can tell you right now I do not like the new Billy Abott. I wish Billly Miller was back it’s not the same. I have been a faithful viewer of Y&R since it first aired and I am getting pretty fed up with all that’s taken place.

  29. Ellie1123 says:

    No, what is terrible is accusing somebody of something with no proof. I seriously don’t think if he did this he would be permitted back on the set but he was there.

  30. jan says:

    I feel that Steve Burton is Jason Morgan… everyone else won’t be believable….. Sorry Steve you did too good a job :-) :-) :-)

  31. twila ritenour says:

    Please don’t boycott y&r, ive been watching since I was 10 and I already lost two of my shows, all my children and one life to live, and I can’t watch general hospital anymore as I can’t afford cable, y&r is the only one I can watch anymore and if it gets taken off the air I’ll be forced to become something I’m not. And you see where all the boycotting eventually got us with all my children and one life to live.

  32. Destiny says:

    Steve Burton or no Jason at all. Sorry Steve you’re not replaceable…And that Billy Abbott is ugh, that’s probably why Victoria divorced him!!!

  33. Donna9000 says:

    There is only ONE Jason Morgan…

  34. says:

    I want Steve burton back as Jason morgan he was the best and only Jason

  35. adriana barajas says:

    Would love for the original Jason from general hospital to come back & get with Sam. Love Jason for Sam. Please bring him back!!