Gotham Recap – Bruce and Selina Crushing: Season 1 Episode 9 “Harvey Dent”

Gotham Recap - Bruce and Selina Crushing: Season 1 Episode 9 “Harvey Dent”

Tonight on FOX Gotham continues with an all new Monday November 17, season 1 episode 9 called, “Harvey Dent.” On tonight’s episode, Selina [Camren Bicondova] leads a new friend on a dangerous journey through Gotham to evade assassins on her trail. Meanwhile, Gordon [Ben McKenzie] is reassigned to duty at Arkham Asylum.

On the last episode, Gordon and Bullock investigated a Gothamite who ran a deadly fight club for candidates applying for a job at his financial firm. Meanwhile, Bruce returned to school and got a visit from a new friend. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode as per teh FOX synopsis, “trying to close the Wayne murder case, a young Harvey Dent (guest star Nicholas D’ Agosto) encourages Gordon to team up with Mayor James (guest star Richard Kind). Meanwhile, Penguin makes contact with Mooney’s secret weapon, Liza (guest star Mackenzie Leigh).”

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Jim comes home calling for Barbara – he has Selina with him. She says it’s a fancy place for a cop and he says it’s his girlfriend’s. He find the note from Barbara telling him she’s going away for a while until she can pull herself together mentally – she’s scared of Victor Zsasz. When he goes to take a call, Selina reads the note and says it looks like his GF has taken off on him. She asks if she can stay and he says he has a place for her.

There’s a knock and he tells her it’s a sketch artist he wants her to describe the Waynes’ killer to. She asks where he’s going to make her stay and he says he’s taking her to Wayne Manor later. A dangerous inmate is being transported – he’s a genius bomb-maker named Ian Hargove who can make a bomb out of almost anything. The lead guard tells the others to be on high alert at they load him into the van. He spits something from his mouth into his hands just before they slap wide leather shackles on him.

Jim shows the sketch Selina described to Bruce and Alfred. He tells them about Selina. Alfred asks how he can ask a common street criminal to live with them and says her being there will put Bruce in danger. Bruce says if she can help catch his parents’ killer, she can stay as long as it takes. Jim says he, Montoya and Allen are meeting with a trustworthy ADA today to try and press on the case. Jim tells him that witnesses that stick it out to testify care about their victims.

Bruce finds Selina playing with a Ming vase and she says you can get one just like it for $5 in Chinatown. He smiles at how pretty she is and they introduce themselves. She tells him to call her Cat and he does. They seem to be getting along. Hargrove plays with something in the mitten that’s strapped onto his hand. The guard tells him to stop it and pulls out gum on a metal object.

A truck cuts off the van and a guy gets out and shoots up all the guards. Hargrove hears his name called and is told it’s time to go. He’s in shock, but has to go with the armed men that have killed the guards transporting him. Harvey Dent makes a bet with a kiddie juvenile criminal. He offers to flip a coin with the kid for jail or going back to school and playing it straight. Harvey flips the coin and the kid calls heads. It’s heads and he tells the kid to go on.

Jim, Montoya and Allen walk over to talk to him. Jim ask what if the kid called tails and Harvey says teens always call heads and shows him it’s a double sided coin – both heads. Harvey takes a look at their info on the Wayne murder and asks if they’ve heard of Dick Lovecraft – he’s a billionaire. Falcone,  the mayor and the Waynes all did business with him. He thinks Lovecraft was involved in the murders and wants to use the witness to go after him.

Jim says the witness didn’t see Lovecraft but Harvey says saying the witness has info leading to Lovecraft will rattle cages. Harvey says they don’t even have to file papers or name names, they just create a buzz to create a break in the case. Harvey says he too wants to make the city a better place. Jim cuts a deal to try it as long as his witness’ name is not revealed so she’s not in danger. He then goes back to GCPD and Harvey tells him about the bomber Hargrove’s escape.

He says he was busted out by four gunmen which is odd since he was a lone wolf who was isolated in jail and in life. His brother John was his only visitor in jail and they’re bringing him in. Jim looks down and Harvey asks if he’s having dame problems. He tells him high society girls are always problems.

Bruce and Alfred spar and Selina watches them. When Bruce is distracted looking at her, Alfred sneaks in a punch. She asks why he’s learning to fight and he says so he’ll be prepared. She scoffs and says he lives in a rough neighborhood. She then says in Gotham people don’t fight with gloves on. She says she’s hungry and Alfred says she slept through breakfast and lunch is at noon. Bruce offers to have Alfred fix her something and he says it’s not a hotel. She walks away.

Bruce says she’s their guest and Alfred says he didn’t realize Bruce fancied her. Bruce asks him about girls and Alfred tells him she’s trouble. They go back to sparring. Oswald picks a lock to get into an apartment – it’s Liza’s place. He looks at a photo of her and Falcone and wonders what she’s up to. He goes through her purse and then into her bedroom where he sniffs an item of clothing. He checks her perfume bottles and sniffs them and then compares them to the clothing. He says – lilacs.

He takes the shirt and leaves just before she comes home. He hides up a flight of stairs to avoid her. She notices her shirt is gone and hears a sound. Oswald is off and rushing back down the stairs and she doesn’t see him. John tells Harvey and Jim he has no idea what’s up with his brother. He says he and his brother are close and the bomb that killed the janitors was an accident. He says he’s not a killer. He says his brother blew up munitions factories that made weaponry and was trying to do good.

John says none of Ian’s bombs hurt anyone until the last and he felt so guilty he turned himself in and pleaded guilty. We see Ian constructing a bomb that he builds into a picnic basket. John says his brother had mental problems and his family couldn’t afford to get him help. He says Blackgate didn’t help his brother either. He says Ian isn’t bad, just sick. Ian gets done with the bomb and looks around to see that he’s not watched and peels off a metal furniture label from the table he’s working at and puts it in with the bomb.

John says his brother needs help – he’s sure he’s been taken. They take the bomb basket he’s made and put some pricey foods in it like a fancy hamper. At a Gotham munitions facility, the basket is dropped off as a delivery. The guards break into it happily and start eating the goodies then hear a ticking sound. The bomb goes off while Ian watches from the van he’s in. The guard shack is a complete fireball. Bruce reads the paper as Selina comes in and joins him. She tells him the house makes noise and he says it’s old.

He offers for Alfred to buy her some clothes but she says no. He asks her what living on the streets is like and if she lives alone. He says living here is better. She asks about school and he says he’s developing his own curriculum. He asks about her parents and she says they’re around and wants to know what it is to him. She gets mad and says she’s not an orphan. She says she has lots of family and stomps out of the room.

Essen tells Harvey and Jim that five security guards are dead and the press is calling Ian an urban terrorist. They stole HMX – a military grade explosive ten times more deadly than C-4. She says using explosives to steal explosives is crazy. Jim says he thinks they’re going after a harder to crack target with the HMX. Alfred calls and says Selina is safe but says it won’t work out. He says she’s a tough nut but Jim says they need her safe. He says he’ll come out as soon as he can. Alfred isn’t pleased.

Fish works when Butch comes in and tells her everything’s good. He asks if she’s sure she wants to go through with the plan and she tells him not to get scared on her now. Oswald comes into the club laughing and she says he must love being hurt. He says he was passing by and thought he’d say hello. He says he’s just being friendly then leans in and sniffs her. He says – lilacs. He tells her she smells good and she says that he doesn’t.

He tells her she’s snappy as ever. He tells her bye and says he’s sorry she’s still grumpy with him. He says reaching out in friendship is never wrong and leaves. Butch says – that dude is creepy – and she says to forget him, he’s nothing. Harvey has Ian’s phone records before he went to prison. Jim tells him that Barbara left and he doesn’t know where she’s gone. Harvey says it’s a pressure tactic to get him to set a date. Ed comes in and asks if they play video games. He says he loves them and each is like a new puzzle.

He says he found a name plate in the shrapnel and it’s from an abandoned metal factory. Harvey tells him it’s good work and they leave to go check it out. They creep into the place and see Ian working on another bomb. He raises his hands and tells them they broke him out of prison, kidnapped him and threatened his brother’s family if he didn’t help them.

He says it’s Russians, one named Kasyanov. He says he put the name plate into the bomb so they could trace him there. He says they’re planning a big job against Falcone. The Russians show up then and Ian warns them so they have time to duck. They exchange fire with them and the Russians are able to grab Ian and get away. Jim and Harvey run after them but they are long gone.

Selina looks out the windows and then opens a latch. Bruce comes in and tells her they can call her a taxi if she wants to go somewhere. She says he moves quiet and he says she does too. He asks if she’s leaving and she says she’s thinking about it. He says he’s sorry he made her upset talking about her family but she denies she was bothered. She looks at a photo and asks if it’s his mom. She says she looks nice and he says she was.

He asks if she saw her the night she was killed and if she also saw him and what he did and didn’t do. Selina says there was nothing he could have done. She says a gun is a gun. She says her mom is in show business and sings, dances and does magic tricks and gets paid millions but she’s really a secret agent. She says she’s on a secret mission and when she’s done, she’s coming back for her. Bruce plays along and says that’s good.

She asks if he’s ever kissed a girl. He says no and she asks if he wants to. Alfred interrupts and says it’s time for lessons then invites Selina to join them. She declines. The Mayor rants to Essen, Jim and Harvey and says his phone is ringing off the hook with complaints about the bombings. Jim makes it clear he thinks it’s the mayor’s fault and he asks how he’s to blame. Jim says he has a pile of mentally ill people at Blackgate with no mental health professionals to treat them so they have to send them out and that’s how Ian escaped. The Mayor is annoyed and tells them to find the guy today. Essen says – yes sir.

She asks Jim what’s wrong with him. She says she put John and his family in protective custody but that doesn’t help Ian since he doesn’t know that. Lovecraft is in Harvey’s office and he tells the guy he’s going to press charges and has the last piece of evidence. He says he has an eye witness to tie him and the others to the crime. He tells Lovecraft to confess and he threatens Harvey who snaps and says he will rip him open. Then his polite mask is back on and he tells Lovecraft it’s good to see him.

Harvey shows Jim the file on Gregor Kasyanov who worked for Nikolai before he died. They wonder who has the cash and the beef with Falcone – could be anyone. Fish gets out of her car and meets with Kasyanov. He says they ran into a little trouble and she says she has a lot riding on this job. She says it’s Falcone’s fault that Nikolai is dead and they need to take Falcone’s money to get back at him. She hands him a key to a truck he needed and tells him to break a leg.

Bruce is fully clothed underwater in the pool. He comes back up and checks his time. Selina is there and tells him he’s the weirdest kid she’s ever met. He says he’s training and she asks if this is like the boxing. She asks if he thinks someone is going to mug him with a diving board. He says he’s learning willpower and self-discipline. She tells him he needs to be mean and ruthless to survive on the streets. She tells him he’s a nice kid and will be mince meat after five minutes on the street no matter how long he can hold his breath.

Ed listens to a quiz show while he works. He knows all the answers. He gets something to explode and giggles excitedly. He goes down to tell them that HMX is very difficult to manufacture and is used to penetrate iron. Harvey says like the vault of a bank and he says no – that’s steel. They wonder if it’s the Gotham armory which is very old. They wonder if Falcone was the one that bought it.

At the armory, Ian tells them the bomb is ready. He sets if off and it blows small chunks out of the door. Kasyanov says it didn’t work but then the door falls out. Ian asks if he’ll keep his promise that no one else will get hurt and he says sure and walks off. They’re loading up the money when GCPD surrounds them. They call for Ian and tell him that John and his family are safe and in protective custody. The Russian aren’t putting down their weapons.

Ian walks toward them with his hands up. Jim hears a cell phone trill and says the truck has a bomb on it. He runs toward Ian and he and Harvey are able to duck down before the truck explodes. Butch was lurking nearby and was the one that set off that bomb. Selina and Bruce swap smiles as they eat. She throws a donut at him and says she bets he can’t hit her. She tells him to hit her and she’ll let him kiss her. She throws more food at him. He throws food at her and she ducks then scrambles behind a sofa.

They have a full fledged food fight going when Alfred peeks in. He’s happy to see Bruce acting like a kid. His phone rings. It’s Jim who says he’s trying to get out there. Alfred tells him it’s all right and says she’s been a breath of fresh air. Alfred doesn’t rush him this time. Liza comes home and finds Oswald sitting in her bedroom. He says he has to speak to her and says – you know who I am. She says Falcone would kill him if he knew he was there. He says he knows she’s spying for Fish.

Liza says he has no proof but he says suspicion is a funny thing and Falcone would start doubting her every time he looked at her. She says he cares about her and he says – let’s call him and see, shall we. He dials and she tells him to stop. He tells her that her secret is safe. He says he won’t tell because she’s going to keep working for Fish and won’t tell anyone he was there or she’ll die. She’s scared.

Harvey shows up at GCPD and asks to talk to Jim. He says Lovecraft is scared and he thinks he did it. He says things are going to move soon. Harvey tells him good job on the Hargrove case and takes off. Harvey tells Jim they’re moving Hargrove to Arkham and all the Blackgate psycho inmates are heading there so they can get proper treatment. Jim says Arkham is a wreck but Harvey says it is what it is.

He says Ian told him the bomb on the truck wasn’t his and he didn’t know who set it. Butch comes to see Fish and says all of the men are dead including Kasyanov and theirs. He asks if she’s mad about the money being destroyed and she says no, the point was to harm Falcone and that part worked out. The Mayor calls a press conference and says they’ve had recent tragedy in Gotham as a result of the criminally insane not getting the help they need.

He says he’s moving forward with plans to make the newly renovated Arkham Asylum into a place for the criminally insane. We see a bus load of nutters getting off loaded there. Jim leaves Barbara a message begging her to come back and saying he has nothing without her and that he loves her. Turns out, Barbara is in bed with Montoya, still in Gotham – just not with him. Oh snap.