‘Gotham’ Spoilers Synopsis Preview Video Episode 5 “Viper” Sneak Peek (PHOTOS)

'Gotham' Spoilers Synopsis Preview Video Episode 5 "Viper" Sneak Peek (PHOTOS)

Gotham season 1 spoilers and synopsis tell us that we can expect some excitement in episode 5 “Viper” which as the preview video below shows is going to be wild! We also provide you with a detailed recap/review of episode 4 so you can get caught up on all the details of “Arkham.”

Synopsis for Gotham “Viper” episode 5:


Gordon and Bullock search for the source of a new street drug that causes euphoria then death. Meanwhile, Oswald Cobblepot works his way deeper into Maroni’s (guest-star David Zayas) inner circle and Fish Mooney continues to plot against Falcone.

Guest Cast: Daniel London as Stan Potolsky; Kett Turton as Busker; Genevieve Hudson-Price as Charmagne; Peter Maloney as Isaac Steiner; Margaret Colin as Taylor Reece; David Zayas as Maroni; Jeremy Davidson as Nikolai; Danny Mastrogiorgio as Frankie Carbone; Mackenzie Leigh as Liza

Below is your weekly review of Gotham Episode 4 “Arkham”

The episode opened with: Barbara tells James to come to the door. When he gets there he sees Oswald. Oswald says hello to James. Oswald then lets on that he knows who Barbara is. Oswald tells her his name is Peter Humboldt. Barbara offers him a drink, James snaps out of his shock and tells her that his being there is about work. James takes Oswald outside and into the alley. James slams him against a wall and tells him if Falcone finds out he is still breathing he will kill them both. Oswald suggest he take a chill pill and relax. Oswald butters him up by telling him he is the best thing to happen to Gotham since sliced bread. Oswald tells James he just wants to help him. Oswald lets him know that Mooney, Falcone and even his partner Harvey are lying to his face. Oswald picks up a broken bottle and challenges James to either kill him or trust him. Oswald wants to help James save Gotham and says he will be his spy. Oswald warns James a war is on it’s say. Oswald tells James this is all about Arkham. Cryptic I know. There are some kids yelling and James glances that direction. When he turns back Oswald has vanished.

Jenkins and one of his aides are distracted by a man in the parking lot. He tells Jenkins that he voted for him. The man wants to show me moms something. The man opens a briefcase and begins to put together a silver gadget of some kind. The man has the aide worker look into one end of it and he shoots him. The man the. Turns to Jenkins and tells him he is next. The Mann them shoots out a dagger that goes into Jenkins shoulder. Jenkins takes off for his office to escape. The man follows him. He tells Jenkins that he did in fact vote for him. With that the mans kills Jenkins as well.

Harvey is approached by Captain Essen. She informs Harvey the Jenkins case is a homicide and he and James need to check it out.

Mooney is watching a girl named Plenty sing. Mooney tells her that the girl she is looking for needs more than a pretty voice and face for the job she wants her to do. Mooney ask Plenty if she likes men or women. Plenty tells her men. Mooney tells her to act like a man and seduce her. Plenty gives it a go. Mooney is not impressed to say the least. Mooney turns to Butch and tells him she is looking for a weapon of the female kind.

James and Harvey are interrogating some mugger named Nicky. Nicky is adamant that he doesn’t kill people. Harvey claims they have witnesses. James gets disgusted and leaves. He goes to Alvarez and ask what’s in the box. Alvarez tells him it’s evidence. James looks in it and finds a proposal for Arkham Development.

The Mayor is at a press conference. He tells everyone that the Wayne’s were working to get affordable housing for lower income families. The Mayor then tells everyone that Arkham would be torn down and built into a newer state of the art facility.

Oswald is eavesdropping when Maroni comes into the restaurant and tells his thugs that he will be getting a lucrative land deal.

James swings by Wayne Manor to ask a few questions. James ask Alfred about the plans for Arkham. Alfred tells him that Falcone and Maroni are battling it out and that it is only Wayne by way of the name. Bruce wanders in and tells James he doesn’t want the dram his parents had to die with them. James tells them that it could end up causing a war between Maroni and Falcone. Bruce is adamant James has to stop that from happening. James gets a call from Harvey. Harvey tells him Zeller has been taken. Zeller is in Maroni’s pocket.

A man is wheeling a huge container into the now empty Arkham. The man takes the lid off. We see the guy who killed Jenkins pour gasoline into the container. The guy tells Zeller if it was up to him he wouldn’t die this way but the customer gets what the customer wants. Zeller starts frantically promising he will change his vote. He tells the guy to tell Falcone. The guy doesn’t budge. He is supposed to die and die he will in a fireball.

Essen knows this is not just a co inky dink. James tells her it’s all about Arkham. James explains that one was in Falcone’s pocket and the other was in Maroni’s. James tells her Falcone started and Maroni is trying to finish it. Harvey wants to know why James is all knowing. Edward swings by and lets them know the ME has offered up quite the quandary. You see they both had wound caused by a metal spike. James is curious to know how the killer can be working for both Maroni and Falcone. Harvey seems to think it’s normal for Gotham.

Oswald is eavesdropping again. His boss is counting his money when he sees Oswald he bitches him out. He tells Oswald to mind his own damn business. Oswald replies with a yes sir anything you say sir.

James and Harvey are nice enough to bring some smokes to a guy in jail. Harvey tells him he is looking for a killer and then gives him a description. The guy who is overjoyed to have received cigs tells them the guy they are looking for is named Gladwell and he works at the Lansky Building in Midtown.

They head over to Lansky. The receptionist tells them that he works in Human Resources. Gladwell sees them heading his direction and he carefully sneaks out the back. One of his co workers rats him out. James heads out the back. Gladwell is putting his silver gadget together. Gladwell then gets ready to take James out. Harvey yells fur janes and he goes back in. There are newspaper clippings all in his desk about Jenkins and Zeller. Harvey tells James how much he loves the easy ones. They hear something and almost blow a woman’s head off who is just taking some paper clips. They go back to what they were doing and notice a card with the letters C L M. Neither has any idea what it could mean.

Bruce has another nightmare about his parents murder. Bruce starts screaming and Alfred comes running in. Alfred ask if he was in the dream. Bruce tells him not this time. Bruce then ask Alfred to get him all of the files on Arkham he wants to see if there is a connection between it and his parents murders.

Oswald hides in the bank when some thugs come in to rob the restaurant. Pretty soon the guys that were helping count the money are dead and the money has been taken. When Maroni’s men show up they follow the trail of blood to the freezer. The open it and find a very cold and shaking Oswald. He tells them that Lou was shot in the stomach. Oswald tells them he managed to get one bag of money but the rest was taken. Maroni’s men tell him he can tell it to the boss.

James gets home early from work. Barbara tells him he keeps secrets from her. James doesn’t deny it and says it’s part of his job. She brings up Oswald and uses his real name. James ask if Montoya has been to see her. He ask why she keeps coming to see her. Barbara tells him that they used to be together. Barbara ask if he is mad at her because she used to be with a woman. James tells her he is mad because she has been lying to him.

Maroni is throwing a fit and blaming the robbery on Falcone. Maroni tells Frankie he wants to go after Falcone. Oswald is working in the back. Maroni tells Frankie to have Oswald come over. When Oswald gets to Maroni he tells him he is the new manager. Oswald smiles.

Harvey lets James know the real Gladwell has been dead for five years and was murdered with the same weapon as Zeller and Jenkins. James wants to know about the three letters. Harvey thinks it’s a dead end. James thinks Harvey is lazy. James tells them they need to find the guy before the vote tomorrow. Harvey makes it clear they are working this case his way.

Mooney is still looking for her girl. She offers the position to a girl named Liza. Mooney ask her if she is willing to do whatever it takes to have it all. Mooney tells Liza to seduce her. Liza kisses her and then takes a sip of her drink before she walks away. Harvey comes in and she ask him if he sees anything he likes. Harvey says he does then gives the old hint hint wink wink. Harvey ask Mooney about Gladwell. Mooney knows him by reputation only. Harvey wants to know if Mooney would be able to find him. Mooney wants to know what she will get out of it. Harvey says he will owe her. Mooney is in. She then tells Harvey it doesn’t really matter because Falcone will just get someone to take Gladwell’s place. Mooney tells him Falcone can’t let Maroni win because he will come off as being old and weak. Harvey ask if that would be bad for her. Mooney tells him no worries she always has a Plan B.

James gets a call from Oswald. Oswald tells him that Maroni plans to hit someone else that works for Falcone that very night. James wants to know how Oswald knows. Oswald tells him Gotham is his home.

James gets a list of the Mayor’s security to team for the event. Each of the last names either start with a C a L or a M. James is confident the Mayor is next on Maroni’s hit list. James goes to his house and tells him his life is in danger. The Mayor is concerned about something in his safe.

James tells him they don’t have time for this. James offers to take him the Mayor to his sisters. Gladwell meanwhile is in the house and heading up the stairs with his trusty silver gadget. James opens the door and gets knocked down by Gladwell. He drops his gun in the process. They run to the room and shut the door. Gladwell shoots it. James is fighting with Gladwell while the Mayor tries to hide. Gladwell is a out to use his silver gadget on James when Harvey comes bursting in. Gladwell lets James go. Harvey tells him to drop his weapon. Gladwell goes to kill the Mayor. Both James and Harvey blow him away.

Barbara goes to see James at work. They again argue about all the secrets he keeps. She reminds him he has let her in before. James tells her he won’t make that mistake again. Barbara tells him either he lets her in or he has to let her go.

Mooney has Plenty and Liza fight for the job. Liza beats the shit out of Plenty and then bashes her head into the concrete for good measure. Liza ask Mooney when she starts.

Oswald walks in while the robbers are counting the money. They grab their guns but put them down she they see Oswald. He hands them a box of Canoli. Oswald tells them to eat up. They are so gonna die.

The Mayor is giving another press conference and James and Harvey are watching the Mayor says that he is using part of both plans. A reporter ask about Arkham. The Mayor says they are going to reopen it.

Mooney is watching it with Lisa and tells her after the hit Falcone just took she hired her just in time.

Bruce is upset that two crime bosses are handling what his parents worked for.

Oswald has the bag of money and heads out while all of his ummmm……. associates lay dead on the floor. I guess sweets really are bad for you.