Graceland Recap 6/25/14: Season 2 Episode 3 “Tinker Bell”

Graceland Recap 6/25/14: Season 2 Episode 3 “Tinker Bell”

Tonight on the USA Network Graceland returns with another episode of its second season called, “Tinkerbell.” On tonight’s show the team tries to find the bus line responsible for smuggling contraband into the country.

On the last episode Briggs reconnected with his sordid past to help Mike find information regarding a deadly cartel. Elsewhere, Paige demanded that she needed more resources in order to hunt down and finally find a drug manufacturer. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have you covered with a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode Jakes along with the team tries to find a contraband-smuggling bus; Tuturro gets in over his head after selling an antique gun to the son of a cartel leader.

Tonight’s episode looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of USA Network’s “Graceland” at 10:00 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are for this episode of Graceland tonight. In the meantime, check out the sneak peek below of tonight’s episode.


Jakes is numb after what happened with his son and is drowning himself in booze. He pushes a drink away and staggers to a door that’s locked. He pounds on the door and tells Johnny someone is in his room. He says Zelanski is in there. Jakes head butts Johnny and it’s melee. Charlie breaks it up then hauls Jakes off. Paige tells Zelanski it’s safer to come out – he’s still holding his gun and says it’s not cool to threaten him when he’s in his underwear. The others head off to bed.

Mike sneaks out of Paige’s room. Jakes tells them he changed his mind on the transfer and says he’s going to call the bosses and let them know. Briggs offers to get Jakes a hotel room but he says this is where he lives. No one wants to give up their room and they decide it’s Mike’s call but he doesn’t want to make the call. Johnny asks which he prefers – a sorry ass drunk or Zelanski.

Mike says they’ll sort it when Jakes paperwork sorts out. He’s passed out snoring and they shove him on a row of office chairs to let him sleep it off. Charlie smokes on the deck when Mike motions for her to come in. He tells her he had an uncle who died from lung cancer. She tells him to can it. He asks about Carlito and the party and she says it didn’t work. She says Johnny has some other ideas but then locks herself in her room and cuts him off.

Paige tells Mike she likes Zelanski and says Jakes is like a stray cat. He says Z has the hots for her and she says no getting possessive and tells him not to get cocky. He tells her the dress is hot. Briggs comes in and says he has stuff from the office for him – a stack of videotapes and he says it’s security footage of the bus stations.

She’s got the dress on to go after a Solano dealer. Briggs says everyone knows for a coke deal to look for the lady in white. Mike says to push him to sell her a lot more than he usually does. Briggs says anything out of the ordinary could send him running and then he says for Briggs to act as her sugar daddy who wants to make the buy. Briggs and Paide head out.

Jakes snores and Mike tries to wake him. He finally kicks him off the chairs and tells him he needs his help. He sits him in front of the TV to watch security footage. He says to look for outliers that point to a specific bus. They get started.

Briggs and Paige pull up to the dealers and ring the bell. Top calls her the lady in white and says he missed her. Top asks if he’s black and he speaks Spanish and says his mom was light and his dad dark and insists he’s pure Dominican. Top lets them in. They tell Top a story about how he hit a lotto and want to throw a rager. Briggs pulls out 20 grand and he says that’s not her usual style.

Paige says they can take it back and reaches for the money. Top snaps and puts a knife in her hand and then pulls a gun on them. Paige says he’s making a mistake and Top says it’s a BS story Briggs told and he pushes him. Top asks the name of the village by the lake he references. He rattles it off and says what road it’s off of and they tell Top there is a lot more money. He says he doesn’t have a key but can get one by Sunday.

He says he’s hanging on to the money until then and they head out, Paige whimpering about her wounded hand. Johnny and Zelanski are headed in when Mike sees they have a box and asks what it is. Zelanski says backgammon and then Mike says that’s a lie. He chews them out and says what the did was dangerous and insubordinate.

Charlie comes in and tells them to break it up. They have an antique Mexican gun that they think Carlito will be interested in. Mike chews Charlie out for saying there wasn’t a play. Mike says that Carlito is not just a killer but one that eviscerates victims. Charlie looks at the certificate of authenticity and tells them the guns are French, not Spanish.

Mike talks to Foster to update her. He tells her about the Jakes and Zelanski issue. He says he’s not sure and asks if ICE will push back if he forces Jakes out. She says not to screw up and he thanks her. Johnny says he’s figured it out and says Napoleon’s cousin. He tells Johnny to get out cause he’s on the phone. He tells Foster he’s put Johnny on the Carlito thing.

Paige knocks and he thinks it’s Johnny and yells. He sees her hand wrapped in a bloody cloth and tells Foster he has to go. She says they’re moving too fast and says that means a risk in undercover work. She says she did it, the shipment comes Sunday and her hand isn’t permanently damaged. They kiss and then take it deeper. Her hands is achy but they make it work.

Jakes watches footage and listens to music. Briggs comes down to check on him. Briggs asks about Cassandra and Jakes takes a drink but doesn’t answer then he says he has no idea what he’s going through. Briggs says self-medication never works and Jakes tells him not to spew granola BS on him. Jakes says he knows him and if he wants someone to save, he should look in the mirror.

Zelanski is packing up his robots in his room when Mike comes in. He assumed Mike is picking Jakes and Mike says he has to stick with him because of ICE. Z tells him not to tell Johnny before the op so he doesn’t have any distractions. Mike says he’ll be upset he didn’t say good be but Z says it’s better he’s still alive.

Jakes tells him the tapes turned up nothing bus related. He says he can show him the tinker bells. He shows him the toddler backpack on a grown woman. Then they spot another girl with the same backpack. He can’t tie the girls to specific buses. Mike wonders if these white girls could be running for the cartel and Paige says they like to use clearly marked girls. Jakes says you don’t use ass like that to haul the product, he says ass like that is the product.

Paige is ready to go check the Caleco bus station and says she’ll get Zalenski but he says Jakes is her guy and tells Jakes to sober up and go. She’s not happy.

Mike preps Johnny before the operation as he runs some lines. Mike says the French pistol thing is making him nervous. He says the whole case hinges on Carlito and Johnny says he can hold it together. He says he’s seen Briggs hold it together and Mike reminds him he’s not Briggs and Johnny says he’s not either.

Johnny heads into the mansion and a woman says to leave what he brought for Carlito and go. Someone else tells Lucia to back off. Later he sits with Carlito and he tells him he met Esteban at the club. Carlito says his sister is a bitch. Johnny says he heard he liked Spanish antiques and shows him the guns. Late 18th century in mint condition. He says he got them from a loser gambler. He says they’re ninth generation hand me downs.

Carlito asks if he’d stake his life on it and Johnny says he would. He says that’s a bad bet and shows him the mark NNB and says they’re French not Spanish. Carlito says he told him not to lie and Mike is sweating bullets in the van. Johnny says he didn’t lie and says there is more to the story. Carlito tells him to dig himself deeper.

He tells him that Joseph Bonaparte named himself King of Mexico and then gave the guns as a peace offering. He says that’s who handed them down. Carlito asks if they work and says he’s never packed a barrel like this. Johnny demonstrates how to do it and they each load one of the pistols. They pack it, jam it and are ready to go. Carlito makes a funny pass and Johnny says he’s not his type.

Carlito says it’s not ready to file and says the firing cap has to go on the nipple and tells Johnny to do it too. Carlito says to do it and Johnny says he won’t do it. Carlito says you have to provoke a duel and he smacks him. Carlito calls him little pussy and says to stand. Johnny gets up and Carlito says he can shoot him point blank or they can walk their paces and see what happens.

Johnny and Carlito stand back to back and Carlito says eight paces then fire. The others watch. They count off their steps. At five, Carlito turns and aims. Johnny turns and Lucia comes in and yells at him to stop it and he says he was playing a game. She says shooting someone in the back is no game. She yells at the others to get out and she tells Carlito she’s going to tell their dad.

She asks why he would shoot a friend and Esteban says he’s not a friend. Lucia calls him a name and Esteban laughs. Carlito gets mad and shoots Esteban in the neck. They’re ready to let him die but Johnny rips off his shirt and compresses he wound to stop the bleeding. Johnny insists that they drive him down the street, put him on a lawn and call an ambulance.

Lucia says she’ll hold the cloth on the wound and tells him to go on and get out of her house. Carlito asks his name and says he’ll call him. Johnny comes back out to the van and gets in Mike’s face and asks if he thinks he held it together.

Briggs finds Charlie. He says he’s checking on her and she asks what’s up. He asks why she bailed on Solano and she demurs. She asks why he never got mad at her over him being accused of murder by her best friend. She says her lines were so crossed she was pointing fingers at him. She can’t trust herself. He says he talked to Kelly Badillo and it’s good. He says he thinks they can help her. He says he’s still working on it. She hugs him.

Jakes and Paige sit at the bus terminal and he’s bitchy because they don’t know what they’re looking for. She tells him to quit boozing. He tells her about an old Daffy Duck cartoon where he’s thirsty and spots an oasis and drinks up but it was a mirage. She says he and Daffy are both martyrs. He tells her we eat, we work, we die. Paige spots a girl get off a bus with the Tinker Bell backpack that got off bus 118 that came from Tecate.

Paige wants to talk to the girl and heads off despite Jakes’ protests. Inside, the girl looks nervous. Paige comes in and spots her looking around. The girl looks lost. Paige asks if she needs someone and she says she has to wait for Gus. Paige says she’s in trouble but they can’t talk there. She takes her into a bathroom and asks if anyone was with her or talked to her. There’s a knock at the bathroom door and Paige tells her to hand over the backpack.

She does and finds a passport for the girl from the Ukraine. The girl starts crying and speaking Russian. She says they told her she would become an American. Paige speaks Russian to her. She asks if she’s a sex worker and she says only balloons. The girl swallowed balloons with drugs. She asks where she’s taking them and she says she doesn’t know. She says she went where she was told. She spent two weeks on a boat and ended up in Mexico and then on the bus. Bus 220 to Sylmar.

She tells her to go on to the bus and puts something in her backpack. She tells her to tell no one but go on ahead. There is banging at the door. Paige tells her it will be okay and she says that’s what the men said to her also. She hands Paige a letter for her father and she takes it and promises to send it. She also promises to find her and keep her safe. They leave the bathroom.

Jakes waits outside as Paige comes running out. She hops in the truck and says to move over and says he’s drunk that she’ll drive. The girl is on bus 220 and she says they’ll catch up with her later.

Johnny calls about Esteban to see if he made it to the hospital. He heads upstairs to look for Zelanski and finds his room is empty but he left him a toy robot. He’s sad his buddy is gone. Mike comes to see Jakes and he says bus 118 dropped off passengers then came to a maintenance place for some unscheduled maintenance. He asks where Paige is and he says she’s in Sylmar after the girl.

Paige follows the signal from the backpack. It stops abruptly and she calls the cell phone. She hears it vibrating and finds the tinker bell backpack in the trash. She looks around with her flashlight wondering what went down.