‘Graceland’ Recap and Review “The End” Season 2 Episode 8

'Graceland' Recap and Review “The End” Season 2 Episode 8

Tonight on the USA Network Graceland returns with another episode of its second season called, “The End.” On tonight’s show Charlie tries to bond with a bank robber while Johnny struggles to contain his feelings for the daughter of a cartel leader.

On the last episode we were expecting to see some violence going down. Did Mike push too far when he faced his enemy and vows to take him down at all costs? Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode Charlie tries to bond with a bank robber while Johnny struggles to contain his feelings for the daughter of a cartel leader. Elsewhere, Briggs’ personal life complicates an undercover assignment.

Tonight’s episode looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of USA Network’s “Graceland” at 10:00 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are for this episode of Graceland tonight. In the meantime, check out the sneak peek below of tonight’s episode.

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Charlie tells Briggs she’s meeting Billy about robbing the bank and it’s all out of town guys except for the logistics. She says she doesn’t need back up for the meet. They banter and make out. Briggs meets with Sid Markham and they chase down Tabasco, a drug dealer. He says he wouldn’t have run if he knew it was Sid but they’re not buying it and haul him in – he has a gun on him and was up to no good.

Charlie’s with Billy at the pool hall. She offers him a high five and asks where the logistics guy is. He says he has no guy. He has a genius. A chick – Amber – sits down and he introduces them. She says the powder man sucks and the transponders are crap. She says Anderson is off too. Amber tosses her a file that shows a subway they can use to access the vault.

Amber shows her how close it is to a station and there’s a dead sewer line under the corner of the vault. Charlie says she usually does warehouse robberies and Amber says if you blow them the wrong way, you destroy the contents. She tells Charlie her number is on the file and takes off. Charlie says wow.

Briggs finds Mike and Jakes trying to figure out their next move. They are planning on commandeering a tunnel to get to the Solanos. Paige staggers in and tells Mike to get upstairs now. She says she was at Sulla’s all night. She says he needs to shut Sulla down but Mike says it’s their only connection to Carlito. She tells him to buy the girls out and she says it will cut $1.5 million. She hands him the form to request the money and says to sign it or she’ll kill him.

Charlie wonders how to sell the plot to Papa Solano. Jakes calls Johnny who is in the shower with Lucia. She tells him her father wants to come home to Mexico. He tells her he’ll hide her but she says Carlito is not near as bad as her dad. She says she’s done with all the blood and death. He tells her they’ll figure it out. He says – I got you.

Johnny tells Mike that Lucia won’t go to Mexico but he tells Johnny to change her mind. He says he can go to Mexico with Carlito and Lucia. Mike says to get them to buy the idea on how to move the stuff North through the other channels. Mike says he understands he cares about Lucia but tells him he has to sell them on their idea before they come up with their own.

Johnny says he doesn’t want to do it to her. Jakes goes to see Johnny and asks if he has Lucia at his mom’s still. He asks if he’s sleeping with her and reminds him she’s the subject of a cartel-connected investigation. He says Lucia will watch him on the stand testifying against her family or he’ll blow his cover. Mike says he’s going to see Sully.

Mike also tells Johnny he’s going to make Lucia a murder suspect so she’ll have to go. They work on a plan with Hodges when Kelly calls Briggs. She says she can’t live without him and is calling to say goodbye. He asks where she is and she says she’s with Juan and bought him a headstone. He runs out. Briggs gets to the cemetery and finds Kelly passed out with a bottle near her. He runs to her.

He asks what pills she took but she’s out of it. He sits her up and asks where Maia is. She says with her mom. Briggs stands her up but she wants to be with Juan. He tells her she has to go to the hospital but she says they’ll take Maia away. He pulls her up and walks her out. He was followed there but doesn’t notice.

Mike meets Sulla at a hospital. He tells Mike he’s not selling them. He pulls back the curtain and shows him a guy in the bed. He says it’s his kid brother and that he’s a vegetable. Mike asks what happened and he says his employer beat him because he was disobedient. He says Solano beat him for fun. Sulla says he would sell but his boss wants to lie low because of the FBI. He’s afraid.

Lucia reads the story about her being a murder suspect. She tells Johnny they have to get away or stay and hide. He tells her Mexico is the safest place for her now. He says he’s probably going to be a suspect too and they’ll take the fall for it. She calls him a coward and he says he doesn’t want to lose her and says he’ll go with her. She says she can’t cross but he says he can get them across. He asks if she’ll go with him and she’s annoyed but agrees.

Paige is in bed when Jakes comes in. She asks about the delivery route and he says tunnels. She says they have to figure something else out. He mentions dropping from a cargo plane that dropped drugs and weapons but not illegals or women. Paige thinks they need to use the planes and tells him to tell Mike no tunnels. He agrees and says they have to find a plane.

Briggs has Kelly in a hotel room with a bottle of ipecac. He tells her she needs to throw it up and makes her take a sip. He tells her to trust him. His phone rings – it’s Charlie. He lies and says he’s with Sid and tells him she wants to steal Amber from Billy and he says do it. She hears Kelly gagging and says he’s in a flophouse doing something for Sid. There’s a knock at the door, he hangs up. Sid is at the door and Briggs is not pleased.

Kelly is barfing and he tells her that he’s Paul West and a cop they met in El Paso. He makes her repeat it back and she mumbles the facts. Sid is beating on the door. Briggs lets him in and he asks why Sid is there. Sid asks why he’s in the shithole and Briggs asks how he found him and he says Archie tailed him. Briggs says it’s an ex-girlfriend having some issues. Sid goes to help him put her in the bed.

Sid asks what she’s on and Briggs says benzos plus Scotch and that it’s a cry for help. Sid asks why not the hospital and he says she has a kid – not his – and she could lose her. Sid asks how she is and she answers. He asks her name and she says Kelly. Then he asks what day it is and she answers. He asks what state they’re in and she says El Paso. He asks who Briggs is and she calls him Paul. Sid says this is a problem and makes a call.

Johnny meets up with Jakes in a parking lot. He asks if he sold Mexico and he hands him passports to get them across the border and says he won’t be pitching tunnels but a plane. He says they’re looking for a plane now and will have it. They go their separate ways. Paige stares at the dancer Jakes gave her. Mike comes in and tells her Sulla won’t sell and she wants to bring in the FBI because she heard Lena being beaten.

He says he got the money approved and is going to let Sulla smell it so he’ll be tempted. She says not but he tells her to stand down and gives her an order. Jakes goes looking for planes. He’s looking at a helicopter that’s a relic and says no. He keeps looking. Archie asks Sid what’s up with West and he says it’s under control. Archie shows Sid the cover story about Lucia.

Sid says Carlito is in Mexico and they are out of the Solano business. Sid says it’s time to take their chips and walk away and Archie is pleased. Charlie goes to see Amber. Charlie asks her to take the bank with her and she offers her a high percentage and the ability to call the shots. Amber says she’ll meet her at six with an answer. Amber hops back to bed where Billy is and lies and says it was Mormons at the door.

Briggs nurses Kelly and he tells her it will be fine. There’s a knock at the door. He goes and sees a stranger there who says he’s friends with Sid and is there to help. He lets him in. Kelly is screaming in pain.

Lucia says the passports are good and then asks who Johnny really is. He says she knows and she asks him to find an island where there’s no extradition. He says they can’t. He says airports are too risky and they’ll drive across the border. She accepts this.

Charlie meets Amber at Pop’s. Amber tells her she’ll do it with just her and says they just need a wheel man. Charlie asks if that’s safe and Amber says she has to know she’s legit. She hands her a shotgun and says to get her a cheeseburger and everything in the cash register. She asks what she wants on her burger and Amber says to surprise her.

Sid tells Briggs that was his one oops. He says he got a break once when his wife pulled a fast one but won’t say what happened. Briggs says Kelly is better and thanks him for the doctor. Sid says maybe they can still work it out. He tells Briggs to go hang with her and says he can handle the paperwork. Briggs thanks him and takes off.

Charlie heads in with a bandanna on her face and the gun and a guy come son her with a cue but she shuts him down. She tells them to get her a goddamn cheeseburger and all the cash. She and Amber take off on a motorcycle once she’s done the job. Amber is smiling, Charlie not so much.

Mike comes back to see Sulla with $250k as a down payment. He says it’s like layaway and that when his boss releases them he’ll get the rest. Mike tells him his clients want the product undamaged and healthy. Sulla caves and tells him he can stay – pick a room. Lena is there and is clearly terrified. Kelly wakes up when Briggs comes in and he has food for her.

She says she called her mom and asked her to watch Maia for the rest of the week. He says she needs time and Kelly says she needs a lot of things. She asks why she had to lie for him and he says it’s better for her not to know. He admits he is a cop and she asks his real name. She asks if he knew her husband and he says he didn’t know him. She asks if he worked the case that got him killed.

She asks if Juan is really dead. Briggs tells her he is. Kelly asks what happened and Briggs says he’s sorry. She slaps him and asks how her husband died. He won’t answer and she tells him to get out. He goes. Jakes calls Paige and says he is having no luck. He says it’s all too small or shot up. He says he’ll try again in a bit but the guy says he got something new last night.

Jakes goes to look and sees the perfect plane. It’s got a big storage bay and dual props. Jakes tells the guy – sold. Charlie comes looking for Briggs and asks what happened. He tells her he hurt himself chasing a perp – it’s where Kelly slapped him. She tells him she got Amber and he tells her that’s good. He says he needs a shower and she asks to join him but he tells her to wait in bed. He’s having some sort of weird vision where it’s Kelly giving him some oral instead of Charlie. He freaks a little but then snaps back to reality.