Gypsy Sisters Recap 8/21/14: Season 3 Premiere “Birthdays, Brawls, and Big Reveals”

Gypsy Sisters Recap 8/21/14: Season 3 Premiere “Birthdays, Brawls, and Big Reveals”

Tonight on TLC GYPSY SISTERS returns for it’s season three premiere episode. On tonight’s show called, “Birthdays, Brawls, and Big Reveals” in the Season 3 premiere, Kayla and Nettie are fighting again after months of reconciliation. Meanwhile, Kayla plans a birthday party with a belly-dancing theme; Mellie takes her baby to visit his dad; and a secret’s revealed on the way to the racetrack.

For those of you not familiar with the show, the third season chronicles more Stanley family drama as they navigate breakups, makeups and road trips, giving viewers a one-of-a-kind look at the jaw-dropping ways of the infamous gypsy clan.

On tonight’s show after months of reconciliation, Kayla and Nettie find themselves back at odds; Kayla throws Sissy and Richard a birthday party. Later, Mellie brings baby Richard to visit his dad; and Kayla reveals a shocking secret on the way to the horse races.

Tonight’s episode is going to be another drama packed one, which you won’t want to miss. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of TLC′s Gypsy Sisters Season 3 Premiere at 9PM EST! While you wait for our recap, hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about the new episode of Gypsy Sisters tonight.

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Tonight’s episode of Gypsy Sister begins in the idle of the winter. Kayla and her husband Richard take their kids outside to play a game of “Gypsy Horse Shoes” in the snow. Gypsy Horse Shoes includes throwing painted toilet seats at trees. Kayla heads inside to make hot cocoa for everyone while they are outside with Annie. Annie and Josh are moving back home so that Josh can go into business with Richard. Kayla vents to Annie about her ongoing feud with Nettie. They buried the hatchet once, but then Nettie posted pictures of herself sitting on Kayla’s face during their fight and bragging about it.

JoAnn and Nettie head out for a drive. JoAnn has been living with her and helping her out since she was diagnosed with Lupus, but she is currently in remission and doing well. Mellie has since moved in to live with her sister Tanya, and took baby Richard with her. Mellie vents that she doesn’t want to go to yoga with Nettie because she read in the bible that it is a sin.

Nettie heads to yoga with Mellie and JoAnn, her doctor told her that she needs to distress to help with her Lupus. JoAnn and Nettie takes their yoga class very seriously, but Mellia lays on her mat the entire time and makes fun of them. After yoga JoAnn announces that she is going to hang out with Kayla and Annie. Mellie freaks out on her for hanging out with the enemy, and says that Kayla “needs her face pounded in again.”

JoAnn meets up with Kayla and Annie for her daughter Sissy’s birthday cake tasting at a bakery. JoAnn asks Kayla if she is going to invite Nettie to the birthday party, Kayla feels like she has to invite her and it would be awkward if she didn’t.

Mellie meets up with Nettie’s daughter Dallas at the park. Dallas and Nettie got in a huge fight and Nettie kicked her and her baby out of the house, so she disappeared and lived in Nashville for four years. Dallas says that she and her mom Nettie are good, but she’s not moving back in to her house.

Annie and Kayla meet up with JoAnn, Mellie, and Nettie to discuss their drama. They all arrive at the parking lot where they agreed to meet at the go-cart track. Kayla rushes up and hugs Nettie as if nothing is wrong and they take all the kids to get them suited up to go out on the track. Nettie and Kayla decide to have a “head to head showdown.” Mellie thinks that they are crazy to “get in a go-cart race to handle shit,” she thinks they should just go out in a field and “bare fist it out.” Both Kayla and Nettie are convinced they are going to beat each other, they take off and begin slamming in to each other and spinning each other out, in the end Nettie winds up winning.

After the go-cart race they all sit down to talk. Kayla explains that the reason she was mad at her was because Nettie posted videos of them fighting on the internet. Nettie argues that her daughter Cassidy posted the picture on her social media account and she had no idea it was up. She thinks Kayla should have just called her when the video was put up and they could have straightened it out to begin with. Nettie and Kayla “squash their beef” and pinky square that if there are anymore problems they will just call each other and clear it up and not assume things. After they make up, Kayla invites Nettie and Mellie to Sissy’s birthday party.

It’s finally the day of Sissy’s big birthday party, Kayla and Sissy head to the salon to get their hair done. Kayla confesses to her hair stylist that she and her husband Richard are having a lot of problems, and they have been fighting and growing apart all winter, Kayla is sick of him trying to control her. At Nettie’s house, JoAnn, Mellie, and all of her kids are all getting ready in her bathroom. She even invited her estranged daughter Dallas over to get ready with them and go to the party.

The guests begin arriving, and Kayla is annoyed because her husband Richard is already drinking. And, he’s not the only one, Dallas is hitting the champagne too. Nettie apologizes and tells Kayla that Dallas acts like an idiot when she drinks. Nettie says that Dallas is 19 and has too kids and isn’t half as mature as her 16 year old sister Nuckie. Dallas over hears her and freaks out and storms off. Mellie and JoAnn follow her and try to comfort her while she screams and cries. Nettie is furious at Dallas and Mellie for taking her side, she gets in her truck and starts to drive off and then she hits the breaks and jumps out of the truck and screams at Mellie that she can’t tell her what to do or how to be a mother. Meanwhile, drunk Dallas wanders down the street. Mellie goes inside and cries to Kayla that she is never talking to Nettie again.

The birthday party goes to hell, and Kayla announces she is leaving. She gets in a fight with Richard because he insists on driving home despite the fact that he is clearly drunk. Richard refuses to listen to her and gets in his car and squeals out of his parking spot. Kayla announces that she is “done with Richard and has reached her breaking point.”

After the birthday party the next morning, JoAnn makes toast for Nettie in a frying pan. They rehash what happened the night before at Sissy’s birthday party. Nettie has been up all night thinking about what happened with her daughter Dallas, and she is still furious. Dallas hurt her feelings, she feels like nothing she does for her is good enough. Nettie points out that when she was gone for four months, she took care of her two kids. JoAnn agrees that Dallas was upset because she heard the truth, but she thinks that Nettie blacked out on Mellie for no reason. On the bright side, JoAnn is happy that Nettie and Kayla are getting along again.

JoAnn meets up with Dallas for Sundaes. JoAnn thinks that Dallas needs to talk to her mom and start a clean slate. Dallas explains that Nettie doesn’t get it is a new generation, and not everyone wants to devote their whole lives to being a mother. Meanwhile Mellie meets up with Kayla for coffee. Kayla fills Mellie in on the drama with Richard and says she is “at the end of the rope.” Mellie doesn’t buy it, she thinks Kayla is the perfect Gypsy wife, and she will never leave her husband.

Mellie decides to meet up with Richard’s dad Robby because he has been calling her. It’s the first time Richard has seen his dad in months. Robby doesn’t help out at all with the baby and has only seen him twice, but Mellie doesn’t want to stand between her son and his father. Within five minutes Mellie is already annoyed with Robby, and he has the nerve to ask her if Richard can spend the night at his house. When Mellie tells him it isn’t going to happen, he threatens to take her to court and prove she is an unfit mother.

Kayla has officially had enough of Richard, she leaves him and she heads to a hotel with her sister Annie. On top of his controlling behavior and jealousy, Kayla has never forgiven him from when she got in a fight with Nettie. When Nettie was on top ofher and hitting her, Richard’s cousin Wetsel was screaming at Nettie to “Kill Kayla.” When Kayla ran home and told Richard about the fight and what Wetsel said, Richard didn’t care and didn’t even stick up for her. And, to top it off Richard let Wetsel back in to their house after what he did. Annie tells her that Kayla should sleep on it and do some thinking before she calls a lawyer and starts the divorce procedure.

Kayla meets up with Nettie and JoAnn at a store to go dress shopping. Kayla reveals to them that she left Richard and moved in to a hotel, and she has taken her wedding ring off. She explains that she left him because of jealous issues, but the fact that he didn’t stick up for her was icing on the cake. Nettie agrees that a Gypsy man not sticking up for his wife is a disgrace.

Later Mellie meets up with Nettie, because Nettie wants to discuss what happened at Sissy’s birthday party. Mellie sees her clothes laid out on the bed and learns that they are all planning a trip to go to the horse races without her. Nettie didn’t want to invite Mellie until they discussed their drama. Mellie argues that she wasn’t trying to cause drama, she just wanted Dallas and Nettie to talk it out. Mellie agrees that she won’t drink on the trip to the race tracks and ruin it like she did the last time she seen her. And, she convinces Nettie to even invite Dallas along.

Nettie pays Wetsel and his wife Tanya a visit, Wetsel reveals that he didn’t want to go inside Kayla’s house and asked Richard to come out of the house. But, Richard insisted he should come inside. Tanya is still mad at Kayla, because she is the one who told everyone to meet her at Tanya’s house to fight and she doesn’t appreciate them doing that in her driveway in front of her family. Nettie invites Tanya to come to the horse races with them.

Nettie books a party bus to take them to the horse races, and they all finish getting dressed and climb in to the bus. Nettie is annoyed because she invited Dallas and she hasn’t showed up. Kayla and Tanya are barely speaking to each other, and then Dallas shows up late. Nettie is disgusted because she is literally wearing her nightgown, she orders her to go back inside the house and change ASAP. Once Dallas is dressed, they finally are off to the races. En route to the races Kayla and Tanya argue the entire time, Tanya is mad because she thought the reason Kayla brought the fight to her house was because she wanted to fight her and that is why her husband Wetsel was getting involved. Tanya and Kayla finally make amends and decide to “let it go.”

They finally arrive at the horse tracks and manage to have a drama-free good tie touring the track, eating at the Jockey Club, petting the horses, and watching the race.