Hawaii Five-0 Recap – (Spoiler) Kidnapped and Tortured: Season 5 Episode 7 “Ina Paha”

Hawaii Five-0 Recap - (Spoiler) Kidnapped and Tortured: Season 5 Episode 7 “Ina Paha”

Tonight on CBS Hawaii Five-0 continues with an all new Friday November 7, season 5 episode 7 called, “Ina Paha.” On tonight’s episode, McGarrett [Alex O’Loughlin] is kidnapped by Wo Fat and witnesses what would have happened to the Five-0 team if they had taken a very different path. Five for Fighting performs “All for One” to celebrate show’s 100th episode.

On the last episode, it was Halloween and Five-0 had to track down a serial killer who was copying murders depicted in a cult slasher film. Meanwhile, McGarrett had to help Jerry after he was kidnapped by the counterfeiters he had been tracking. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episodeas per the CBS synopsis, “when McGarrett is kidnapped by Wo Fat, he experiences what would have happened to the team if they had taken a very different path, William Sadler returns as McGarrett’s father, and musician Gavin Rossdale guest stars as the nefarious Johnny Moreau.”

This is definitely one series that you don’t want to miss. Don’t forget to stay tuned to Celeb Dirty Laundry where we will be live blogging every episode of Hawaii Five-0 new season. While you wait for the recap, check out a sneak peek of tonight’s episode below!

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On #H50, Steve is in a military convoy talking to a terrorist, Anton, and tells him that he’s going to get all the info out of him. Steve gets a call from his dad and the guy tells him to get it because he and his dad don’t talk nearly enough. He takes the call and we see his dad is being held at gunpoint. Victor has him and says he’ll trade him his father for his brother. Steve says they don’t negotiate with terrorists. John asks to talk to his son again and says he can reason with him.

But then he tells Steve not to give them anything and Victor smacks his dad and says he’s taking his brother now. A helicopter rises above the hill and starts firing on the convoy. The Humvee explodes and Steve drags Anton out of the way but then he skitters away from Steve and goes for a gun and Steve has no choice but to shoot him. He tries to revive the guy, but it’s too late. Anton is dead.

Victor calls him back and tells him to put Anton on the phone. He asks if he’s dead and Victor tells him so is his father. Steve hears gunshots and screams – no! But then someone else has the phone and says his father is okay. Steve asks who this is and he says it’s Detective Danny Williams. Steve asks to talk to his dad and Danny gives John the phone. He tells his son he’s okay.

Now, Steve wakes up sweaty and confused. He looks around and sees that he’s got a shoulder wound and is in an all-white room behind a locked door. There are tracks on his elbow that look like he’s had an IV or been shot up with something. He bangs on the door and demands to be let out. On Sand Island in Honolulu, Lou and Danny meet up with Kono who brings Sing Min with her.

Danny introduces then and says Lou has the right to slap him around if he wants. Kono asks if they’ve heard from Steve and they tell her no, but they have to move now. They send Sing in to see Johnny Moreau (guest star Gavin Rossdale). He thanks him for coming and asks why they couldn’t meet at his place. Johnny says the cops are looking for him and Sing says he’s ready to talk to business. He says he’s still looking for his ticket out.

Sing says he needs his help and Johnny asks why he would and Sing says he stole his business. Johnny says 5-0 put him out of business and he picked up the pieces. Johnny says he’ll have to pay him for his services and Sing says he expected that and tosses him a thick envelope of what he thinks is cash. It’s not and when he looks up Sing is gone and the cops are all around him and have the drop on him.

He hands his gun to Chin who arrests him for human trafficking and a whole litany of sins. Johnny calls him a rat but Sing says he’s newly minted 5-0. The cops tell him he’s a rat and to shut up. They haul him out and Sing says he misses them – he’d been hiding out from them. Danny gets a call and says they’ll be right there. They roll out.

They’ve found Steve’s car and it’s trashed and there is blood everywhere and his cell phone is there. Danny says someone took him – he can tell by the tire tracks. Steve bangs on the door and then the lights go dark and a projector sparks up in a hole in the wall showing a home movie of Steve when he was a little kid. Then gas comes pouring into the room.

He covers his face with his shirt and tries to fight it, but he’s knocked out. He’s passing out as he sees someone walk in the room wearing full MOPP gear then he conks out. Back them, we see Lou complaining at the police station about his golf clubs being stolen. He says he won’t go back to Chicago without them. Steve shows up at the PD and meets Danny. He asks to see his dad and Danny takes him back.

John sits in the captain’s office and they embrace warmly. John tells him welcome home – looks like he’s been gone with the navy for a while. John introduces him to Chin and says he’s going to be the next chief of police. Steve asks where Victor is and Danny says he’s on lock down at the hospital. Steve says only the men on his detail knew he had Anton which means someone working for him ratted.

Now, Steve wakes strapped to a chair and a woman comes in and checks on him then tells him he needs to eat because the chemicals they gave him are affecting his blood sugar. He takes a bite of the food she offers, chews it then spits it in her face. He asks what’s going on and she adjusts an IV line. He tells her he’s a cop and they’re going to come looking for him.

Then, Jerry is freaking out by his cart – he’s crazy and homeless. Danny and Steve see him as they drive to the hospital. Danny takes a call from his sweetie and laughs then says he has to call her back. He swaps I love you’s and gets off the phone. He says his wife is the greatest woman on the planet and has a daughter Grace. Danny says marriage is the best.

Steve asks what brought Danny to Oahu. He says beautiful beaches and the ocean – much better than Jersey. A woman bugs the nurse for access to her BF Josh that was in a bike accident. We see Kono shooting a commercial for lip gloss. She’s in a bikini and the ad says she’s a four time world champion surfer. The ad is on Victor’s TV and Danny clicks it off and says that will be the last woman he sees.

Steve wants to know who paid Victor to go after his father. Victor says he wants a lawyer and then Danny mocks him and then yanks out his IV. Danny says he’s not a US citizen and doesn’t get Constitutional protections. Steve says he does but Danny says he doesn’t know that and tells him to lock the doors. He holds a pillow on the guy to silence his gun and shoots him in the leg.

Max comes in and they scare him off. Danny says as a terrorist, he gets no mercy from him because he was there at 9/11. He shoots the guy in his knee cap. Danny reminds Steve that he tried to kill his dad and says the guy won’t talk without friendly persuasion. They are banging at the door and Steve says to do what he needs to. Victor says he’ll tell hm but he won’t like it.

Now, Steve wakes sweaty and miserable still strapped in the chair. He sees a man come in but his eyes are blurry. The guy says he’s glad he’s up and rolls up his sleeves and says – let’s begin. He comes into focus and we see it’s Wo Fat. He and his chick sidekick water board Steve but he says they won’t break him. The guy goes to refill the bucket and says it will work, it just takes time.

They do it again while he gags and chokes on the water. Wo Fat asks where his father is and Steve says he doesn’t know and that’s the truth. They water board him again. Kono brings Sing in and they tell him they think Wo Fat took Steve and ask him who has the resources to pull this off. Kono cuts off a car – it’s Adam. She asks if he knows Anthony Shu – a guy who is supposed to be one of his dad’s investors.

She says Anthony Shu is an alias and tells him about Steve’s abduction. He says he’ll got to his office and get all the info he can. They continue to water board Steve and he tells Wo Fat if he wants to kill him, do it now. Wo Fat says he would have done it long ago if he wanted him dead. Steve tells him to ask Doris if he wants to know where his dad is.

Wo Fat says he asked “our mother” but she didn’t know. Steve is stunned and asks what he meant by “our.” Steve says he ran the DNA and Doris is not his mother. Wo Fat nods to the woman who shoots him full of drugs. He asks Wo Fat what he’s giving him and he says – something to make you tell the truth. Steve is getting wacky in the head again.

Steve wakes in the white cell – not sure that white cell is real or not or just where his mind is taking him as he’s tortured. A news story plays about the death of Steve’s mom Doris who was killed. More gas comes into the room and Steve yells no and tries to block the vent with his wife beater but the gas pours in and he’s knocked out.

Then, Steve tells Danny his sources never heard of Wo Fat. Danny says if it happens on the island there is one man to see. They go to the jail to meet with Kamekona who has a massive head tattoo and a big mustache. Danny makes a joke about his weight which he does not appreciate. This seems to be some alternate universe and not necessarily the true past. Steve introduces himself and asks if knows where Wo Fat is.

Kamekona says hell and Steve asks if there are any stops on the way. Kamekona asks for shrimp twice a week and they agree. Now, Steve wakes in the chair as he’s being stun gunned. Wo Fat asks again where his father is and Steve says again that he doesn’t know. The woman shoots him up with more drugs as Steve says – no, no. He stares at Wo Fat and then he blurs out and says I can’t tell you what I don’t know.

Then, Wo Fat is in a shoot out with Danny and Steve in a shipyard all around giant semi crates. He sees a propane tank and shoots it. This knocks Steve and Danny back but Danny shoot him. Steve demands to know why he tries to kill his father and what he ever did to him. Wo Fat dies. Steve backs away. Later, we see him come into the PD and Danny asks why he’s in uniform again.

Danny says he’s shipping out and Danny tells him he should be a cop. Steve says maybe someday and Danny says he can put in a good word with Captain Kelly for him. Danny tells him to call him Danno and Steve heads out. Now, Steve wakes again from the cattle prod torment. Wo Fat says the Navy taught him well. Steve says he’s going to kill him, find his father and kill him too.

Wo Fat says that means he’ll have to kill his mother too. Wo Fat says Steve’s mother is responsible for who he is today and shocks Steve again. Wo Fat comes to sit in front of him and tells Steve he knows nothing about the real Doris McGarrett. Steve says she was assigned to kill Wo Fat’s father but instead, his mother died in that op. Wo Fat says she never forgave herself for killing a new mother.

Wo Fat says that pain caused her to do something remarkable. She took in that child and raised it as her own for several years until her superiors discovered this and forced her to abandon the child. Steve figures out that child was Wo Fat. He tells Steve that Doris was his mother too. Steve just stares at him. He says if Doris knew where his father was, she would have told him.

He thinks Steve knows where the government is holding him. Wo Fat says that may be true but he needs to be convinced. Steve tells him it’s the truth. The woman stays behind as Wo Fat leaves. She prepares another injection and goes to stab it into his neck but he heads butts her, knocks the chair over, splitting it and then tries to fight her. They grapple and he continues breaking the chair apart and chokes her.

Steve breaks a water pipe in the ceiling and drinks some water and then lets the pipe run onto the floor. He snaps a mop handle in half and drags the woman’s body away from where she dropped. Adam comes in and tells the gang that he thinks Wo Fat is at a dry cleaning facility with an empty space. Wo Fat comes in and see Steve in the chair and the woman standing there.

He realizes too late it was a ruse and Steve had her propped up on a mop handle. Steve lifts his feet off the floor and uses the cattle prod to shock Wo Fat who stands in the puddled water. They fight and it goes back and forth but then Wo Fat seems to get the drop on him and hurts him bad. The gang races to save him but Steve is fighting back harder. He and Wo Fat are beating the crap out of each other.

Steve finally grabs the guy up, smashes him against the wall and then up into a fluorescent light fixture that seems to give him a shock. The cops show up, work past the employees and head downstairs. Some guy takes shots at them with an automatic rifle and they take him out. Steve is crawling on the floor in pain when Wo Fat comes to. There are two guns and they both scramble for them. Each gets one.

They are in a standoff and Wo Fat calls Steve brother and asks if he’s going to kill him. Steve fires. We see Steve talking to his dad on the beach. His dad says he’s glad he’s home and they drink a beer together. Light flashes and that image is gone and the cops come into the room. Danny rushes to Steve who is beaten and disoriented, but otherwise okay. He asks where his father is and says he wants to see his dad.

Danny reminds him his dad died four years ago. Steve takes that in and starts sobbing. Danny tells him he’s all right. Steve asks if they can go and they pull hm up. Chin takes one arm and Danny the other and they walk him out. Steve asks them to stop and he looks down at Wo Fat’s body on the floor then says he’s good and they can go.

Kono takes point and walks out ahead of the them. We see a montage of how each of the team got their badge in Steve’s mixed up drug addled flashback. Some of it seems to be legit flashbacks and some are nonsensical. All this plays out while the guys walk the injured and confused Steve out.